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75.0 / 100
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(Note: The difficulty I gave is just from what I played)

It's a huge mess.
So, the production is actually pretty good, but the gameplay is atrocious. When first starting a new file, the game just gives you a gamemaker error, so you have to go back and load that file to actually start the game.

The first impression is strange. In the first room you have to shoot some enemies to make them move, but their physics doesn't make any sense. And then there's no save in the next room for some reason. Oh yeah, that happens occasionally throughout the game. Sometimes there's just no save when starting a new room. These rooms are not particularly easy, in fact, they are often even harder than your average screen here, which is why this game can get pretty fucking hard.

The game never explains what you have to do either. It's usually self-explanatory, but it can get annoying sometimes, especially consider how the game doesn't always save after completing a screen.

Anyway, the 2nd screen. You have to collect three apples, but some of them kills you, and some of them don't, and you have no idea which ones does. It's hard to distinguish between the foreground and the background, and there's a few invisible blocks for some reason. The blocks are so huge it's hard to know where you can stand and where you can't, and the enemies move back and forth randomly.
Then there's a billiard minigame and the bouncing physics doesn't make any sense. Then there's an asteroid minigame and it's just a bunch of RNG spam. There's there's a room where you have low gravity or something when you short hop. And then there's a flappy bird screen which is actually ok. Right, the only redeeming thing about this game is a few mediocre and sub-par comprehensible screens.

The first boss is just a learning heavy "avoidance" where you shoot the boss a little at the end. There's a phase where it's shooting spinning blades at you, and they are surprisingly hard to see.
Then there's a solgryn boss. The floor is ice, and the projectiles are way too big, making them very awkward to dodge sometimes. I barely played the other ones, and they didn't seem terrible from the start, but there's no way you should play the game up to that point, or at all. This game is not even worth a try.

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Rating: 1.7 17       Difficulty: 75 75
May 6, 2017