I wanna qoqoqo 300 EasyVer

Creator: sunlaoqq

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8.5 / 10
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70.7 / 100
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Needle (5) Gimmick (5) 100_Floor (2) Long (2) Puzzle (2) x_Floor (1) gBrain (2)


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8 Reviews:

When qoqoqo 300 first released, I was pretty excited because I had played qoqoqo 2 a short time ago, and the first 50 floors in that are some of the most creative and fun needle I have ever played. But one of the big problems with qoqoqo 2 was that after about half way, it started implementing unnecessary difficulty which really started to bring the game down, and at some point I just couldn't handle it since it made me so frustrated that I just decided to quit it all together.

So when qoqoqo 300 was first released, I played the start of it and it was really fun and interesting, but as I watched more and more people stream it and saw how poorly designed a lot of the later game was, it just made me not want to play the game anymore. Then I saw that this version of the game existed and I wanted to try it out and see if the changes made improved the game play or if it made screens uninteresting and boring. I am very glad to say that the nerfs made the game incredibly fun and much more fair than the normal version.

I wanna qoqoqo 300, like the previous games in the series, is a 100 floor needle game that has a visual change every ten floors, and adds a new gimmick every so often. The gimmicks start out fairly simple with things like jump refreshers and vines, but eventually get more complex with things such as moving platforms, screen wrapping that follows the player, and gravity lines similar to those that are in I wanna See The Moon.

After the first six floors of a given stage, you will come across a four room long maze-like screen which are always fun and very well made aside from a few blind drops. The path through the screens makes it so that it's fairly straight forward, but just complex enough that you can easily accidentally hit a save you were on before if you aren't careful.

There are two areas in the game that I didn't enjoy all that much, and those are the "no save" area and the vines area. The no save area consists of 10 screens of fairly simple needle, however the catch is you only get a save after every three screens! And to top it all off, for the final four long room maze, you only get one save point! Luckily it's not the hardest or most annoying thing in the world, but something shouldn't be used and be called okay because it's a "gimmick," it isn't a gimmick it's just a poor design choice. And the vines stage I didn't enjoy because I play on a controller and vines suck to do on controller. I'm sure some people who love vines will adore these screens and that's fine, but I gotta say how I feel about these screens.

However every other stage I practically loved and it reminded me why I love this guy's design so much. His room design and use of space is so creative that it's hard for me to find reasons not to enjoy it.

After 100 floors of needle, the game suddenly takes you to a new place with an all new gimmick. You are put in a 6-sided cube that you have to maneuver around and change what gravity you are on in a screen by going into other screens around the cube to change said gravity. You also get to move the camera around the cube to plan out a path ahead of time, but luckily it's not so complex that you'll lose your mind at it because most of it is pretty straight forward. The cube is one of the coolest gimmicks and ideas I have ever seen in a fangame and I hope that sunlaoqq uses more stuff like this in the future.

After the cube stage which is 10 screens long, you are put into one of the most crazy and insane mazes I have ever seen. It's a giant four by four screen full of a ton of platforming, getting lost, and consulting the map to see where you have and haven't been. This screen alone took me five hours to complete, FIVE HOURS, that's insane! The final screen is such a roller coaster of emotions that I experience very rarely in fangames, but man it is impressive how it's designed. For anyone who is having trouble with the final screen, I made a map! Hope it helps :)))))))

In the end this game is just fantastic from the start to the end, with some occasional hiccups along the way. Such creative design, especially later on when more interesting gimmicks are used makes this game something that I highly recommend to anyone who loves unique and creative needle.

It's sad to see that this is called the "Easy Version" because this version of the game is superior to the normal version in every way possible. If you are interested in playing qoqoqo 300, please play this version and I can guarantee you that you won't regret it.

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Rating: 8.9 89       Difficulty: 70 70
Nov 5, 2018
I've been playing fangames for the better part of 6 or 7 years, and this will go down as one of the great all time needle experiences.

