I wanna put out the cigarette

Creators: E.Z., Syfactor26, ノーガード, wonderful

Average Rating
7.7 / 10
Average Difficulty
74.0 / 100
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Needle (9) Avoidance (7) Collab (3) Barrage (2) domu_game (1) NoFace (1)


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36 Reviews:

Issa bona fide slapper. Seminal work from four top blokes. "Separation" stage was a particular favourite, though "Flesh" was exquisite also.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: N/A
Mar 2, 2019
This game's got some really interesting needle, design-wise and visually, with a very cool atmosphere that's inspired by fangames from dopamine, Derf and Hiddow.
My rating for this so far is only based on the main game (excludes extra avoidance since I haven't beaten it yet).

This game consists of an intro stage, 4 stages from which you can pick the order, a final stage that gets unlocked once you beat the 4 other stages and an extra avoidance.

I personally enjoyed Syfactor's Venereal Cessation Stage the most since it had some neat jumps and its atmosphere and visuals felt very nice to go through. The symmetry also was a nice touch.

Zorgo's Distortion Stage would be my second place for the same reasons (except no symmetry) but it's second because it also had a few jumps that were kinda irritating like a forced 2 frame (at least I think it was) somewhere on the second to last screen.

Nogard's Flesh Stage was also pretty good and it used Catharsis water (no extra jumps, you just fall slower), which created some cool platforming. Though it also had a few annoying jumps, but I might be biased for that since I just don't like platform jumps that much. Still a good stage.

Then there's Zorgo's Separation Stage, which looked really awesome and was also fun to do but it also had some of the hardest and most annoying saves in the game. It wasn't even always his fault for them being like that because there's a vine bug which sometimes just doesn't let you jump off of vines on the right side. That's rather an engine issue though since I've seen it happen in other games as well.
That being said, surprisingly this area also contained my favorite save in this game: the 3rd save of screen 2.
That save was so incredibly satisfying to pull off for me and I can't even quite explain why. At first, the vine jump for that seemed to be a bit annoying but once I figured out there is a strategy for it where you just have to hold jump and BOTH the right and left key at the same time from a certain position it became a really fun jump. The rest of the save was also very well designed and I can't complain about it in the slightest.

And finally the final stage, Mr. Wonderful's Satisfaction Stage. Also a good stage even if I normally don't like platform jumps that much but I think they were mostly pulled off well, except for the third screen where it was a bit irritating to get used to the muscle memory of the platform jumps.

The order of these was supposed to represent my ranking at first but now after thinking about it some more, I'm not too sure which ones I like more or less for the last 3 stages I wrote about. lol
<- (this spoiler tag contains a lot of information and personal opinions about the game's stages)

All in all, it's a nice collab game that I would recommend experienced fangamers to play. :)

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Rating: 8.7 87       Difficulty: 81 81
Mar 17, 2019
I love dopamine games for their dark side, for the excellent choice of electronic music, often the same classic hits met with dopamine, like the track underworld. Here, in fact, the game is built in a similar way, with a powerful atmosphere, excellent music, excellent performance, excellent visualization. At the beginning there is a small introduction, after passing through which you get into some kind of sewer, in which 4 hatches and dividing steps flash by.You can go in any order and go through the stages, then stage 5 opens.
A flash for quite interesting and stylish jumps in combination with catharsis water,
Separation are generally some kind of infernal portal,special thanks for the goreshit track, special thanks for the goreshit track,I love high-quality dnb, I don't know if it's appropriate, but I liked such a pressure in a compartment with intricate blood spikes and vines, the effects interfere, I love them disabled it.In terms of passing here, short saves and accurate jumps make up this stage.
These are 2 of my favorite stages
veneral cessation, distortion, both stages are quite simple in comparison with the others and I personally do not remember much, although veneral cessations looked interesting. Satisfaction the most difficult and last stage is pretty much done and will be my number 3 in this game
I don't play avoidances, so I'll leave it without evaluation
Аnd in general, I do not understand the low score of the game, personally, in my opinion, it is very good

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Rating: 8.7 87       Difficulty: 75 75
Dec 15, 2022
Very average game overall. There is a short intro then are 4 stages you can do in any order which unlock a final stage once done.
-the intro is fun and sadly one of the most fun part of the game, sad because it says a lot about the quality of the rest.
-Separation was the first one I played and it was honestly barrely playable, there are like 1 or 2 fine saves and the rest is just awful. I also had to disable the effects in the background because it was so insanely distracting (and also a black bg with black feets on tiles with black outline in a semi precision needle is the worst idea I have seen in a game for a while)
-Veneral Cessation is very fun, the visuals are cool too and also very unique. Not much to complaint, it's probably the only stage in the game where I truly had fun and that I could recommend.
-Distorsion was ok, there were a few bruh jumps but nothing outrageous tho nothing especially fun.
-I wanna say that Flesh was fun because it's true for most of the stage, however it has one save that is ten times more terrible than everything in Separation and it deleted all the fun I had with the stage.
-Satisfaction is the one you unlock after all the others, and it's an ok one with mostly hard jumps. Probably the most consistent stage in quality tho it doesn't mean anything since I would say it was just fine.

While it wasn't that a bad game despite what I said, I didn't have a lot of fun with it. Tried the avoidance and it doesn't feel very fun.

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Rating: 4.9 49       Difficulty: 78 78
Oct 14, 2021
The good i wanna

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 65 65
Feb 28, 2019