I Wanna Kill The Chocolonel

Creator: RYOTA

Average Rating
4.6 / 10
Average Difficulty
45.1 / 100
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Boss (3) Taisa (2)


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8 Reviews:

i too enjoy random(360)

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Tagged as: Taisa
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Rating: 3.7 37       Difficulty: 41 41
Sep 1, 2023
A colonel fight that takes place in a chocolate-filled room where he keeps shooting chocolate at you with that attack people like to call "Random(360)". The amount of projectiles increases as you damage him, to the point where you have to be very patient near the end (Just like most Taisa fights). It's super generic, and getting to the challenging part of the boss can be a little tedious (Since the beginning is a freebie), but it doesn't take that long to get there, and the challenging part itself (Which would be the last 5 hits or so) is fun. Still, an one-boss fangame with an one-attack boss is some pretty low-tier effort.
It's alright. There's nothing really good about it, but nothing really bad about it either, and in fact there's almost nothing about it. Would only recommend if you don't have anything else to play.

Why are people putting "avoidance" tags here? ._.
Happy Valentine to you too, maker

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Tagged as: Boss Taisa
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Rating: 4.1 41       Difficulty: 44 44
Mar 14, 2019
Just a colonel boss that can give some nasty rng near the end of the fight.

Not the best game of 2019.


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Tagged as: Boss
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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 40 40
Mar 12, 2019
It was good to enjoy.

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Rating: 6.1 61       Difficulty: 42 42
Sep 25, 2021
starts with 3 dots, then you add 3 and another 3 and, well another 3, with different speeds of course.

That's all, just that it gets pretty dense near the end, but managable if lucky to not fall back down once.

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Tagged as: Boss
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Rating: 4.1 41       Difficulty: 47 47
Aug 6, 2021