I wanna be a Big man!

Creator: はりい

Average Rating
3.6 / 10
Average Difficulty
85.0 / 100
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Adventure (3) Needle (3) Avoidance (3) Trap (2) Boss (2) Trigger (1) Secret (1) BigKid (1)


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9 Reviews:

Very old adventure fangame inspired by IWBTLovetrap. It consists of three stages, each of which containing a secret and a boss, followed by a final stage that doesn't have a secret item but does have a very dreadful last boss.
The platforming is very old-school. The first stage derives its difficulty from cryptic and often very precise trap sections. Fake blocks, invisible blocks and flying spikes are recurring themes during those three saves. Those three elements are usually bad but, honestly, I didn't really dislike Stage 1. Most traps felt like they added to the platforming, forcing the player to make more precise moves (Similar to a Rukito game) or at least making you think twice about how to get through. With that being said, some traps are really there just to be annoying, and those were completely unnecessary.
The second stage is the water stage, which derives its difficulty mainly from moving obstacles. Expect lots and lots of bouncing cherries. The fourth save is a RNG clownfiesta and the last save is a huge pile of nothing, but it could be worse. It only has two traps, but those traps are lame, so it really shouldn't have any.
The third stage is like a fusion of the previous two, but taking their difficulty up two notches. It features traps, triggers and moving obstacles, often demanding crazy degrees of precision. The first few saves are somewhat interesting, even though I didn't enjoy playing through most of them. The more generic, unnecessary traps bring down the quality of this stage (Ironic, since the remaining traps are the best part of this stage), but I still think it's alright. Also, the last screen kind of overstays its welcome, forcing the player to do the same thing too many times in a row.
As for the bosses, they consist of modified versions of the well-known Big Kid from Lovetrap. They are much shorter (Less HP), but considerably challenging all the same. I guess they might be the reason for the game's title (You know, Big Man...Big Kid...), but idk.

So far, the platforming has been more or less alright. Hard as hell, tedious at times, but sprinkled with enough interesting elements to make it at least bearable in my book. But here it comes. Here comes the most widespread way to ruin your game.
Required secrets are bad. They just are, there's no way around it. No one should be forced to mindlessly ram into every wall of your game in order to complete it. I don't understand why did people ever think it was a good idea.
But what's done is done. I hope you already knew that this game had required secrets before you started playing it. I didn't. I will mark this section as a spoiler since I'll be discussing each secret in depth (Although, why would anyone want to find these secrets on their own?). The short version is that every secret is bad in some way, but secret 2 is particularly bad. They are bad to find, then they are extra bad to get.

Stage 1's secret is pretty ridiculous. To get it, you must jump into what looks like a wall, but is actually a fake block (With a solid block under). From that block, if you jump at full height, you will touch an invisible trigger, which makes one spike fly away. Then, you have to do pretty much the entire third save (Where the secret is located) - Only to take a detour near the end towards where the spike disappeared. Jump into a fake block that doesn't disappear (Why?), and you will have REACHED the secret area. Luckily, the secret area is short. A moderately challenging platform ride through oddly arranged cherries, and you are done. Just don't choke and die before saving.
But Stage 2's secret is even more ridiculous. Remember when I said that the last save of Stage 5 is just a large pile of nothing? To be more precise, it's a M-shaped pile of tedium filled with spikes that can kill you if you aren't careful. You have to go up, then down, trigger a certain trap, then go up and down again - Takes about 30 seconds in the Medium difficulty. Sounds like the perfect spot for a secret, right? Haha...Right.
Once you trigger "that" trap, you will notice that a certain spike has disappeared from the opposite corner of the ceiling. Now do the spiked "M" backwards, jump into the hole where once was a spike, and you'll come out on the top of the first screen of the stage! Don't fall! For whatever reason, the sky of that screen has water physics, which means you can infinite jump your way until the opposite end of the screen. You will then enter the secret screen of Stage 2 through a fake block that doesn't disappear.
Is my description confusing? Do I sound crazy? I feel like I'm losing my mind writing this, but I can't, after all I already lost my mind while playing through this BECAUSE THESE SECRETS DON'T MAKE ANY SENSE! WHY DOES THE SKY HAVE WATER PHYSICS? WHY DO I HAVE TO GET THROUGH 30+ SECONDS OF NOTHING BEFORE EVERY ATTEMPT? I hate these secrets! I hate that they are required! Why are secrets required? Why are THESE secrets required? But that's not even the worst part!
Because this secret room isn't short and simple like the first. The screen starts with a spiked diagonal similar to the giant "M" you just got through. Get past it, and a half-diamond, to touch an invisible trigger that activates two simultaneous flying spike traps (In the middle of a long save), one of which unlocks a path through a fake block that doesn't disappear. Then, you have to get through four bouncing cherries that move at different speeds. The first two are easy. The third is kinda fast, and you have to pay a lot of attention to not die (You might still die anyway). The fourth, however, is very fast for a bouncing cherry, barely giving you any time to get through. It's a super precise maneuver in the middle of a long save - And there are spikes above and under you, so you can't even rest your fingers for a second. I don't even...And once you get through those bouncing cherries, there's still a last combination of precise traps that just hurts to die to - And then you have to climb the underwater diagonal of doom again before you can finally save your worries away.
Basically, secret 2 forces the player to sit through a minute or so of nothing before every attempt, leaving every single difficult maneuver (Of which there are plenty) to the end of the save. It's absolute trash.
The good news is that Secret 3 is not horrible. It's just needle. Placing the two hardest jumps in the middle of a save, preceded by a bunch of nothing? Sure. But compared to the previous two, it's not that bad...Yeah, that doesn't mean anything.

