I wanna enjoy the Game2

Creator: betty

Average Rating
7.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
41.3 / 100
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Adventure (19) Trap (17) Gimmick (5) Boss (12) Long (10) Trigger (2) Adventrue (1)


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73 Reviews:

Really good classic adventure game that holds up.

Game name is very suitable, feels like it was designed to be an enjoyable experience and it holds up to that. Its got an interesting game flow and while the platforming is often rudimentary, it has a nice smattering of amusing traps and gimmicks. Its great for beginners and still interesting enough for experienced players despite the important aspect that it never really tries to be hard (the downfall of many older games, in my book).

Production is basically non-existent, so it definitely feels a bit weak in that regard but the simple cherry bosses are interesting enough and don't drag on and the constant changeups keep it fun. Definitely recommended.

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Rating: 7.8 78       Difficulty: 40 40
Oct 6, 2019
My first fangame :3
Pretty easy stuff, platforming segments followed by cherry bosses.
The game has a main area from which you reach the stages and a portal room (with doors as portals)
Nothing too challenging but very fun to play through, it makes a very good beginner fangame in my opinion.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 40 40
Jul 20, 2016
I will say that this is my first review on Delicious fruit!
The rating is based on Medium difficulty
~ introduction ~
I wanna enjoy the game 2 - High-quality fan game for beginners. The game consists of 3 chapters with its own stages, let 's first analyze chapter 1 of this fangame!
~ Chapter 1 ~
~ hub ~
We find ourselves in the Hub. The area is a field, there are many trees with apples. There are several traps and the most terrible of them is a spike shooting at the player. To defuse the trap, you need to shoot at the spike for a long time.
~ first area ~
The first area I got into was the Forest. Playing in this area, it seems to me that I'm playing Destination, but it's easier, in Destination in stage 4 there was a forest and a lot of traps,even the music of the forest in these two games is Music from Super mario RPG, the only difference is that in Enjoy the game 2 it is a remix.
Boss - Green apple. circular attacks... just stand still and you will pass the boss
~ Second area ~
for me, the factory became the 2nd area. this area starts with a spike shooting at the player, just shoot him!Then you get to the place where you need to press the switch, press it and hope that there will be no traps at the end, BUT THEY ARE THERE.
Boss of this area - Yellow apple. Homing locus attack at the first phase, not pretty hard. In the second phase, he starts shooting in circles, that's easy too.
~ Third area ~
The third area for me was SKY. there is an interesting gimmick here. In addition to the moments where you are given an endless jump, there are also sections that need to be completed in a certain time.
boss - blue apple, hardest boss at the chapter I. The boss is interesting, but very difficult, Phase 1 - you have a timer. if you don't shoot at the boss, the boss will spawn a large number of things that increase the time reserve. But if you decide to shoot, then wait for an attack that reduces your time reserve.
Phase 2 is all the same, but if you don't shoot, there will still be a time-reducing attack.
~ Fourth area ~
Pre-final area of CHAPTER I for me - cave. Very easy area, I don't remember this area in any way. All I remember is the moment where you need to pass the screen before the spike overtakes you.
boss of this area - Red apple. Phase 1 - Apples shoot even more apples.
Phase 2 - apples shoot even more apples than in phase 1...
Dark world - final area of chapter I. it's very dark, so the kid has a flashlight that highlights what is next to the kid. this area contains screens that will be used in the future in K3.
Boss - black apple. a very easy battle, the boss uses harder versions of the attacks of previous bosses.

~ Chapter II ~
Chapter II also has 5 areas.
~ First area ~
First area that I saw with my own eyes is a volcano. Not enough traps, sometimes there are lava creatures from mario.
in chapter 2 there is only one boss and he is at the very end.
~ Second area ~
The second area I got into is the desert, a fairly easy stage with sand tiles from minecraft.
~ Third area ~
the third area I got into had a huge amount of water as well as spinning apples.
~ Fourth area ~
a lot of bamboo as well as traps with springs. there are also their own "Gumbas" from Mario.
~ Chapter II Final area ~
the castle, you need to go through 2 parts of it - the left, and the right.
Final boss of chapter II - white apple. has 4-5 attacks. you need to shoot small white apples to kill the boss. difficult boss
~ Chapter III ~
This is the last chapter, the last area. The action takes place somewhere in space. There are blocks that move and deal deadly damage, be careful!
~ Final boss ~
The final boss is Rumia from Touhou. Bullet hell boss with 2 phases. to be honest, it's lighter than a white apple.
this is the review that turned out, goodbye, readers!

