I wanna be the Slave2

Creator: 蒼羅

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Buffed version of the first Slave game, it consists of a short platforming section followed by a Big Kid boss. The platforming is a bit more precise than in the first game and just as fun, but the true difficulty comes from the boss. The Big Kid boss is similar to the first game, but the bullets move more quickly and the water doesn't give you double jump. It's possible that it also shoots more projectiles, but I wouldn't know, I never got too far into the fight. What I do know is that, thanks to its faster pace, you can't clear this game with skill and patience alone, like you could in the first.
Because I haven't gotten that far (I also don't have any other source of info), I can't say for sure how bad, or how difficult this is, so I'm leaving both rating fields blank. But I can say for sure that it's really bad, and really difficult, and I definitely wouldn't recommend it.

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Mar 17, 2019