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  • by aliceNobodi

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aliceNobodi [Creator]
Congrats on release!

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Dec 25, 2021

33 Reviews:


Happy Holidays and blessings to everyone.

“We're 5 minutes into this; you have not started talking about the game yet!”
-Someone about me around March 2020

In order to avoid this, I have decided to split this review into four parts. Even though I personally consider my Catharsis review as my best piece of writing in this site (this is not an attempt of self-promotion), I want GBC to be a document dedicated to the fangaming community and about my perspective as an outsider that was invited into a world I never imagined existed.

Therefore, you can look for your desired reading section following the next numerical arrangement:

I. About myself and my experience in fangames
II. About what this game represents for the community from my personal perspective
III. About the game itself and the reasons behind this rating (the “normal review” part most people are interested in)
IV. Thanks Section

Thank you so much in advance for your interest in my writing, which I have developed throughout a span of 12 years in a language that is not native to me. In case you’re just here for my numbers (6.6, 82) and read at least my intro, I deeply thank you as well for the interest.


I. About myself and my experience in fangames

The introduction of my experience in fangames can be found in my I Wanna Be The Guy, I Wanna Be The Boshy, I Wanna Sunspike and I Wanna Qoqoqo 2 reviews (which last edit has been removed for the better good). Therefore, I have decided to tackle that topic from a new perspective and meld it with the kind of person (I think) I am.

I was born in 1990, proudly born and raised in Mexico, a Christian, an art appreciator, a former Marketing Research, Portfolio Theory and Applied Inferential Statistics in my university, and an addict to cinema (4300+ and counting). I believe God has a plan for all of us, coincidences do not exist, everything is an outcome of causality, and free will exerts a permanent effect on its surrounding environment. My favorite film is from Hungary, was shot in B&W, was released when I was 4 years old, and is over seven hours long. Currently, I am a full-time-working participant of the capitalist machine in one of the biggest Foods & Beverages companies in the world, support my entire family financially through the wisdom that God gives me, love my family deeply, haven’t seen my father in several years, and have a public film diary dearly supported and promoted by an astonishing amount of followers which I use for two main purposes:

a) Meeting extraordinary people around the world and their individual perspectives on life
b) Finding more about myself through the art of cinema and being able to exteriorize my soul through my writing so others get to know me, and I become more versatile in my usage of language

So, what is my current stance of fangames?

I’d rate my skills around 68/100 in terms of Del Fruit difficulty (Advanced) that is OK at needle, mediocre at avoidances, good at boss fights, expert at criticizing (I always aim at this being constructive), very good and consistent at adventure games, and learns gimmicks quickly. Precision Needle belongs in hell; experimentation should always be welcomed.

Living in a developing economy with a family to sustain is very difficult; you have to adapt to English as the standard international language (education in Mexico has very negative standards and teachers are not supported enough), a fast internet connection is a luxury, upgrading a PC takes away a lot of your savings, and, given that the most basic principles of the Federal Working Law (Ley General del Trabajo) are not followed, working schedules are not standardized, you do not get paid per hour and family distancing is an increasingly notorious social issue.

In short, it demands a lot of sweat and stress to have a worthy living, and the time available for hobbies is extremely scarce.

That’s where my context of fangaming comes in. A very poor GPU is the source of my FPS falling during streams, and therefore have left me no choice but to stream very specific games that are not affected by this, especially considering the input precision that fangames require and the extent to which lag affects your strategies.

However, I am proud with my accomplishments and clear list, and have no serious plans to increase my personally applied skills rating of 68. I don’t consider myself a veteran whatsoever.

The thing is (and Racic understands this really well since I had a live exchange with him during one of his always terrifically funny streams): I joined this community too late, and I feel the weight of my age. There is this age gap that doesn’t allow me to understand 40% of what is happening in the community, many memes fly over me, and I’m many times put in the situation of just watching the streamer’s gameplay and not participating in the conversation a lot because I have absolutely no idea what they’re all talking about. The community is made up of many centennials and several millennials thrown in for good measure that hardly will surpass the 25-year-old mark. It is a very tech-based community. In the context of fangame makers, speedrunners, testers and code writers, this makes sense; however, I am not that type of guy.

