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I wanna be the Puyoplayer! 80.0 3.9

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For: I wanna be the Puyoplayer!
This is a horrendously bad game. Most of the backgrounds are just solid fill and boss fights are ridiculous until you memorize them. I had to memorize one entire cycle to make phase 2 of the first boss manageable. One cycle is around a minute.

For me, the cutscene before the chase was worth going the rest of the game though. I rofl'd every time I saw it. I got to see it a lot, as I had to kill the last boss about 13 times due to how frame perfect the jumps on the chase were. There is no save after the last boss hmm.

Second to last boss is kind of cool too. At least until you get to the part with the volcanoes. Then you'll start hating life because oh holy crap RNG. Volcano + ice attack is not fun.

There's some post game content but I only managed to beat 4 out of 6 of the boss rematches. The avoidance boss rematch seems completely unbeatable to me. I'm guessing it wasn't playtested.

This game is doable without autofire. Autofire will completely destroy half the bosses for those that decide to use it.

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Rating: 3.9 39       Difficulty: 80 80
Jul 22, 2017
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