Now we can move on to the last stage. Consisting of a single save, it's a pretty cool platforming segment emulating the bullets of a Big Kid, which you have to cross while dodging waves of delicious fruit that move in certain patterns. It's a pretty difficult segment and a fitting final challenge before the One.

The final boss, which I like to call Big Miku, is possibly one of the most unique avoidances I've ever played. The core concept is that there's no solid platform. Just like in a Big Kid fight, you must hop between pellets of water while avoiding the normal bullets that actually kill you. This forces the player to keep moving the whole time, alternating between short-ranged, fluid movements within a single water pellet and long-ranged, more forced movements from a pellet to another, according to the player's necessities.
There are several things about this fight's mechanics that make it harder than it seems. The restriction placed in the Kid's movements by the killer bullets makes dodging a lot harder. Also, because the player is in the center of the room, projectiles spawn a lot closer to him. And finally, because there's no solid ground, you can't rest for even a second - You have to keep jumping from the beginning to the end of the fight. I recall my wrists hurting quite a bit every now and then during the time I grinded this avoidance. Despite all that, I feel like I definitely threw away one too many attempts, so maybe I'm overstating Big Miku's difficulty? 85-hour boss, though...It's hard to tell.
As for the quality of the fight itself, I'm hard-pressed to tell. I don't know if I started to force myself to after a few hours, but I actually enjoyed this boss. The attacks rank somewhere between generic and interesting, but, under Big Kid mechanics, even the more generic attacks become kind of unique. It's fascinating. The music is pleasant to listen to (With the volume lowered, while I listen to a video or stream on the background), and Big Miku looks cute.
HOWEVER, the difficulty balance of the fight is not so good. Because there's so little room to dodge, some attacks have lots of potential to wall the player. Both attacks with orange cherries before each chorus, the horizontal green cherries after the first chorus (surprisingly), the gray cherries before the last chorus and, of course, the final AAAAAAAAA, are some of the main offenders. Also due to RNG, some attacks in the fight are much harder than others.
Besides RNG issues, the boss also features a couple insta-gib patterns, but most of these aren't too difficult to learn (They can be difficult to execute, though), so I think they are alright. The purple flower is an exception, that attack is very annoying to get the timing of and I hated having to learn it. The circle preceding the last chorus is similar, but slower, so you can dodge it with reflexes alone.
So, plot twist, Big Miku is an avoidance with a very interesting concept, but very questionable execution. In other words, it's actually not good. But even though it's bad, I still enjoyed it. Lucky me.

As for general details of the game, the visuals are very average and every music is (restarting) Guy Rock (Except for the last stage) with the usual loud death sound, so nothing too appealing.

The conclusion is: I wanna be a Big Man! is a pretty interesting piece of fangame history. It's filled with neat concepts, which are sadly often ruined by poor execution in the form of lame traps, trash-tier required secrets and bad RNG. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, but I still wouldn't recommend it.

Fun fact: I remember making an oath to myself, stating that, as long as I got through Secret 2 quickly, I wouldn't care how long it would take me to beat the rest of the game - Including the final boss. I guess the oath worked, after all.

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Tagged as: Adventure Needle Avoidance Trap
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Rating: 4.4 44       Difficulty: 84 84
Jul 28, 2020
the things that are really memorable in this game are the last platforming save and the avoidance at the end. Most of the time spent will be on the avoidance though, and while it has a super cool design idea, the balance is garbage. Especially the first blue+orange attack will wall you a lot, same goes for final and it makes this avoidance really boring and frustrating to play. Wasted opportunity and not fun to play.

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Rating: 1.5 15       Difficulty: 80 80
Sep 29, 2022
platforming with secret is okay, but big kid boss sucks, avoidance no fun for me

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Tagged as: Secret
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Rating: 1.5 15       Difficulty: N/A
Mar 20, 2024
Rating based on avoidance
A game lovetrap style with simple needle but with traps that are awful because the game is old. The game have secrets that are easy (in my opinion).

Now the avoidance...god.
The music is cool...yeah, oh right the attacks, i hate because you need three things, luck, a good RNG and your skills, so good luck.

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Tagged as: Adventure Needle Avoidance Trap Boss
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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 80 80
Jan 30, 2024
It's IWBTLoveTRAP like game.The game is very hard and terrible.At least,I dont like it.

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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 93 93
Jun 22, 2021