I started playing the non-EZ version and got frustrated during the terrible "no-save" stage and pretty much bailed on the game. I read the reviews here for this version and begrudgingly decided to give it a shot. This is easily the better version of the game. This should be the normal game, and the normal version should be considered hard mode. This version is NOT easy by any means. Personally I found the nature of difficulty in the other version to be terrible. A lot of 16px gaps and other questionable design choices made it more of a chore than anything. The creator is an absolute master of level design, but his method of injecting challenge into the platforming is lacking, and this version remedies most of those issues, but not all.

So just a quick recap, the game is one of those 100 floor needle games, just like the earlier entries into the series. Every 10 floors you get a shift in visuals, gimmicks, and music (all of which is spectacular). The journey to the top is an epic adventure to say the least, stumbling along the way with its "No save" stage and again a bit in the vine stage a little bit.

Each of these stages is capped with a needle labyrinth based around the stages gimmick. The design of these mazes are nothing short of brilliant in most cases. As goes the stages, also goes the game. Upon reaching the upper tier of floors, a brilliantly executed screen wrapping gimmick fills in the last 10 floors where each screen is a maze in on itself.

As if this wouldn't be a great ending, the real game starts at 100 as I probably spent an equal amount of time in the 100+ area as I did in the previous 99 screens. Then cubes show up. This alone could have been a fangame in its own right, and the game keeps chugging along and masterfully gives you the ability to move and spin the stage at any time to remove what could have been a disaster of design.

Even after the cubes, when the game has already delivered more than any needle game ever should, the classic final labyrinth shows up akin to what was at the end of the previous entry in the series. This beautiful monstrocity makes the maze at the end of the last game look like Disney Land in terms of its complexity and challenge. One of the single greatest feats of level design I've ever seen. Maddening in its size and scope, and brutal in its challenge, this is easily one of the most memorable fangame experiences. There's a map in the game files, be ready to use it and mark it up extensively if you want to have any chance at figuring it out.

There is one major flaw for me. Vines. The god damned vines. We saw it a little in the vine stage earlier in the game, but the problem with the vines is almost ruinous to the stage. The maker keeps forcing the player to do these low-frame vine jumps over and over and over and over. They are utter trash and drag the stage down in a big way. None of them are necessary to maintain the integrity of the maze, they are needlessly annoying and quite frequent. Every time the stage starts to flow, things come crashing to a halt because for some reason the creator is fixated on these low-frame vine jumps. Probably half of my time in this stage was wasted on these segments. It's the one thing that keeps this game from getting a perfect score, and I hope the maker and other would-be needle makers pay attention to this as an example of what not to do.

That being said, the game is worth the journey in a way few fangames these days manage to be. But be ready to deal with some pointlessly annoying vine jumps and come close to ruining what should be remembered as one of the greatest fangame needle experiences.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 70 70
Nov 12, 2018
Truly a monumental needle game.

Its important to note, most of all, that this is an easier version - it is not easy.

I'm a fan of the series, largely for the creative level design present. QoQoQo1 established the basic idea - loopy rooms with paths that frequently involving passing over a single point as much as possible. QoQoQo2 expanded it by adding more gimmicks and an intimidating multi-screen room. This game elevates itself well past that - adding and mixing gimmicks and throwing multiscreen mazes into all of it.

The series was always about the larger room design and never the individual jumps and when qoqoqo3 came out and there was a greater focus on jump design - it felt good. Then it kind of fell apart, it was still the grind and precision started detracting from the general level design which is what drew me to the series to begin with, so when this version came out it was an easy switch.

As far as easy versions go this is a big deal - its done by the creator and its done in a way that keeps the essence of the game while making it easier - a feat that cannot have been easy to achieve given the design style of the game.

Arzztt's review contains most of the details about the game and encapsulates well what its about. I just want to echo that I've never been gripped by a needle segment like the end of the game. I normally treat needle as something to pick up and put down at a moment, but its very hard to stop once you start. The combined intrigue of figuring out where to go mixed with the fear that you blew it somewhere and the general awe that its even possible to create a needle maze of that magnitude is a real experience.

