I wanna come to the conclusion

Creator: Smartkin

Average Rating
9.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
51.3 / 100
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Adventure (14) Needle (3) Avoidance (10) Trap (4) Gimmick (10) Boss (10) Secrets (1) Long (8) Story (4) Puzzle (10) Acventure (1) Cycle (1) Achievements (1)


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Creator's Comments:

Smartkin [Creator]
I hope at least some people will find it an enjoyable experience.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Jan 8, 2018

35 Reviews:

After unpacking the archive, there is no sound in the game, and when you start from the archive, the game is not saved.
Used on Windows 7.

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Jan 1, 2019
An excellent production from Smartkin that genuinely feels like a proper adventure game, and a long one at that. My own playtime took well over seven hours and involved doing a lot of post-game content that was both surprising and interesting. Rating is based off the 100% True Ending.

Each area in Conclusion has its own merits, from start to finish, and truly shows how much effort was put into making it. There are a lot of varying segments too, ranging from secret base camera puzzles to a Metroid area. There are also plenty of bosses throughout the game that are mostly fun, though I didn't really like the two in post-game due to various issues. I did also feel like a lot of castle segments involved too much cannon spamming, as well as was annoyed by the falling platforms being everywhere including bosses. Final boss is pretty cool, and is also what I think to be the easiest in the game due to a generous amount of checkpoints. Achieving a 100% in the game is pretty fun and involves tackling various stages and bosses you might not have already done, and if you are interested in it I'll include instructions for how to achieve it in case you don't like secret hunting much.

True End Guide: First, you need to go ahead and beat the game, none of this can be accessed till afterward. Next, warp to Final Steps, then go to the Upper Left of the big castle hub to fight an optional octopus boss. After that, warp to Undergrounds and go down for a new area. With the outfit you get from the boss, you can warp back to Undergrounds and go up and to the right, when you reach the first screen of platforming after a good walk look for a brick tile with a red dot on it, you need to stand on it with gun kid in the space suit (press 0) to go to a space stage. Beat that stage then use the boss item back on the screen you went up to space on with the rocket to unlock an avoidance, you simply need to beat it (no-hit not required). With all those steps done, you can now warp to Back of the Castle and go right for the true ending.

Overall, Conclusion is a really good game, and I would definitely recommend it alongside aiming for the True End given to 100% completion.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 50 50
May 12, 2022
Review based on 100% + almost all the extra achievments, difficulty doesn't count the arcade.
Extremely well-made adventure game. It has a story, multiple stages and bosses and a huge post game with a lot of extra challenges. The beginning is a bit weak, not bad but clearly the least interesting part of the game. The first boss is also the least interesting one in the game, but don't let you fool by the early game. It has a lot of variety : The prison area was kinda weird because it kinda break the flow of the game since it's a puzzl-ish area but is very well-made. The castle is the best part of the main game, becoming a bit non-linear where you have 3 short paths with each one a boss. Talking of bosses, after the first one they become way better, with a special mention for the last boss for having a lot of different phases but also a lot of checkpoints, making it a very pleasant experience.
After beating it, the game opens up and you become free to explore more areas. Cirno's lair is also kinda puzzl-ish with the infamous trap screen, a very frustrating but well-thought screen. Doing that unlock my favorite area of the game : the space stage. This area is so well-made and original that it made me wonder why the maker choosed to put so much of the game in the post last boss. The game has also what it called the Not another needle arcade, an bonus needle zone you can unlock by doing a secret boss where some guest makers (Nogard, Piece, Inferno and Stonk) made 4 screens. They are way harder than the rest of the game, with the difficulty reaching 70-75 for the hardest stages. My favortie stage was inf one but I liked all of them (also a big thanks to Smartkin for fixing my save because the game crashed when I hit the final wapr of Stonk stage and since it's the hardest stage and that it's pretty close to my limit, I didn't really want to redo the save). But it's still not finished because the game has also a banger barrage with a banger song, and it gives you 5 lives to do it. It doesn't unlock anything but is clearly worth playing. To finish, the game has an achievement system (I did all of them except the one where you have to do the barrage hitless because it's too hard for me, and the one where you have to do the prison without getting caught by the camera once because I'm not very interested in doing it) and some challenges (but only 2 actually, it says coming soon for the others. I'm not sure if they will ever exist some day but I hope so because the existing ones are good).

I was really surpised to see that the game was way better than what I expected because of the weak early, and I would recommend it to anyone because it has content for beginners but also for more experimented players.

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 50 50
Jun 20, 2020
Review is based on True End

I really like a lot of the ideas in this game, especially for any% completion. There's a lot of cool mechanics and creative stuff like swapping weapons or characters which give the game a really strong identity. Unfortunately when going for true end I think it becomes a mixed bag, I generally liked the platforming and bosses a lot less in the extra areas, and overall would have preferred to just leave the game off at any% as I think that was by far the best content in the game. Regardless you should still try out the extra stuff, it's not much harder than the main content and it's pretty substantial so if you do enjoy it, you'll get a lot of mileage. Regardless of any gripes though, this is a pretty damn good fangame.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 45 45
Mar 2, 2023
I wanna come to the conclusion caught me by surprise, I went in with no expectations and was pleasently surprised. Platforming feels great and the gimmicks are all well thought out and explored.
This fangame is incredible, but it's no masterpiece.

To start off I just want to say that if you're not a fan of RNG bosses then you should be aware that most if not all the bosses on this game rely on MAJOR RNG to the point where sometimes it gets annoying. The game also has difficulty spikes out of nowhere, but calms down again literally the next screen. And most importantly, this fangame being an Adventure centered one should have a good story or at least something average, the writing on this one is really bad; close to nonsensical even, I always felt this one was a sequel to something (it isn't for what I've searched).

But that's about the negative things I have to say.
Everything else is just so good. Even the menus are amazing. The game is just so consistently fun that you will be begging for more when it's over. And when it's over you'll realize there's still so much to do. 4 Challenges as of right now. 4 Bonus bosses, and a lot more of fun (Evene an optional needle game!). It's in this part, the after main game part that the game really shows you what it can do, and I must say it's fantastic. I strongly believe this fangame has the best post story extras. The OST is very good (there's a lot from Danganronpa 2) and the graphics look great for the most part (not a big fan of the final boss look).

Overall I would say this has the potential of becoming a classic but only time will tell.
Recommended for everyone, from beginners to veteran there's something you'll get out of this one. I swear

Difficulty:45 (if you count the bonus it would probably be around 60)

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 45 45
Jan 30, 2018