I wanna be the Overlord

Creator: MattinJ

Average Rating
9.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
51.4 / 100
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Adventure (22) Gimmick (12) Boss (12) Secrets (9) Long (18) Puzzle (6) Masterpiece (1) metroidvania (6) Backtrack (1) Weapon_System (1) enemies (1) gimmick_needle (1) Cycle (1) Map (1)


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69 Reviews:

This is an amazing full-length metroidvania-style adventure game. It has a level of production value accompanied by set features that puts this game in the top tier of all fangames for me. Aside from the fact it's a well made metroidvania, it comes complete with a map system, experience points / leveling system, fast travel mechanics, and a non-linear stage design that makes it enjoyable to explore.

Not only are the stages configured non-linearly, but at various points in the game it gives the player the freedom to explore and fight some bosses in the order they decide to as well. Combine this with the fact that there are also extra hidden areas, and you are looking at a roughly 10 hour long adventure or more on your first playthrough.

From a gameplay perspective, the platforming is fairly mild in terms of difficulty, which not only makes the game accessible to non-fangame players, but shifts the focus more towards exploration. Each of the games various areas each has their own theme as well as platforming gimmicks which adds a nice variety as you visit the stages. Mixed into things are some puzzles, none of which seem overbearing, and some of the more cryptic ones have hints to be found in the game at certain spots. The bosses throughout the game are pretty reasonable, and if you get hung up for some reason, you can explore elsewhere for upgrades or grind out a few damage-ups off the monsters.

Overall the game is one of the few fangames that is of a quality level that you could charge money for, and one that everyone who loves adventure games or metroidvanias should play.

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Tagged as: Adventure metroidvania
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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 50 50
Mar 20, 2017
Rating based on version 1.0.
Long and really well-made adventure. It's designed as a Metroidvania, which basically means that the game is non-linear, but the access to many areas requires the player to have specific items. With lots of different obstacles, enemies to kill, nicely implemented gimmicks and creative puzzles, there's a lot to like in this game. The bosses are quite well-made as well. Interesting attacks, some cool mechanics, and all the fights are fair. The visuals are superb, and combined with the right music choices create a wide range of environments, not only making the stages very different from each other, but also making certain sections of the stages different from each other (For example, the Moonlight Forest area has a temple inside of it).
Furthermore, there are also some nice additional features. There's a leveling system, although the only thing you can level up is your attack, and a fast travel system with strategically positioned teleporters that leave you close to the key sections. There's an inventory system, where you can choose between different guns and different kinds of ammunition, as well as manage your key items (Special items that allow you to access specific sections). There are even some optional sections (Including mini-games) that offer you collectibles and upgrades. And finally, there's something that I greatly missed on I dun wanna be Anything 2 (Another game that uses the Metroidvania structure): A map system. It's heavily glitchy, but it exists, and it's very helpful, as it even allows you to see where can you find teleporters, saves, key sections and boss rooms, as long as you've visited these sections before.
As much as they don't seem like it, most key items' functions are sorta of properly explained. For example, once you get the Moonlight Orb, whose name is anything but self-explanatory, you have to backtrack through a section filled with water, and then you should be able to notice that you don't have an oxygen meter anymore. However, there's a little issue called "Ocarina", a neat item that allows you to go back to the main hub whenever you want. If the player has the Ocarina, and then decides to use it to go back instead of using the intended way (Which sounds like a very plausible idea, actually), discovering the Orb's function would be much trickier. Giving the items text descriptions would be a much more reliable way of explaining their functions to the player.
The only major complaint I have about this game, however, is that there's not much effort to guide the player towards the main objective. Just like in I dun wanna be Anything 2, there's a bunch of places you can go to, and no one to tell you "Denri has the key to overcome the Moonlight Maze. He resides on the very top of this building. But he's not gonna let go of it, and you'll never be able to face him head-on. You need to find an alternative path", or something like that, until halfway through the game, where you can find a couple hints of the stuff you're supposed to do (Most of which from NPCs at the Training Grounds). As a result of that, it's hard to tell what are you supposed to do in order to progress through each area, and more often than not you'll be surrounded by annoying dead-ends, finding a lot of optional items but without making any real progress. A major share of my enjoyment went away really quickly due to this.
Even so, I still liked this game a lot. Most of it is really well done, and its positives heavily outweigh the few negatives. Would definitely recommend.
On a side note, I would certainly appreciate if this kind of fangame was our standard for "generic", instead of what we actually have. Can you imagine, everyone making fangames like this, to the point where it's even considered overdone? That'd probably be great.

