I Wanna Defeat The Second Family Members

Creators: KingSlendy, JPRG666, PlayerDash2017, Renko97, Huse, KogamiTakara, Kaden, AlejoFangamer, Skuldafn, ElAnpepion

Average Rating
7.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
90.6 / 100
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Adventure (2) Needle (7) Avoidance (2) Gimmick (6) Boss (3) Collab (6) Magic_Tower (6)


  • by Skuldafn
  • by Skuldafn
  • by NightShark115
  • by Skuldafn

13 Reviews:

Cleared a few and tried most of the rest. Its not my thing so I'm going to refrain from rating it for that. Its a well produced needle collab but hard needle collab is of no interest to me.

However, it has a fun magic tower stage (ElAnpepion's) and if you like that kind thing, its worth downloading for that alone. Wasn't tagged for that so felt it'd be worth doing so so that people know, because that offers a different appeal from the rest of the game.

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Tagged as: Magic_Tower
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 1, 2021
Probably the BEST Needle Collab I've played this year

well well well. this game is a collab of 10 participants,I will write about the game from the easiest to the most difficult.

ElAnpepion- my favorite stage, amazing NAMTG reference with memes and twitch :) 9,5/10

PlayerDash2017- I liked the gimmick with one jump, pretty fun to play, but I did not like the vines moment at all 7/10

AlejoFangamer- I liked how to get to the dice, and the fact that you can fall out absolutely random stage. it is also worth noting a very good design 8/10

KogamiTakara- As much as I hate to admit it, this stage was not very good :( I guess the thing is that I don't like it when one screen can have all the standard gimmicks (water, platforms, vines) and I could have called this stage "just a needle" but I couldn't miss the vines from I wanna Maker, as well as the background, I am sure kogami could do better 6.5/10

Renko97- It looks good, but when you realize that this is a trigger needle with gravity turns, it becomes uncomfortable. I just HATE the gravity shift. and if you don't take that into account the current result, the stage turned out quite well.7/10

Kaden- I can't say anything about this stage, it's just not bad. 6.5/10

I would like to point out right away that I did not pass the next stages.

Huse- puzzle Kappa

JRPG666- gimmick needle

Skuldafn- the hardest stage in the game, as much as 90 difficulty, I could not pass even the first screen, this stage reminds me of CN3, I do not know why

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Tagged as: Needle Gimmick Collab
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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 90 90
Nov 24, 2021
Well I cleared all game and now can give a respective opinion about all areas, I don't want to did "mucho texto", full review of all areas in my YT channel

Kaden: The most mediocre area of the game, simple needle with triggers/trap and some backtracks are worse, doing saves harder than rest. PD: You have A/D align, can be useful for some tedious jumps without align (corner room 6) | 5 /10

Skuldafn: This aren't my style of needle, very long saves with gravity gimmick and precise jumps... The gameplay is very fun to do, and people that like this needle maybe have a fun experience with this. but not is my case, the only problem is save 3, level design is terrible, other saves are ok | 6.6 /10

KogamiTakara: Fun area with normal needle using the most of default gimmicks: Water, vines, refreshers. He use very well those gimmicks doing a enjoyable gameplay, the visuals are cool. Happy birthday man | 7.4 /10

Huse: A different style of needle, a little hard to understand the true path, but if you can did it, is very fun to play this. The music and atmosphere is perfect, only only problem is the poor use of some gimmicks | 8 /10

PlayerDash2017: The needle is simple same gimmicks than Kogami: refreshers, water, vines. The difference is the difficulty, design and PlayerDash innovated using blocks with only 1 jump, this change so good the gameplay and with the low difficulty did this stage very fun and replayable, I liked, but definitely not is the best | 8.1 /10

Renko97: Another area with very long saves, but the difficulty is more accesible, so is playable... maybe one of the best creations of Renko, maybe the intense backtracking can be tedious but with good ability you wouldn't have much problems, I enjoyed this | 8.5 /10

KingSlendy: To persons who enjoyed precise needle without any gimmick, the strong point is easily the visuals, are amazing, with the music combines with perfection, but those ones can be distrating for some persons, but I don't have problems. Some saves can be very tedious to do but I have fun the most part of the stage | 8.5 /10

JPRG666: The shooting refreshers is a gimmick I enjoyed a lot when I play Vandal and now is here, the maker did a very good use of this gimmick and innove with dotKid, doing the gameplay very fun, one of my favorites areas, visuals are ok | 9 /10

AlejoFangamer: This are my favorite area (subjective), I enjoyed a lot, perfect visuals, the dice dynamic is fun to watch, very fun gimmicks, but some details can be better executed and difficulty sometimes is unbalanced... btw in some gimmicks the room can be diferent to others, this give more variety in gameplay | 9.5 /10

ElPepe: The center of atention of the game, various streamers play this in live because between all the needles we found a... Magic Tower? ElAnpepion did a mini Tower with Twitch emotes as enemies and is very well produced, good difficulty, music, ambientation... some enemies can be tedious to defeat in the beginning however | 9.7 /10

Average of all areas: 8.03 /10 (+0.3 for very well made hub and title)

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Rating: 8.3 83       Difficulty: 92 92
Dec 15, 2021
This is a great needle collab game have cool visuals and variety designs.
progress so far is 7/10. I will not write review on stage i didnt clear.
stage review is all cleared and from favorite to least favorite.

12.6 Update after game clear

Skuldafn area - long saves with normal gimmicks. i found this area surpise fun because every jump you can make it consistency after grinds. Si 9/10

AlejoFangamer - Awesome stage use a dice random roll screen have different gimmick. 9/10
(water screen have fullscreen bug)

ElAnpepion - very good Magic Tower Experience for beginner player with no more soft lock. What are you waiting for? just play. 9/10

JPRG666 area - fun cn3 wall jump refresher inspired area. last save is a bit hard but its okay. 8/10

Huse area - variety gimmick inspired by Jungle Adventure. i didnt played blind but this area is good. just a bit different compare to non- gimmick stuff. 7.8/10

Renko97 - 1 screen per save with almost backtrack every screen. upside down make everything harder and last screen backtrack just not cool. 7/10

KogamiTakara - These small room needle is really interesting. looks generic but actually not. I had fun on this stage. 7/10

PlayerDash2017 - The one jump gimmick just alright. I play this stage first, so is a good one to start. But i have a feeling this stage could have done better. 7/10

KingSlendy - This stage is just pure hard needle. One save need do a fulljump after a corner (there have many mini spikes) is harder than the rest. 6.9/10

Kaden - Trigger needle with unbalanced difficulty. This stage is just meh and the first save on second to last screen is unreasonable hard. The save have one forced 1 frame jump. 5.5/10

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 90 90
Nov 25, 2021
beautiful collab, my score is to score all the areas and do the division between all the members of the collab

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Rating: 7.9 79       Difficulty: 90 90
Nov 24, 2021