I am stuck in a world where all people I stumble upon are better than me, have a deeper knowledge about basic platforming, have better clear times (hang on algosith; I know you taught me an important lesson about this), and have extraordinary achievements which you can either replicate or do it in worse clear times. I have the need of being constantly instructed in new terms (recently, I had no idea what “cactusing” was), getting recommendations, and being led to ways for getting private fangames.

My mentality differs greatly from the most important individuals in this community; I don’t have the resources or the time to belong fully, since it also involves being a Discord man. Embarrassingly, I can barely use it because I don’t understand it (that sounded so old, and it is), so I keep the tradition of reviews and message boards. The community is growing up exponentially and don’t have the time to keep up with all messages or helping new members with the acceptable knowledge and experience I have. Moreover, I don’t cope with some of the jokes people make here, and they have given me two of the most unpleasant online experiences I have had on the Internet (one of them is still available on a Twitch VOD; I recently rewatched it under the mind frame of “it’s all a joke; don’t take it seriously” and I cannot stop feeling extremely offended and even unjustly maligned with false claims about me).

So, I am planning to return to the film world because I had a hiatus due to a prolonged depression state. Meds are working, and my biggest amount of work is there, so it shouldn’t be discontinued.


II. About what this game represents for the community from my personal perspective

This is not the best fangame of the year, nor a groundbreaking artistic accomplishment, nor one of my favorite fangames, nor one of the best fangame collabs available.

However, its exhaustive concoction is a monument towards how united the community is.

I have seen this community do unthinkable things, not entirely limited to: do I Wanna Be the Guy in Impossible mode before 2010, clear Shrine Maiden 2, clear Brute of a Man (possible mod), do FTFA deathless, clear Melanzana, clear Last TIS, clear Destruction State, speedrun the true ending of K3 under 11 hours, clearing K3 boss rush hitless, speedrun K2 under an hour, clearing Happil 1, making close attempts at clearing Big Kid 2 in Love Trap (I am not updated in this yet), organize fangame marathons and inviting other mod communities to join, participate in the AGDQ events at least 7 times and raising thousands of dollars for charity purposes, make outrageous meme streams (K3 Meme Stream 2 with Stonk is one of the best things I have ever seen on the Internet), clear まゆむしチャンネル, clear ATK 2 (possible mod), clear RIZ, clear Scattered Faith, clear the Lucky trilogy, clear Invincible Alien, clear all Battlegrounds avoidances, clear Butterfly Nova, finish FGN, clear Lektphire, clear Soulless with sick playthroughs of the Hard Mode and, of course, clearing GBC 100%.

However, these are only gaming accomplishments. I am leaving out amazing playthrough videos, tutorials, massive video editing projects, streaming events, and, stating the obvious, creating magnificent fangames.

Many of you know this, but I handle the following relationship for fangames:

-Fangames = Videogames ∈ Art

This puts me in a lower rating spectrum, but not intentionally. What I want to express to the community is the following: I have faith and I am certain not only in the fact that fangame makers have the same creative abilities and potential technical expertise than official videogame creators, but that your final outputs can be as artistically significant as a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Ergo, I use the aforementioned relationship.

Therefore, I make no distinction, because I don’t believe in biases or clauses of exclusivity.


Enter GBC.

Enter a local meme phenomenon in which a seriously misunderstood classic fangame from 2009 creates a main screen which serves as a tier to many areas like the original starting screen of Guy does, and for some arbitrary reason, countless of fangames, mostly from the Eastern community, replicate this screen, most of the times reinventing it in many ways, some of them better than others. This became a joke, and the screen began to haunt the community.