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Tagged as: Adventure Gimmick Long Puzzle
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Rating: 9.2 92       Difficulty: 59 59
Mar 26, 2017
This is how fangames supposed to be... This is how you make an actual game... BibleThump

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Tagged as: Adventure Gimmick Secrets Long
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Rating: 9.8 98       Difficulty: 56 56
Mar 21, 2017
Astonishing, full-scaled, fully-realized and epic-scoped metroidvania adventure RPG with a jaw-dropping production value and an incredible soundtrack, both based from amazing original sources (mostly The Legend of Zelda, Dark Souls and Metroid). Exploration is fully open to guarantee an exceptional adventure experience with a consistent difficulty line scattered throughout the worlds and a reasonable increase towards the final areas.

You can take many paths, but more than often you will reach an impasse because of an obvious item requirement. The constant backtracking is never boring as the hub system and subsequent transportation gimmick works exceptionally well for those looking for a faster pace. For those like me that enjoy their sense of exploration and do not mind going back and forth while grinding in a fantastically-looking and designed game, then do so. The game grants freedom in this sense. The thought behind the route one must take is very well-thought and requires memory, and the Super-Metroid-like map system is great for three reasons: it tells you what the connecting areas are; it tells you where the saves, secrets and transportation devices are located; and it easily helps you to know what areas you haven't explored because of each square not having a white border, so you know you can go that particular direction.

Grudges? There are a few. At least two moments are extremely cryptic and can get you stuck senselessly. In the Land of Giants, how was I supposed to know that I had to shoot distant blue orbs to transport myself? It took me too much time figuring that out and discovered it by pure accident. Also, this might be quite my fault, but getting the coin took me forever and it is, frustratingly, the very first item you can get. Getting to the Lake of Souls was quite the task. Also, half of the times you acquire an item, the same room that contains it or the previous one to it forces you to do something you couldn't before, and two times an explanation is given. From there, there is never a verbal description of what the hell some items do. Good luck finding for yourself. If the inventory screen contained a description of all items and weapons, it would work wonders as a great feature.

I intentionally didn't leave my complaints for last. The spirit of the game is what should be more discussed here. The game opens with a Dark Souls vibe combined with Castlevania: Dracula X for the SNES. From there, it takes the best aspects of adventure games like Zelda and Mario, but also brings SNES RPGs to remembrance. The mostly grandiose bosses also back up this honorable pathos. I couldn't stop thinking about how this amalgamation of childhood videogames' inspiration kept bringing Quintet's Heaven and Earth Saga (Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma), including its spiritual predecessor, ActRaiser. Bosses mimick a lot ActRaiser's mythology while the worlds are a fusion between fangame creativity exclusively seen in the community (including terrific inside jokes) and the aforementioned games. This fangame is the embodiment of a committed artist, MattinJ, mixing the old and the new in a present-time capsule, so it feels like an original game and a huge homage at the same time. There is no way this is his first fangame, but again, debuts can sometimes be masterpieces, and this applies to all art forms.

Sound design and backgrounds are just breathtaking. There is no better description. Even the Game Over screen has some love put into it. The already mentioned boss fights are exceptional fun and, mixed with the visuals and the challenge demanded, they will prove to be unforgettable and rewarding beats. The game never aims at being too difficult, but epic, and a wise decision was made when it opted for that. Extra credits for Cryptoria and the pre-final area, which feature graphics I had never seen in a fangame. Also The Crypt King, ironically proved to be the hardest boss for me, instead of the last or the second-to-last boss. Weird, but that doesn't mean that they aren't fun, and the final boss has a save in the middle which makes the experience all the more reasonable.

A game is good when it makes a lot of good decisions, because even the seemingly tiniest ones matter.

The fact that this is free blows my mind, and the fact that he openly says during the credits that the game should stay free for everyone amazed me even more. Dude, you should be charging for these games! This stuff is better than I Wanna Be the Cat!

My beloved Timemachine has been surpassed as my personal favorite fangame so far.

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Tagged as: Adventure Gimmick Boss Long Puzzle
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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 50 50
May 17, 2020
This is a tremendous production in the metroidvania style, with branching paths and area exploration combined while still focusing on the traditional fangame gimmicks and platforming style.

Its long and ambitious and executed very well. That said, it has a ton of rough edges both from a design and execution perspective but they're small things and thanks to the reasonable difficulty of the game means none of them break the flow much (except for the softlock which Mattin was very responsive about helping people with until he was able to get it patched). However, the game is fun and the overall quality of design easily smooths out all these rough edges, leaving a well rounded and excellent production.

This game is easily recommendable to nearly anyone who likes anything but pure platforming in their games, as it has tons of everything. Even if you're not a fan of the non-linear exploration, there's plenty of game to enjoy just following a guide (not sure if there is one, probably will be eventually) or copying a path from someone's VoDs. I'm excited to see Mattin's follow-up, and given he indicated it will be more challenging, I'm hoping it will lead to fleshing out some of the mechanics more thoroughly. One of the things I'd have liked to see more in the game is further development in the gimmicks. Its by no means a failing of the game, but in accordance to keeping the variety up and the game accessible, a lot of them felt like they had a lot more potential in expanding and combining them.

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Tagged as: Adventure Long
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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 50 50
May 6, 2017