I Wanna Go Back To Sleep

Creator: Thunda

Average Rating
8.4 / 10
Average Difficulty
65.0 / 100
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Adventure (2) Gimmick (1) Secrets (1) Bosses (1) metroidvania (1)


  • by Thunda
  • by Bob
  • by Thunda
  • by Bob

Creator's Comments:

Thunda [Creator]
Updated to 1.2.1 to hopefully remove any "debugging leftovers"
The file is suddenly 20mb slower and I am scared.

My first attempt at making a fangame.
Lot's of weird ideas and suggestions went into this and while I do feel that some items/areas aren't brought to their full potential, I still went with what I think is right.
The Zip file includes a read me that should cover all the important information.

Wish I could tag this properly but I didn't review enough games yet :D

Also the Read Me misses some information about the fire area:
Your health is based on movement. The faster you go, the faster it drains, standing still drains almost nothing (because logic).

A lot of random ideas from various people sitting in TS with me went into this, don't question if some parts seem randomly weird :3

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Aug 6, 2019

3 Reviews:

EDIT: finished the entire game. A couple of the later bosses were... questionable, and I found four of the eight medallions just sitting in a room in the 2nd ending? Either you misplaced these in testing and forgot to remove them or you just fucked off putting them places since you need to beat the bosses anyway i think lmao but generally I still found the game great. The patch was good and I appreciate that you took the feedback nice and didn't think of me like an asshole like I kind of came off as lollll

rating and difficulty based on true end

Honestly man, I'm not good at writing long reviews so I'll keep it short and sweet. This game has great metroidvania elements and is an amazing adventure game with (mostly*) super fun bosses, has an element of exploring you don't often find in fangames. I have a couple of criticisms but man holy crap genius first game overall man, amazing job dude.

I think I have 3 things I don't like about this game, but I don't even know if I'm at the final boss really. One is the ice boulder rain in the icy kinda cloud area, it feels pretty unfair and that leaks into the boss, which is funny enough my 2nd complaint, is that same attack not going over the blocks visually making it really hard to react to. (I also would recommend HP bars, for the bosses you have the signs out for (which funny enough, the ice boss does not have one of those) )

My last complaint is for sure the biggest, and that's the "final" boss (I call it that because I haven't beaten it, but it feels like it is the final boss). Basically, I have a couple things, that if you were to change, I think it would be a great boss. White attack should literally always spawn on the opposite side of the screen the player is on, which is pretty easy to do with a simple if statement. Often I am in the corner because of some RNG (mostly the light blue attack) and he either spawns on me, or does the aimed attack and I'm pretty much just instantly dead. Using that if statement would really go a long way. The only other problem is that the big iceboulder attack really can feel unfair sometimes, it may not be but sometimes it felt that way.

I got salty at the end of my play of it but you really did make a great game. I feel like more people should play this game, and I'm surprised it went so under the radar. I'm honestly surprised this is the first review, lol.

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Rating: 8.8 88       Difficulty: 65 65
Nov 16, 2019

This is an adventure game with some metroidvania elements, a lot of content unfortunately with a lot of rough edges.

A few of those biggest painpoints have been smoothed down with updates though, and hopefully will continue to be so. Review is based on 1.1 up to bad end and 1.21 for the rest.

Production wise, this game is a real mixed bag. It opens with a garbage title screen, standard difficulty select and a questionable intro which is weird. Later on though, it has some pretty bland areas mixed against some really cool looking ones with fancy lighting and other effects. Music and SFX generally fits, but didn't stand out as a problem or strong point either.

Platforming wise, lots of interesting stages and mechanics which keeps the game fun and interesting even when the design falters. Stages have solid identities and play into the metroidvania elements pretty well. Does its best when it follows the adventure formula since there are aspects which don't mix well with needly stuff.

Boss-wise, a little more mixed. Some of them were a real pain but they were pretty much all atleast interesting and unique to make them not boring.

Its also a bit easy to get lost in as an exploration based game and in-game doesn't do much to alleviate this problem so make sure to read the readme - it provides a fair bit of important information you won't find in game.

Overall, its fun. It is quite rough and the creator makes sure to warn you of it in the documentation, but I had a good time with almost all of it. The main game content was of a higher quality than the true end content on average for me, so I'd recommend going for that and then decide for yourself if you want to continue. If you like adventure games and don't mind a bit of a bumpy ride, give it a try.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 65 65
Nov 27, 2019