This is the entry that forced Del Fruit to increase the number of characters available for entering the substantial amount of people that made levels for this collab. The project was extremely hyped and even I was invited into it by a few people, beginning with FruitlessWasabi.

When I was in the least bad conditions for streaming (although still suboptimal), I decided to interrupt my playthrough of a specifically designed queue for 2021 that would end up with a blind playthrough of K2 live and entered GBC into the agenda. I underestimated the scope and size of the stampede that GBC is in terms of length and accomplishments/trophies, but decided to take on the challenge anyway, with FPS dropped and input lag in my streams. It was worth it; I was impressed at the number of viewers that began to watch my streams, including some legends I had only seen in YouTube or live on Twitch. The interest was natural: this game is a timeline event in the Western community, and the original level designers held great interest in watching the reception of their levels from whoever it might be.

GBC is one of the greatest game-creation projects of the community so far, a community that has reached a peak in organization, self-support and interactivity. The consensus that should sustain the admiration towards GBC is the following: the fact that dozens of minds agreed to experiment on a single idea and release it as a single product. Cinema very rarely sees these contributions; collabs are much common in the fangame world, and I’d even argue they are more common in the official videogames world. People treat themselves as friends and trust-worthy working partners, always on the lookout for talented people out there; you name it: designers, video editors, mods, admins, event supporters, etc.

GBC, for me, is the greatest landmark so far in the Western fangame community because of the amount of effort that went into it, the timelines that had to be met by many (the timelines that caused certain levels such as Tower Defense not having any music, for example), and the serious creative decisions taken by the project directors to ensure:

-A reasonable difficulty curve
-Consistent playthrough decisions
-Guaranteed coherent playability between each tier

Conclusively, congrats on release. This is a titanic achievement by fangame dictionary definition, a triumph of organization and common unity, and a very ambitious project.


III. About the game itself and the reasons behind this rating

(Rating based on all levels of the Main Tier. Difficulty rating also based on Main Tier as requested by the creators.)

GBC is the ultimate audiovisual and conceptually innovative amalgamation of a single concept expanded into hundreds of individually creative particles. It is, so far, the new pedestal to measure creativity regarding a core idea. As a collab, it works wonders because of the unpredictability of the ideas / gimmicks / interpretations / jokes you will get in each level. Therefore, a clear of ALL main levels is highly encouraged.

Sudoku is the most predominant genre, and this should be a logical outcome since the game is a parody taken to the extreme… to the extreme that every single mind allowed the creators to.

As a collab, unfortunately, it suffers from the inherent (yet not axiomatic) truths about collabs: it has ups and downs. The quality is as consistent as a roller-coaster and the genre balancing is as logical as the Covid decisions taken by Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador for reactivating a pandemic-stricken economy.

The game has one basic constraint: prioritize the difficulty curve over artistic consistency. This is appropriate, but the drawback is shocking, since you will be facing original Sudoku ideas first, plain vanilla needle second, repetitive levels third, unlikeable gimmicks fourth, and 3D levels final. There is not a premise nor a promise on an increasing trend on out-of-the-box thinking and gameplay/audiovisual experimentation because the creators envisioned their own ideas with an originally planned difficulty level. It is basically impossible to balance something like this because ideas already entail an original difficulty in the creator’s mind, and nerfing/modifying it results in a distortion of the original conception. That is limiting artistic freedom and is something I strongly defend it in all artforms. I condemn all forms of censorship.

However, it is this unpredictability that, even if at times it will make the game unpleasant throughout, there is still that exciting expectation of: “What the hell could be next?” Given that the game wants to conquer all possible tags/genres available on Del Fruit, there is really no way to forecast the upcoming experience.

That is why all users are strongly exhorted not to spoil the experience through reviews or uploading screenshots. All you require to know is already presented in the intro of the game, so not being used to the original GB doesn’t really affect the intentions and scope of GBC.

