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Shortventure Three

The Shortventure Contest has returned for its third iteration, this time with a theme of "Resources". The goal is to create a short adventure fangame utilizing this theme in some way. If you're interested in joining you can find the event's discord server with the below invite where additional information and rules have also been provided. There is no entry prerequisite or limit on participants, so this is also a great start for new makers as well. The deadline to submit your entry is April 9th, so good luck making!

Event Discord:

-CanusAntonius, on Mar 2, 2023

Newest Fangames

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GameRelease DateDifficultyRating# of Ratings
I wanna Brainfuck Mar 29, 2023 65.0 7.5 6
Soaring Delight Mar 27, 2023 65.0 7.7 5
I Wanna Be a Red Score in Tile Mar 27, 2023 52.5 5.1 3
I Wanna Twowowoowowo Mar 27, 2023 70.0 8.0 2
I Wanna Be The Chomik Mar 27, 2023 55.0 6.6 3
I wanna wonder how? I wonder why? Mar 27, 2023 32.0 5.9 1
Genfesive Mar 27, 2023 74.0 7.5 1
I Wanna Plunder Mar 24, 2023 56.3 6.5 5
Do not fiddle Mar 24, 2023 41.7 8.1 3
I Wanna Moo Moo Jump! Mar 24, 2023 N/A 0.0 6
I Wanna Be The Kazakhstan 2: The Box Mar 24, 2023 60.0 7.0 2
I wanna Invariant Mar 24, 2023 N/A N/A 1
I wanna give a Needle for Christmas! -DF Release- Mar 21, 2023 69.0 6.0 2
angel ring Mar 21, 2023 78.3 7.1 3
I wanna Eris' Fruit Mar 19, 2023 36.0 7.9 6
Fusion Engine Mar 17, 2023 N/A 6.6 3
Unidentified Flying Object Mar 17, 2023 89.7 8.8 5
I wanna be the Pure Guy Mar 17, 2023 20.0 3.0 1
I wanna Kill the Moo Moo Armageddon Mar 17, 2023 45.7 2.5 4
I Wanna Improve Mar 17, 2023 60.8 6.5 13
I wanna do Sho-mon to call Bo-kon Mar 14, 2023 70.0 6.3 3
I Wanna Test My Level Mar 14, 2023 18.0 0.5 2
BONK: An Interactive Exposition Mar 14, 2023 62.8 9.3 19
I wanna play some more Mar 14, 2023 33.3 4.6 4
I wanna リハビリ・ざ・暇 Mar 14, 2023 45.0 4.8 3

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For: Ellipsis
Good 3-stage needle game. There are lots of contrasting opinions on this game, which I think really illustrates how much people's preferences differ. I think each stage is pretty solid within its scope, with Ywave making some more precise needle, 5637 managing to create interesting pathing and nothing too generic for 32-pixel grid needle, and jic using air vines in simple (and relatively intuitive) ways.

Ywave's stage could probably have benefitted from better difficulty balancing, 5637's stage could have been shorter, and jic's stage could have included some of the more challenging air-vine sections earlier in a few segments. The game itself could be improved by removing the intro screen and having the title card move positions if the player is in the same quadrant so it's never obstructive.

I'd give a soft recommend to players who don't mind a variety of different needle styles or are skilled enough to quickly beat the stuff here they don't enjoy.

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Rating: 6.8 68       Difficulty: 60 60
Mar 30, 2023
For: I wanna Brainfuck
Source Code here:

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Mar 30, 2023
For: I wanna wonder how? I wonder why?
Weird somehow but ok.

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Rating: 5.9 59       Difficulty: 32 32
Mar 30, 2023
For: I wanna Brainfuck
Rating based on getting about 4 bosses into the game (assuming the room order follows burnmind rules).

A burnmind clone that has some ideas but mostly mixed execution. The level design in multiple areas was pretty lacklustre for instance the Rougue area used bonk jumps over spikes a lot and the raining castle area made you go through the momentum fields horizontal in the air pretty much every save. There are some cool level that are pretty decent though like the laser eyeball stage.

I had to stop my playthrough because the boss I'm currently on (the basketball boss) is one of the worst bosses i have ever seen in a fangame. Every single phase of this boss has bullshit RNG for some part of it and it is way too long. The platforms at the start don't always spawn close enough to you to avoid the boss' initial charge, the direction of the balls he shoots in the second phase can vary wildly and screw you, the curving projectiles he shoots in the third phase are too big and fast to read in some situations especially when you have to shoot big projectile back at him. I've only gotten to the fourth and fifth phases a handful of times but they have a lot of RNG involved as well. After spending almost 2 hours on this boss I find it difficult to have the motivation to keep playing despite my interest in what the rest of the game has to offer. I strongly urge the makers to nerf this boss as I think it is an outlier in terms of fairness from what I've seen so far in this game.

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Tagged as: Adventure Needle Gimmick Boss Visual_Challenge Collab Boshy I_want
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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 65 65
Mar 30, 2023
For: I wanna be the Permanence 2
This fangame is...good. I don't really have any strong feelings towards any of it, while many people clearly love it, there was nothing in this game I thought was truly great, or significantly better than the average good fangame. On the opposite end, there's nothing bad, it's consistently good and there's some creative ideas, especially the Promin stage, but beyond that it's just pretty good I guess. There's some traps which I'm mixed on, as some are good but some were kinda annoying. I definitely recommend it since most people like it more than me, but this is far from my favorite fangame ever.

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Rating: 6.7 67       Difficulty: 56 56
Mar 30, 2023
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