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Fangame marathon 2020

Fangame Marathon 2020 submissions are now open!

Submissions this year will be done through, a new website for speedrun event hosting made by Gyoo. You will have to make an account there, but you can easily make one by linking your Discord/Twitter/Twitch account. The link to the event is here:

Our special events are open for signing up as well! This is a collection of small events that we like to host during the marathon with several people, such as the ever-so-popular Avoidance Tournament, and the massive Relay Race. Sign-ups are being done through the #special-events channel this year; just write down which event you'd like to participate in, and we'll add you if there's any space left.
You can see the event sheet here:

And as always, please spread the word! Although we primarily see IWBTG Fangames in this marathon, we absolutely love seeing tons of other communities showcasing their favorite Fangames and ROM Hacks, and getting the word out is the best way to include new people!

Submissions will be closing on May 17th, which we hope is enough time for all of you to prepare and submit the runs that you want to play at this event.

See you all on July 9th for the 2020 edition of Fangame Marathon! Read More...

-Artardss, on Apr 7, 2020

Newest Fangames

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GameRelease DateDifficultyRating# of Ratings
I wanna be the gamer 2 Jul 14, 2020 39.0 2.8 2
I Wanna Kill The Midden-Another Jul 14, 2020 77.0 5.0 1
Needle Hatena Jul 13, 2020 68.1 7.0 13
I Wanna be the Lucky Warped Jul 13, 2020 65.0 1.0 2
I wanna be the Scenario Jul 12, 2020 55.3 7.8 9
I wanna be the broken heart Jul 11, 2020 58.0 5.5 1
I wanna be the grown up Jul 11, 2020 23.0 3.5 3
Avoidance Collab 3 Jul 10, 2020 N/A 6.0 3
I wanna kill the game maker studio Jul 10, 2020 38.5 4.0 2
I wanna be the orange Jul 8, 2020 38.7 3.4 3
I wanna beat the maze Jul 8, 2020 N/A 7.0 1
i wanna complete the short miku Jul 7, 2020 15.8 4.7 4
I wanna defeat the R contents! Jul 7, 2020 34.4 6.2 7
I wanna be abused Jul 7, 2020 43.0 0.1 4
i wanna miss or hit Jul 5, 2020 64.3 5.2 3
I wanna know the cave or sky Jul 5, 2020 32.5 4.3 2
Ungray Days Jul 4, 2020 65.0 8.0 1
I wanna be the Deregulation Jul 3, 2020 27.6 5.7 12
I Wanna Counterspike Jul 2, 2020 66.7 6.3 3
I don't wanna be the pu DEMO ver.2.0 Jul 2, 2020 25.0 5.5 2
I wanna be the Labyrinth Jun 29, 2020 55.0 6.4 2
I wanna ☯ Jun 29, 2020 67.2 5.9 7
I wanna create a potion 3rd demo Jun 29, 2020 24.0 4.5 1
I wanna be the stunt 3 Jun 28, 2020 30.0 5.8 6
I Wanna Kill The Choco 5 Jun 27, 2020 56.5 0.3 6

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For: Needle Hatena
decent fun needle collab (from what I've played). high production value on most stages and lots of variety considering its all purely needle.

stage-by-stage review of the stages i played:

mostly fun. had a lot of saves that were way too easy and the visuals are hard to read at times. banger music
catharsis water lol
too many 16px and inaccurate block sprites make landing hard to judge and kid outline is weird
more catharsis water
the weird spotlight effect looks kinda bad but i see what they were going for. mostly long saves
but they are balanced incredibly well and is super fun. every save was top notch.

the first save is so cancer im probably never playing this
i'm not good enough to want to bother with this/10

uses lots of named jumps but still fairly fun. there is one save where you need a walkoff
align to not have to do something really stupid but other than that no complaints. also not really the
creators fault but i jumped into a killer block because i thought it was a trigger lol.
even more catharsis water here
kinda boring until the final save which is much longer and much harder than the first screen of saves.
seems way harder than a 45 to me but w/e
decent but too many ledges and 16 px gaps makes certain saves kinda annoying
another stage with banger music though

at first i thought it was a joke screen before realizing its actually an incredibly cool design for a route.
too bad such a cool and creative route is fucking dogshit to actually play jesus christ
quit out halfway through/10

and now i cant play any of the other stages without beating the ones i quit out of oops.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Jul 15, 2020
For: I wanna one attack in soul easy
Each ten floor portion repeats the same jumps ad nauseam.

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Rating: 4.5 45       Difficulty: N/A
Jul 14, 2020
For: Needle Hatena
Most of the stages felt very awkward and weird, but the menu is very comfy and I liked that.

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Rating: 3.5 35       Difficulty: 60 60
Jul 14, 2020
For: I wanna Play the Nekogami Spike!
the tag is pretty inaccurate, the visuals are not challenging they're painful; they're exhausting, distracting, stupid.
The needle is nice and wouldn't it be for the visuals maybe i would play it again in the future. I like the works of this maker

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Tagged as: Short Visual_Challenge
[0] Likes
Rating: 5.5 55       Difficulty: 55 55
Jul 14, 2020
For: Needle Hatena
Not giving a rating because I made a stage in this. It is fun needle though I recommend it.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 70 70
Jul 14, 2020
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