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Creators: Irkara, Luner, _Xp_, Koithi, Tw, Lucien, Lxyvee, wymcaT

Average Rating
8.7 / 10
Average Difficulty
76.2 / 100
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Adventure (6) Needle (5) Avoidance (6) Gimmick (5) Medley (3) Long (4) Story (1) Collab (3) _Xp_(maker) (1)


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Creator's Comments:

Irkara [Creator]
This is a long-process adventure game with many needle gimmick elements.
The game is on a large map that has 15 main levels, and you will get Normal End after finishing these 15 levels. And there are currently 6 additional levels and 7 collab needle areas on the map, which are more difficult.
In addition, there are some secrets hidden in the crimson tower ...

Due to the duration and some other reasons, the first version of the game will be released without complete version. At present I have only finishied the EX stage(Stage 16), and you can reach the gate of Final Boss. Final Boss will be finished in the next update(additional original author levels may be added).

If you meet any bugs in the game that you cannot continue, please contact me to solve it.
(Waiting for editing)

Addition: Now the progress of areas will be saved after you shoot the savePoint and then leave if you use the v0.91e or later version. (While the OL select's won't be save)

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Tagged as: Adventure Needle Avoidance Gimmick Medley Long Collab
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Jan 15, 2020

22 Reviews:

There's a lot to love about this game, it's massive, full of gimmicks and surprises, it's well produced with great music choices and pretty visuals. The main map is a great addition and the tons of bonus content make this feel really epic and big.
Haven't played Irkara Needle, but this game already looks so much better than that one.
I appreciate the patches, even though those have introduced horrible lag that makes the original version much better.
There's just a lot of heart in this game and I can appreciate that a lot.

The collab stages are way too hard for me, they're okay, but just not for me. They don't detract from my experience, however:
The two final stages are not fun, it just goes generic jtool needle and loses alot of the charm that it had. Wish they were unique and interesting, like the other stages.

Probably the best needle game I've played if we're not counting NANG. GJ Irkara.

Original Comment:
Please make it so that you can leave guest areas and retain your progress. These areas are long and very hard, sometimes you just wanna do something different than play them for 5+ hours

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 80 80
Jan 19, 2020
Rating is based on 0.92g version 100%.

Find My Answer is a really long needle-based adventure game. It features a lot of contents such as shop (which means that there are items you can utilize), slot machine, mini games, even avoidance and needless to say, a plenty of needles. I will review everything in the game down below. (Spoiler warning, please be aware of that.)

1. Normal Stages

Normal stages have 15 stages in total, every stage has it's own distinct theme, which made the main game really fresh each time I played a new stage. The themes were executed really well in my opinion. Every theme had a gimmick that fits perfectly with the theme, my favorite one was distortion stage's small kid and dotkid gimmick. Inside the stage there were needle maps that take advantage of the gimmick really well. Even most of the gimmicks were used in various ways. For example, there are small avoidance segments that exist in the middle of the stage, and Distortion's one had Go The Dotkid reference. My least favorite stage was 10th one Icy, I just do not like that gimmick (pushing boxes). Overall main game is really enjoyable. If you are not confident with your needle skill, just play up to normal end and you're going to have wonderful time playing this, I guarantee it.

2. Areas

Irkara : Fun needle with vines, platforms, waters, all of them were placed well.

Luner : First few saves were great, but then the creator decides to put some FTFA-like needle for the rest of the area, why tho. Many jumps in the later part were frame-perfect shits and annoying precise jumps. For me it's the most disappointing one.

Xp : I felt some cn3 vibes, especially in the room where 16px-height-death-block goes up and down, which I loved. It's pretty hard but I enjoyed it.

Dhfoe : Easiest among these five, also the longest. Most of the difficulty comes from the length it has. It's really fun though. Maybe my favorite area.

Till : Super fun needle, has some really good vine and water uses here. The pathing was good too. Although there were one or two bad jumps throughout the area, I had plenty of fun with it.

Lucien : Not very good, not really bad either, it was decent. Save balancing is maybe bad? Also there are not many skips you can do with super jump item in this area, that's sad.

Lyxvee : This area's saves are precise, but it's short, interesting and unique. Even though I'm not a big fan of precise needle, I kinda enjoyed this area.

3. Portals

Maze : It's a maze. There's something hidden here????

Mini games : There are 9 mini games in total. A portal you can chill with. However minesweeper expert took me a few hours lol

Shop : It's a shop. Really useful items here, really interesting content.

Slot machine : It's a slot machine. Super creative content in my opinion, you can earn some coins infinitely here. Also there's an achievement that you have to beat every map here, that was crazy.

Original needle : Good needle just like the rest of the game.

Wymcat area : Good avoidance except for a few attacks, which were pretty luck-based or weird. Also sometimes it was laggy for me which causes desync problem. Patterns were unique and you have to travel many places in the map. I like it.

4. Hell Mode

Basically bifficult mode of the normal stages. The buff was interesting, I enjoyed it. Some buffs were stupid though, for instance, in stage 10's second last map you have to do some weird block ledge several times and I hated it.
Stage 16 was the hardest thing in the game. It's basically medley stage but it's really long, my edited video was 35 minutes long. It's really fun though, had a lot of different styles of needle. The last save was really memorable since it had 5 maps reviewing a variety of gimmicks, the visual was a banger as well.

5. Achievements

I do not recommend hunting them blind, this took almost half of my play time. The reason is that the game only tells you where you can get the achievement, it does not gives you some specific hints unlike Pendulum. Actually most of them were quite creative but I'm stupid so... Just watch my video. I'm not saying this for the views, they are hidden in the deep places which are really, really hard to find. Since I had so many bad experiences with this, I won't rate this game higher than 8.8.

6. Musics


7. Overall Evaluation

Wonderful adventure game that has a lot of epic content. I personally don't get why many people are not playing this game. It's really long but it just never got boring. I heavily recommend this game, even 100% I would recommend. I've heard from Irkara that this game won't be updated for a few months since Irkara is busy, but I sincerely hope that this game will be finished soon. I really want to see the final boss!!

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Rating: 8.8 88       Difficulty: 84 84
Jan 3, 2021
It is very easy to accidentally softlock yourself in the third guest area, and a bit harder to softlock in the fourth one.
To avoid softlocking, do not collect coins from Area 1 before playing Area 3, or from Area 6 before playing Area 4. Furthermore, just playing the potential softlock areas (3 and 4) will make the coins from some other guest areas vanish without you collecting them.

Applies to 0.92j and likely any earlier versions where guest areas save progress.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 1, 2021
A word of warning: Your progress in the guest areas will *not* be saved if you leave them in the middle. Don't make the same mistake I did...

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Jan 19, 2020
Edit: This game was completely remade on studio which completely fixes the frame skipping issue.

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Jan 28, 2020