I wanna defeat the discord makers JP side

Creators: ルッキーマン, マリマリオ, たつぬ, あーる, choco, タクヤ, とも, シロカノ, Normal, FrozenAge, Zero

Average Rating
8.0 / 10
Average Difficulty
89.2 / 100
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Needle (8) Long (1) Collab (3) Discord_Makers (3) god!! (1)


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25 Reviews:

Discord makers jp side is a hard needle game that consists of 11 areas all made by japanese gamemakers. It's very high production value and quality overall and I would recommend it if you're into very tough Japanese style needle.

Luckyman stage
Pretty fun and relatively easy stage.
It's a good and balanced introductory stage for the game. Visuals are nice and bright and the music is great. The needle isn't remarkable but it's still enjoyable.

Marimario stage
I really enjoyed this stage. It features standard but fun 16 pixel needle with flashy visuals. The music is some kind of anime medley so that's cool.

Tatsuna stage
Short saves with precise jumps and sick rainbow flashing visuals. I can imagine nyan cat getting tiresome for some people but I enjoy that song.

R stage
This stage has alright visuals and the music wasn't anything special. The needle was overall fun and had some upside down, water, and vine stuff. There are 2 claustrophobic saves mixed in but those were fun too.

Choco stage
This one I loved! Very fun needle in a smaller room. It features some platform jumps, water, and vine needle. Overall it's nicely balanced but the last save is a tough one. The visuals and music are very fitting, nice, and overall just chill.

Takuya stage
Dark stage with neat visuals and music. It starts with short saves and decently difficult jumps but after the first room (which is larger than 1 screen) it gets harder with longer saves and tricky jumps. Overall really enjoyed this stage but I thought the forced 1 frame and cancel on the 2nd, 6th and last save of screen 2 were kind of out of place. Thankfully those jumps weren't that bad.

Tomo stage
This stage DEFINITELY had ups and downs. Most of the stage is pretty hard and fun needle on 16 (and maybe 8) pixel grids. The graphics and music are awesome and the needle felt very very fun and satisfying for the most part. Unfortunately this stage also has issues as I mentioned before. Mainly a save with a vstring dependant platform grab and a save which was just a long and annoyingly precise drop. Those saves were way harder than the rest of the area. The last save was also a mixed bag. While I personally enjoyed it it was a pretty precise and somewhat awkward jump (featuring a 1 frame) which might turn off a lot of people. Overall a fun area so I'd recommend having some determination and still play through the harder saves to enjoy the good stuff.

Sirokano stage
A vine based stage with chill music and darkish visuals. I wasn't too huge on this stage but it does feature some fun vine maneuvers.

Normal stage
An interesting stage with precise jumps and shorter saves as a result. Platforms, water, and vines are used extensively and while there are a few questionably awkward jumps I would still say I enjoyed this stage. The music and visuals are pretty gloomy.

Frozenage stage
This stage has a lot of weird and precise 16 pixel needle jumps. Flashy visuals and banging song. I really liked this one although the weird clipping save literally feels like running with your head into a wall (still fun tho).

Zero stage
I love this stage. It has really nice looking visuals and music and the needle is outstanding. The platforming is based on catharsis water and is very creative using that gimmick. If there is one stage I recommend in this game it's this one.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: N/A
Nov 28, 2017
(would need to replay for updated scores so just keeping what I put in after first play. also I wiped the text at some point so idk what I said originally)
Cool collab of basically pristine needle. Most stages are easy so I guess this was based on the harder stages, which do have high difficulty. They are mostly nice light precision, with zero final being a long consistency save. A go-to for anyone looking for a long harder needle game.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 92 92
Nov 29, 2017
If you can't cancel, don't play this game.
Honestly, even if you can, half the stages still aren't worth playing.

If you want to try, just do Sirakano and Normals stages. Frozenage is cool but probably not for everyone.
Tomo's is fun and then ends with the worst 1f of all time.
You don't need to bother with the rest.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 88 88
Jun 10, 2024
It's Discord Makers but Japan. The game consists of 11 stages of pure needle, which you can freely pick from a hub menu. Among the maker list are some familiar faces like とも, マリマリオ, or Zero. With how long they have been around you will expect some quality needle. There a few unknown names present as well which only seem to have their name attached to this game specifically, like ルッキーマン or あーる. Their stages are pretty simple but they get the job done and aren't too scary. Lastly there are some makers which I rather associate with avoidance rather than needle, like たつぬ, シロカノ and Normal. I wasn't huge on たつぬ's stage, but シロカノ and Normal's stages were very good. There isn't any progression system present, so you can select any stage you want to play if you wish.

I'll briefly go over every stage and explain what I find good or bad about it.

