I wanna access your Heart

Creators: 炎の紋章, しぐるん, みくます, スラ, ヨーヨー, ゆう~

Average Rating
7.0 / 10
Average Difficulty
34.3 / 100
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Adventure (2) Trap (5) Gimmick (1) Boss (3) Puzzle (2) Short (1) Collab (3)


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8 Reviews:

This is a pretty fun adventure game that happens to be a very old Collab from 2013, and interestingly is also a pretty easy fangame as well.

There's a good bit of variation in the stages, some of them of course being a lot more plain than the others but some being rather interesting and cool for the time. I found it rather enjoyable, so it's probably worth giving a try if you want to play something super old-school in a Collab format that also easy and rather good.

Would recommend it.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 35 35
Jan 24, 2023
6 short stages from a variety of makers, each coming with their own style.

It's interesting, although a bit cryptic at times.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 35 35
Jan 15, 2022
Interesting collab game from early fangame creators. Game looks like is maintained by Burning Emblum (炎の紋章), since many things reminds of his later creations and of his engine starting from game's icon and ending with "Thank you for playing!" screen. I will try to point out also about these creator's what I know to give full perspective of what this game is all about and who are these creator's.

Game is divided in 6 stages, each is made by particular creator. You can technically play whatever stage you wish and I can even get back to hub by pressing 'W', however each stage has its own number, which you have to find and collect to clear each stage. Order of creators is shown in the game: しぐるん, みくます, スラ, ヨーヨー, ゆう~ and ending with 炎の紋章 stage. Since every creator have made quite different stages, I will rate each stage individually and will give at the end the average rating.

The first stage is stage made by しぐるん, who is known under this nickname mainly of I Wanna Be the Qut. Author made Mario-like stage, which surprisingly went really well. I am not fan of such a design of areas, however this time I felt that everything was really fun. I liked how gimmicks worked and interesting puzzles, which seemed very unique and original. It may seem quite unobvious sometimes, however I don't think that it is something too hard to find out by yourself. Gameplay itself does not give something too hard, maybe sometimes have something more precise, however it does not feel unbalanced or anything like that. It is very interesting and I guess Mario game fans, will be thrilled for sure! One of the best stages in the whole game and also one of the hardest ones, even though not the hardest one, in my opinion.

Rating: 7.4
Difficulty: 33

Second stage is made by the most unknown creator for me - みくます. I cannot tell much about him, except that I guess he very like space theme, which is reason why he uses it in his fangames and also here. For me this was the hardest stage, because of one particular save, where bullets very quickly shoots at you and you have to do some precise timings and jumps, in my opinion. Other than that stage is mainly trap-based, but also has interesting gimmick of asteroids, which I found fun. Also visually stage is eye-pleasing. For some reason stage is not so annoying, even though some traps and precise timing may seem unpleasant. Stage also has relatively easy boss, which also uses asteroid gimmick. Not that it is something too special and original, but it wasn't like too horrible.

Rating: 6.6
Difficulty: 34

Next stage is スラ stage. Creator is also quite unknown, and the only game I am quite familiar with is I wanna Connect, even though I haven't played it. But stage is actually is also one of the better stages. Stage is trap-based, however it uses very interesting gameplay and many traps are unusual. Visually it is quite hard to define this game, except that it uses for some reason some poult as guide of you, even though everything whathe says is in Japanese. But there is nothing too complicated to not understand without guide. Stage also has the boss, which is really well-designed, in my opinion. In this boss kid has 3 HP, but at the end I managed to not lose any of HP, but it is still nice feature. Boss is dynamic and has several attacks, which I had fun to dodge. The only complain is that it is quite hard to shoot the boss and you will miss several shots, but actually it is not a big problem, because difficulty is not too high on the boss. Overall, really fun stage.

Rating: 7.3
Difficulty: ~30

Starting from next stage I was quite confused. Until this stage every stage has not-restarting music, but starting from this one, where creators are even more famous, we have 3 stages where is restarting music. I don't know what is the reason for such a weird decision and game design, but it is quite disappointing and can quite lower stage's ratings. Anyway, stage 4 is YoYo (ヨーヨー) stage. I really was looking for this stage, since I expected quality gameplay, since I know that he can make something really good if he tries, like he do in many of his games. I was also expecting some kind of avoidance, or something like that, like one from I wanna be the Salt, but sadly this stage disappointed me. It is very short and pretty easy for what it is. It involves screen of conveyor belets, screen where is vine gameplay and screen where is gameplay of breaking blocks, which breaks once you touch them. First 2 screens didn't show anything too special, the last seemed more or less original, even though it seemed quite broken, since you could only single jump? I don't know is it intentional or what, but it seemed wrong. Also m9 trap at the end... This is not the worst stage, because of last gimmick, but YoYo could make something better, in my opinion.

Rating: 5.2
Difficulty: ~27

Next stage is another disappointment. It is made by ゆう~, who is known for making different genre games. The most famous is I can't speak Loanwords!. This time we have some specifically designed trap stage in the moonlight. It uses pretty good soundtrack, but sadly it restarts. Also there are Burning Emblum game saves for some reason. It has some interesting traps, but it is very short and there is amost nothing memorable or original there. The worst stage in the game, in my opinion.

Rating: 5
Difficulty: ~25

The last is Burning Emblum's (炎の紋章) stage, and even though it has restarting music and is very short, it was my favorite stage. Stage is designed as joke and trap stage. Of course, every joke is in Japanese, sadly. But, the main stage is actually very fun. You will notice several unusual jokes, like Skype jokes, Taisa jokes and others . Kid has interesting moving trail effect, which fits really well to the visual design of the stage and the dynamic music. I wish it was longer and wouldn't have restarting music. Still, it was fun and, I guess, also memorable!

Rating: 7.6
Difficulty: ~25

After you clear all stages you have credits and "Thank you for playing!" screen.

Average rating from all stages is 6.5, but I can give +0.1 for good title screen and intro design and overall production value of this game.

Final rating: 6.6
Final difficulty: 34

Overall, I enjoyed this game. I liked most of the stages, however I wish YoYo's and ゆう~ stages wouldn't exist and were at least re-designed, but except that, this was still very decent collaboration! Would recommend if you have free 40 minutes or an hour to spare.

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Rating: 6.6 66       Difficulty: 34 34
Aug 24, 2019
Pretty short and easy collab with 6 stages. My personal favorite stage has to be the third one because of the boss. The first stage is the hardest of them all in my opinion... but once you beat it, it will get much easier.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 30 30
Feb 4, 2018
Good fangame. The gimmicks are nicely made and some are quite puzzle-ish, too (Particularly at Stage 1). There are a few rough saves that exceed by far the standard difficulty of the game, but overall the game is quite doable. The traps are well-made, too. The visuals aren't anything fancy, but most of them are nice. Would recommend.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 35 35
Apr 3, 2015