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Internationalization Support

Good evening Del-Fruiters!

We have another update for the site that we believe will only help the site grow even more: foreign language support! This was suggested quite a long time ago, and we heard you! As of now, we are rolling out Portuguese as the first language other than English on the site, with more languages (hopefully) on the way (such as Korean)! You can find the language switcher on the top-right part of the site.

Please note that the language change does not affect the following:

  • Usernames

  • Game names or links

  • Del-Fruit Announcements

  • Any of the buttons at the top

  • Reviews

...Everything else will be translated! We hope you enjoy this feature.

Also, if you want a new language supported on the site and you happen to be fluent in that language - contact me or Klazen, and we'll hook you up! A BIG thank you to Nader who helped us with the first translation!

-Klazen108, on Nov 27, 2016

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