ルッキーマン (LuckyMan) Stage:
The easiest stage in the game, so naturally this will be the first stage you will see once you start the game. The needle is somewhat basic and the visuals aren't too great either, but this doesn't mean it was a bad stage. There a few moments where you have to jump through a corner or a diamond, but that is as hard as it will get. The last save in the stage lets you choose between the left side or right side, and you decide what side is easier. For a first stage it's alright.

マリマリオ (Marimario) Stage:
Bright and colorful visuals with some anime background and a weeb medley playing in the background. The pathing here felt less like a real needle game and more like an adventure game that lacks some traps. It starts off relatively easy and progressively gets harder the further you get into the stage. There wasn't anything that I found to be too difficult, but there were still some harder saves that I spent some time on. I'd say the worst thing about this stage is how some colors from the rainbow blend in with the background, but that's just an eye issue.

たつぬ (Tatsunu) Stage:
A maker that I normally associate with avoidance, made a needle stage for this game. It's not very good. The needle is poorly made and while I like the rainbow visuals they are a bit too bright and there is big glow around everything which made some saves more annoying than they should have been. The save balancing wasn't that great either. The song slaps so it kept me going so I wasn't that irritated by playing this stage.

あーる (R) Stage:
One of the shorter stages in the game. It's only 2 screens long, but it made sure to use every space in the screen to fill it with spikes. This is the only stage that made use of the reverse gravity gimmick, and both times it got used near the end of the screen. The first screen has a huge box in the middle that would normally make you think "is that all?", until it reveals the rest of the screen once you touch the warp. The second screen is less complicated than the first, where it already shows everything in the screen until you reach the end where it throws a backtrack at you and you do the save upside down. This stage was pretty underwhelming, and the precision required when you are inside the box in the first screen was very painful. The first save inside the box took up most of my time in this stage alone. The second stage wasn't that bad however.

Choco Stage:
One of my favorite stages. The premise of the stage is that it plays out in a small box, so the screens will take shorter to beat than other stages if you are good enough. The music and visuals are really chill and there were some very creative jumps and maneuvers later on. The last screen has a fakeout where the warp vanishes, revealing the rest of the screen. I thought this was a cool way to end off the stage, and I don't think it was that hard compared to some of the screens before it. I enjoyed this stage a lot.

タクヤ (Takuya) Stage:
A spotlight stage with basic visuals and a chill Touhou arrangement playing in the background. The first screen focuses more on setups while the second screen mostly consists of normal needle with some harder jumps here and there. In the first screen you are going right, and the second screen has you going upwards. The main issue about this stage is that you can't really look ahead of you. This was especially annoying during the latter half of the second screen, where you need to make some big jumps and sometimes you just have to make a blind jump because you can't even see where the block is. This stage wasn't the best, but it wasn't too crazy either. I still enjoyed it.

とも (Tomo) Stage:
Probably the flashiest stage in the game. The visuals are amazing with some very detailed blocks and a moving background. Once again there is a rainbow effect going on, but this will be the last time you see it. The needle focuses a lot on random shapes and drops. What I liked about this stage is the pathing; Tomo made sure to use everything in the screen and somehow it plays really smoothly without you getting lost. This doesn't mean the stage is perfect, because there were some moments where it's just too precise for my liking and early on there is a save where you need to grab a platform which is entirely vstring dependant. The last save features a mandatory 1 frame jump which felt a bit out of place, but it teaches you that there will be more cancel jumps later on.

シロカノ (Sirokano) Stage:
The main focus of this stage is about preserving your double jump as you jump through vines with the occasional platform jump here and there. It reminds me a lot of western needle. The pathing was very creative, but there were some stupid jumps here and there. The last screen features a single save at the start, and making a single mistake puts you back at the start of the screen. It has a choke platform jump at the end which was pretty dumb but thankfully I didn't fail it. One of the best stages this game has to offer.

Normal Stage:
Easily my favorite stage of them all. I don't know why, but with the exception of one save this stage was very fun and satisfying to play. I liked when the game enforces you to cancel off vines which made for some cool jumps. There were some precise moments here and there but the balance was just right enough that I didn't dislike the stage because of it. The visuals and ambience also set the mood for how far you are into the game and that you are close to the end. I can understand why some people might dislike this stage, but personally I was a big fan of it.

FrozenAge Stage:
5 screens of precision needle with bright visuals. This stage was very hit or miss for me, but I'd say I liked most of it. Sometimes the visuals became too bright which made the screen harder to look at. Most of the saves were pretty short, but there were some longer saves that feature some chokeworthy jumps at the end. The last screen was the hardest screen for me, mainly due to two long saves in the middle of the screen. This screen also features the classic vstring save, where you need to jump down into a hole with a gap in the middle and jump out of it, but I didn't find this save to be that bad. The last save was pretty creative, showing off some janky collision with the engine where you can briefly jump on death blocks for 1 frame with the right height. Definitely one of the scarier stages if you aren't that good at precision needle.