Overall, there are a lot of needle games that shine in various ways. This is absolutely one of them, excelling in its way far beyond any other. For anyone who appreciates creative design in needle - play this version of the game. If you just want tight jumps, tough maneuvers and a serious needle grind, this will probably not fit you. If you want both, play the regular version. Its not a perfect game, but its far and away the most memorable needle game to release.

PS. Make a map or you'll regret it.

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 70 70
Nov 11, 2018
The main thing about a lot of 100-floor games is that the quality of each screen is variable; there will be very good parts, and very bad parts. It's just kind of the nature of each game, considering how daunting making a 100F is in the first place, and for that I don't fault those issues. This game, on the other hand, was different with that aspect. Every screen had the good parts and the bad parts.

The good of the game is absolutely the underlying concepts that sunlao attempted to execute. The overall pathing is excellent and the mechanic of rooms 91-100 is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

But the thing is, that's all there is to that. The bad of the game lies in everything else I found. This being the easy version, I expected the game to be much more focused on the pathing and movement than what I got. A lot of the needle in it still felt too hard for its own good. The save placement is consistently questionable throughout the game. Every save is 90% filler and then 10% the one or two jumps you will die to.

As the game progressed, I also found that the pathing just got sloppier. The platform stage had some good ideas but the execution for each idea was consistently underwhelming. The cycles were all sub-par and could have been fixed with a little bit of tender love and care, but they just weren't. It's just 50% waiting. Don't even get me started on the gravity stage, either; that's a whole other beast and I enjoyed none of it. By the time I got to the one stage I was very much looking forward to playing, I was prepared to stop in my tracks and just save hack to that stage because it was almost not worth playing normally for me.

I then got the the screen wrap stage. It could have been so fucking good. But like, I just wasn't feeling it. The pathing and the mechanic are stupendous, but every segment was dirtied by one spike that could have been removed to make the save feel smoother. It got to the point to where every death diminished the amount of fun I had, and I ended up just bailing halfway through the stage.

Considering how boring qoqoqo100 was for me, and how qoqoqo200 made me consider quitting fangames in the first place, I was hoping sunlao learned to fix the mistakes he made in his previous entries to the series. It's clear that he did as well, there's no doubt about that, but it wasn't enough to get me to like his style. I really did want to enjoy this game, but I just couldn't. I can't bring myself to recommend this.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: N/A
May 20, 2019
When it comes to cleverly pathed needle games, this is probably the best of the best. Sunlao is a master of interesting design when it comes to your route around a screen (or screens), and combining this with a variety of gimmicks and segments spanning multiple screens, I'd say this is his peak.

Important to note that despite this being called 'EasyVer', I'm of the opinion that this should be the normal version and the normal version should be called 'HardVer' or something. This game is by no means easy and putting aside the galaxy brain pathing, the platforming itself will prove to be a fair challenge for any needle player. The original version seems to be very over the top at times in difficulty, which I feel gets in the way of Sunlao's design. Still, I have only watched pieces of it so I can't form a solid opinion on it, but regardless I believe this to be the superior of the two versions.

QoQoQo 300 spans 100+ floors, some of which stretch across multiple screens and make use of gimmicks such as gravity changing, screen-wrapping and other classic gimmicks such as vines and water. You'll be tested in a lot of areas of needle here, but most importantly your attention towards pathing. Many times you'll have to question where you're headed, and take caution as to not save somewhere you've already been.

Thankfully, this version provides maps in the game folder to assist you with. These are pretty helpful although not necessary, but I'd say the final maze of the game is immensely aided with the provided map. The final maze took almost half of my playtime, and features some paths that ascended beyond galaxy brain.

In regards to the negatives, some of the vine segments are a bit awkward to pull off and on the vine-centric floors, a couple of saves were really not fun to play. This isn't always the case, but it's the part I noticed the most frustration with. Parts of the cube stage were also a bit unpleasant, either in regards to save length or transitional-drops. Still, the highlights far outshone the downsides.

A definite recommendation to any needle fan who doesn't mind putting some brain power into their play session.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 70 70
Mar 26, 2019