I wanna find the First story

Creator: キグノミ

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1.6 / 10
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44.0 / 100
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Adventure (2) Bosses (1)


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2 Reviews:

I Wanna Find The First Story honestly looks like a good game from first glance. The music quality isn't bad, the graphics are nice and the platforming seems decent but as you go deeper into the game it really does shine in showing how bad it truly is. I like to think of this game as “I Wanna Get Lucky The Adventure Game” because that what it basically is. There is so much potential in this game but the level design, the save balancing and the programming just ruins it.

For example there is a save where you have to jump off a goomba to reach a higher ledge since it also refreshes your jump. It sounds good in theory but the hitboxes on the goomba are so bad that it takes honestly frustrating. Not to mention that it takes a second or two to try again because the screen is so large and full of objects. The save balancing is really bad as well, where I could spend upwards to fifteenth minutes on one save and then do the next save first try. Oh and screen transitions usually need to death as well so it one of those games where it's designed against you. Honestly the transitions deaths wouldn't be annoying if it didn't take so long to try again or if the game was program well. Another part of the game has you using shells to break the brick wall so you can progress but the shells are so badly program that it is RNG rather or not you progress or not. Just to give you an example of how badly program the shells are, I hit the shell right and it went through the wall or just froze in the air....

The bosses aren't any better either... The first boss of the game had some neat ideas but again was ruined by very poor coding. The boss literally teleports to the center of the screen at random! There are times where the boss is getting close and you can't move left so you move to the center to dodge it... well this game basically says Screw that as it then teleports to the center to kill you. It unfair and makes the boss honestly annoying instead of fun. The boss itself is easy and can beaten within a few attempts but it because of these unfair advantages, it makes grinding the boss honestly just annoying.

In case you are wondering just how bad the save balancing is... there are saves where I kid you not anyone can beat. Conquer the Blow Game has way harder platforming than some saves in this game. Then suddenly next save, a upward water plane... Yeah great save balancing. It not that the hard game play isn't welcome, it just the way it is done in this game is bad. If the game started hard or if it slowly worked at getting harder then it is fine. You don't go from a two spike jump up to a plane by the means of one save....

Oh and aligns don't even mater for this game either. Have a walk off align? Well too bad because if so much as a single pixel is above the spike you are dead. The hitboxes on this game are horrible because you have no idea if you are making a mistake or if it because of the hitboxes. The music looping in this game is also really bad, almost rivaling Crimson Needle music looping bad. They are extremely awkward and sudden instead of being smooth. Oh and music restarts with each death which I honestly don't mind since the game isn't too bad at some parts but the save balancing makes it hard to enjoy the music.

The second boss is a complete joke compare to the first because its coding actually makes it fair. The game continues in showing just how badly designed it is by making spikes the same color as the background.... You can't even see the spikes unless you really play close attention so often times you think you are safe but instead landing on a spike. The game really does become predictable now as you can almost expect every screen transition to lead to your death if you aren't prepared for it. Unfortunately for me though, I softlocked at the third boss so there is where this review ends. The reason for the soft lock... You have to destroy a block before the door opens however the block is behind the save so you destroy the block, open the door and save where the door is. Meaning next time you die you will be stuck inside the door and unable to get out...

Overall, this game has so much potential to become an amazing game but the coding and design ruins it. The coding on some parts make you really question if this game was even tested in the first place. The save balancing is a huge issue throughout this game with some saves being free and others making you grind for minutes just to run into another wall in that same save. The two bosses that I was able to beat should be in reverse order since the second boss is ten times easier than the first and the first boss should have been reported back for it teleporting glitch. The hitboxes on spikes and enemies are really weird, where if you are so much as a pixel around the object you will often die. I would not recommend this game to anyone sadly as the games coding and hitboxes just drain out all the fun this game could have had. Which is sad because this game honestly could have been a really nice fun game if the creator had fixed the glitches.

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Mar 3, 2016
what manny said

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Oct 1, 2018