Zero Stage:
With one of the best needle players in the community, naturally his stage will be the hardest. Unlike the other makers this stage is centered around a gimmick: The water is Catharis water, so you are unable to swim up. Half of my total time was spent on this stage alone. It starts of relatively tame, but later on you are greeted by long saves, 4.5 jumps and multiple platform cancels. I wasn't the biggest fan of this stage, mainly due to every save having a few jumps that were really annoying and inconsistent. The water current save in screen 2 gave me a lot of deaths, but once you figure out the timing on the first jump it shouldn't take you too long. Right before the last screen you have to do a mini F off a platform, which took me quite a while to beat. It ends off with the most iconic part of the game: The last save. Like the end of Sirokano's stage you only get one save at the start of the screen, but this time the screen is way longer. Once you make it to the warp the stage doesn't end there, as you now have to collect 5 gems. After collecting all of them there is still one more thing left to do: Reach the warp that spawned at the bottom of the screen. Thankfully it lets you infinite jump in the water now. There is one choke jump right at the end which can be quite stressful if you don't know how it works, and it got me the first time. With the exception of one jump halfway through this screen was very fun to grind, and it's a nice way to end off the game. Definitely the save I took the longest on, but not to the point where it took me forever. I had 2 deaths on the infinite jump part.

Lastly, here is how I would rank every stage in terms of enjoyment and creativity.

Normal > Choco > Sirokano > Tomo > Takuya > Zero > FrozenAge > LuckyMan > Marimario > Tatsunu > R

Zero > Sirokano > Normal > FrozenAge > Tomo > Choco > R > Marimario > Takuya > LuckyMan > Tatsunu

Overall I would say this is one of the best needle collabs in existence. The pacing is very good, most of the stages were very creative and a lot of work was put into the visuals which was to be expected. There were some saves or stages which were kinda bad, but nothing that made me downright quit. It's a very satisfying experience when you finally beat a stage.

Would recommend.

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Rating: 8.3 83       Difficulty: 88 88
Jul 5, 2022
Ok so

LuckyMan: Chill needle to warm up before playing the other areas, not much to say about this, it's alright. (Rating: 6.3/10 Difficulty: 35)

Marimario: Some generic and at times annoying needle and the background makes the needle a bit hard to see, but it's easy so it's ok. (Rating: 5.5/10 Difficulty: 39)

Tatsunu: Boring needle with annoying jumps and annoying visuals, and it's not hard but it's not that easy so it's not ok. (Rating 4/10 Difficulty: 50)

R: I like that sci-fi ambience, and the saves were interesting. First stage that isn't easy. (Rating 7.3/10 Difficulty: 65)

Choco: I really liked this stage, nice varied needle with short screens and chill music. Not too hard.
(Rating 8/10 Difficulty: 60)

Takuya: In this stage if you play with fullscreen.exe in the first section the camera becomes crazy and doesn't aim the player. Otherwise the needle was ok, short saves with nice jumps. (Rating 6/10 Difficulty: 63)

Tomo: Nice stage, fun needle with long jumps. (Rating: 7.5/10 Difficulty: 68)

Sirokano: Very good stage, nice needle with vines and platforms. I liked the last save. (Rating 8/10 Difficulty: 73)

Normal: Very fun challenging stage with vines, water and platforms, last save was a bit annoying. (Rating 8.1/10 Difficulty: 78)

FrozenAge: Boring needle with annoying precise jumps and GD music, until the penultimate save. Ok so the penultimate save is one of the worst things I've played in my life, you need to spam jump cancel for very very (very) long time(and hope that you don't get carpal tunnel) until the valign decides that you can get through that block-corner... and then die because there is a hole 1 block next and you hold left all the time. Repeat until you don't die to the hole and then guess what? you do that again but upwards, to get to the save. And pray so you don't fall and die before saving. (Rating 1/10 Difficulty: 75 or 100, depends on your luck).

Zero: Very fun and very hard stage with catharsis water and vines, the last 2 saves are like 5 times harder than every other save, I was scared about the last save after watching some videos but after playing original discord makers it didn't feel too hard, I would say the penultimate save is harder than the last. Best area of the game imo (Rating 9/10 Difficulty: 92).

The last thing I would like to mention is that I hope people stop making games in gm8 as they give extra input delay in windows 10(not for everyone, but for many people) and become unplayable. I had to install windows 7 to be able to play this game because it was so annoying to play even the easier stages in windows 10.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 90 90
Dec 23, 2020