I wanna be the Shape

Creator: AquaWaddledee

Average Rating
4.3 / 10
Average Difficulty
40.0 / 100
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Adventure (1) Trap (1) Gimmick (1)


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3 Reviews:

As already mentioned, the first stage of i wanna be the shape is quite bad, despite that its a lengthy trap game, several good looking stages etc., enjoyed it, would recommend.

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Rating: 6.9 69       Difficulty: 35 35
Oct 18, 2015
This game has restarting music and the first world is spring green with bad guy rock and generic brown tiles. It's a trap game with decent platforming. I only recommend this game as a joke. I don't think you should play it. It does have a giant, fun maze and a nice purple coins segment though.

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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 40 40
Feb 8, 2015
Tagged as: Adventure Trap Gimmick
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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 45 45
Jan 8, 2018