I wanna be the RZ

Creator: ルキト

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7.1 / 10
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79.8 / 100
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Needle (8) Trap (6) Boss (4) Trigger (1)


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30 Reviews:

Unfortunately, this clear screen does not in any way do the game justice. What we are shown is a picture of some anime character with poorly justified text over it that says "thank you for your playing". While I cannot judge Rukito for the broken English here (it's not his first language after all), the phrase detracts from the already mediocre clear screen.

While the clear screen is not to my taste, I must give credit for going beyond the standard empty-room-with-the-word-clear which you might see in lower quality needle games.


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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Mar 18, 2022
Pretty hard rukito game. I played this until half of the stage 3 years ago and then I forgot all about it, and I remembered this few months ago and decided to grind this because I had nothing else to play. The first 3 stages was really nice and fun, with plenty of interesting jumps. Some were hard, but it was fun to execute. I actually have some complaints about stage 3 screen 2 because of moving platforms. It required some funny timing and was not really fun to grind. There was also some very few bad parts like the literally-invert placement on stage 3 last screen, but that's not the main issue I want to talk about. The first boss was nice and fun, with patterns mixed with some RNG. If you want to complain about RNG in THIS boss, you might as well quit this game right now because the final boss is 100 times worse.
The REAL main issue I want to talk about is the difficulty curve between the saves and some horrible placement. Starting stage 4, the creator must have lost some ideas about how to increase the level design, and started placing diagonals everywhere. Stage 4 screen 2 final save was particularly horrible, which you have to do 3 water downward diagonals and 2 upward diagonals on a single save that made me wanted to vomit. And also, stage 4 difficulty curve was one of the most horrible thing I have ever faced in my entire life. Some saves took me more then 700 deaths, while some took me less then 100 deaths. I don't know whether I was very lucky or not, but everyone would agree that the last screen of stage 4 is way too easy compared to the rest of the stage. However, stage 5 was the most fun part because of gravity flippers. It was pretty fun and also challenging, which made me forget all about the previous drawbacks. And then, another HUGE drawback faced me.
My biggest complaint about this game is stage 6, which has K3 screens in it. It's an absolute mess, with wild difficulty curve, some very cheap ways to increase the level design, and a VERY hard jump to execute. FIrst screen 2nd save took me 3248 deaths with particularly ONE hard jump I want to never see again. 3rd screen 2nd save (which was buffed in K3) took me exactly 32 deaths. I have only played K3 until the 1st boss and had almost 0 amounts of practice while I played RZ, and... fuck this.
Last stage was also pretty fun and hard, although I made HUGE amounts of mistakes while I played through it. And the final boss is well... I have to say that it's literally a RNG festival, because the boss can kill you when it wants to. There is no way to react MOST of the attacks in it, and getting insta-killed will be about 90% of deaths of reason about how did you died to the boss. You might as well focus hard some of the patterns and try to live as long as possible, but you forgot the important thing : You must pray to the god.
Despite the mess of the final boss and the huge drawbacks of the game, I still somehow enjoyed it. But I actually regret that I passed through all those brutal stages to face the RNG messy final boss. Would recommend, if you can manage to handle those drawbacks and want to have fun with the platforming. Another hardest game I have ever cleared besides crimson collab.

Maybe I'll change this review after I finished my 2nd playthrough, but I'm not sure about it.

Death : 20340
Time : 16:48:03

Edit : 2nd cleared this game and it was more fun then I expected.

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Rating: 7.6 76       Difficulty: 87 87
Mar 30, 2017
A legendary game by Rukito that I kinda... enjoyed???

Well, it's a belated Christmas miracle, I presume. Initial needle stages are very boring and generic, but as you progress, they get more creative in both design and required platforming, featuring jumps not as predictable as you might expect. There are still trash instances in these latter sections, such as a save having to do a 9 jump two times in a row UPSIDE DOWN (this works well still if you have the muscle memory for it) and, given your height, the technical equivalent of an invert in the first save of the screen before the first boss, which was, hands down, the hardest save for me in the entire game. Curve difficulty follows no rhyme or reason, and the soundtrack goes from OK-ish to fantastic (Mushihimesama Futari Stage 2 for the win!).

Bosses are deplorably bad, as you would expect from a Rukito game; however, they had some cult charm. I don't know what's the videogame equivalent of a B-movie, but if such term exists, that would totally apply to Boss 1 and partially for Boss 2. Boss 2 is a luck-based boss, so if you're into that nonsense, give it a try. That is not difficulty at all, just... luck. It also doesn't compare to the quality of the second half of the needle stages.

It's my most difficult Rukito clear so far (still the most difficult trash boss is in GR), but the difficulty increased along with the quality, which is a good thing. I still wouldn't recommend this as a game, but as a must-clear curiosity for needle fans.

P.S. Beware with the final screen, since there is a trap that will make you lose your soul for 20 seconds or so when it happens.

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Rating: 4.1 41       Difficulty: 87 87
Dec 31, 2021
Maybe myself technology not be able to clear the game

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Rating: 2.5 25       Difficulty: 85 85
Aug 13, 2017
Awesome needle! Garbage bosses... At least they are fairly memorable
Needless to say, I enjoyed every aspect of the game anyway.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 80 80
May 15, 2024