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Rating: 7.8 78       Difficulty: 43 43
Jun 13, 2023
Great adventure game, but certainly wasn't expecting a long touhou boss at the end, completely out of nowhere. Really took me out of the fun I was having with the cherry bosses, traps and such. The final boss itself was fine, but seemed... tacked on.

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Rating: 6.9 69       Difficulty: 45 45
Sep 5, 2021
Review may contain some spoilers about the game!

Sequel of not so infamous I wanna enjoy the Game. This time much longer and with higher production value. Game is divided in 3 chapters. The goal of the first chapter is to destroy / kill / break, call like you want, all colorful fruits (looks like it is some kind of reminiscence of prequel, especially, if you listen to background music of final boss of this chapter) , which are located in 5 different locations. To get to the last one, the gray one, you have to get rid of all others. To find them you have to go through all map to find it. In your way will be different traps, fruits and gimmicks. Personally, I liked how the map is constructed and I wasn't really against many traps, however the first location, which I tried, the factory one, quite annoyed me, especially the fact that there is restarting music. About music we will return later. I really liked the infinite jump stage though, I don't know, why Xplayerlol was annoyed by it, and I think some other people too. Bosses, may seem quite generic, but I think they are still quite fun to play. The thing, which may surprise you is the 5th world, darkness world. I mean, I really like that there music didn't restart, since otherwise that stage would be really annoying. Some of the screens were far too easy in comparison with some others, also this stage is known for being in different medleys, such as like I Wanna Kill The Kamilia 3, I wanna get Cultured and I think I Wanna Kill The Happil 2 too . I don't know also why kid should have spotlight there if it is useless. Like why? The gray fruit used mixed attacks from all previous bosses, and that seemed quite interesting. After that there starts chapter 2. You can notice it by a cutscene, which shows that some blocks was activated and new paths were unlocked. In new 4 locations your goal is to collect hidden item and then go back. Stages weren't too hard, however in desert location I got lost though. I liked these stages far more than original 5, even bamboo stage I liked quite much, and don't know why for someone chapter 2 may seem annoying. After you collected 4 items, your way to the 5th location, which somewhere in the middle of the field stage, is unlocked, that is the tower one. In this location you have to collect 2 hidden items to get to the white fruit boss. This location is also known for using not restaring music, similarly, like in gray cherry stage. White cherry similarly as tower aren't too hard and shouldn't take too much. After you beat chapter 2, the new cutscene shows that you should go back to the transition before gray cherry world, because above it is a new door to the final stage. Final stage has the best design, really good not-restarting song and unusual gimmicks and even traps. I liked it, even though visual designs aren't really my cup of tea. The final boss is Rumia, which has 2 phases and each phase has 2 attacks. Unusual thing is that the for the first attack on each phase you have to deal more damage than on second one, but it makes boss well-balanced. Boss was fun, event though it may look quite out of topic. And after that you have a credits. Overall, I enjoyed this game more than first one, and I can say that creator did great job and progress! I was quite unsure about this game, and quite didn't want to play it, and the only reason why I played was because of K3 SP challenge, but I should say that it actually was worth playing. My main complain is restarting music on many stages, which is not a funny thing (the reason for lower rating). And, knowing that creator just pretended not knowing how to get rid of it, quite made experience worse. Other than that, I enjoyed this game and I liked unusual idea of it. And, I really didn't expect the game to be good (also I noticed that many K3 SP first stage games are actually good ones, even though they may seem bad or very bad!) . Would recommend to anyone!

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Rating: 7.3 73       Difficulty: 41 41
Jul 20, 2019