Finally, any% playthroughs are really recommended, even for beginners, with the option to stop at the point where they realize they will stumble upon a difficulty wall (Tier 6 [needle section] is my most reliable forecast).

I personally find this above the level of Try A Collab 1 & 2, with #2 being quite the achievement because that fangame, although it suffered from many of the drawbacks if this collab, was much more organized and didn’t become a meme-infested diarrhea display everywhere and had its own meme section with Mr. Bones (and the memes were much better). Also, it gave me one of my hardest avoidance clears, Moonlight Extra hitless, which took me dozens of thousands of deaths and around 40+ hours (I really have no idea though).


1. Kiyoshi’s Tier 5 Special / Boss Game (Tribute to GB and Zero Game)
2. p00ks Tier 7 Special GBTD
3. hautp’s Tier 8 Needle / Gimmick Stage (Tribute to Starter and K3 Extra)
4. Welowas’ Tier 8 Gimmick Stage
5. very cool’s Tier 7 Gimmick Stage
6. Arras’ Tier 3 Special Level
7. Arras Tier 2 Boss


5. Duncan’s Tier 2 level with the mouse gimmick and the K3 / Conquer the Blow Game reference
4. M – The
3. E – True
2. E – God
1. M – Maker


1.Joshua Boring – Tier 6 Needle Stage: Muse – “Knights of Cydonia”
2. 29th Letter – Tier 4: Jay & the Americans – “Come a Little Bit Closer”
3. FatherPucci1 – Tier 6 Needle Stage: Aphex Twin – “Pulsewidth”

The entire soundtrack from beginning to end is the most versatile and dissonant experience ever for a game. I love it.

Bosses in general are not so exciting for accessing the next area, avoidances are forgettable and lacking, but the transition areas between each Tier are really fun as a summary of the previously seen stages. Final avoidance attempts strongly to wrap up as a celebration of the culmination of something big, but I personally think that the massive scope of the entire main game preceding it surpasses the final avoidance itself. However, props to Cthaere for undertaking such responsibility.

Special mentions go to p00ks avoidance in Tier 6 and Joshua Boring’s amusing nod to Destination and GB with his Tier 3 boss. Also, excellent closing credits and song choice! Beautiful stuff.

Thanks for this interactive experience. Joshua personally commented to me that the next big (surprise) project will be more consistent regarding how it will be assembled. Regardless of that, the release of GBC is a timeline event for me.


IV. Thanks Section

I wanted to give all of you a gift: a YouTube playlist of all songs in GBC, especially when FruitlessWasabi told me during mid-year that it hadn't been done yet. I wanted to make this an end-of-year-project after reviewing the game as a sign of thanking you all, in case you found it useful. However, Turdy Tootsan got ahead of me by several months (not surprising at all, duh), which is awesome, but I find it very sad in my end because I have nothing else to give, beyond all the possible constant support to your channels and projects even if I don't really have time to fangame as frequently as before the more my professional career keeps evolving and my wish to have a family comes closer.

So, please thank Turdy Tootsan for all his effort. You can follow said playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8P_Y6VdkDYEqo_q1P4XwD8T25j6jHVRl

Sorry for being so slow and not being able to give you this. Life moves fast for an adult living in a developing economy like Mexico is very harsh but consider me as a contact willing to give shelter to anyone of you ever wanting to pay a visit here once this virus disappears.

Hence, I decided to make a detailed Thanks section to the users that have shaped me as the half-time quasi-fangamer I currently am:

+etany07: For being my best friend, sister in Christ, supporting my streams endlessly, being my first sub and for all your prayers and spent hours on me; God bless you
+GaspacoZanis - For your guidance and tracking my trajectory since day 1, giving beginner recs and introducing me into the Private Fangame community back in early 2020
+FruitlessWasabi - For being the main supporter, up to this day, of my whole progress as an I Wanna fangamer, as my most loyal viewer from the Fangame Community
+algosith - For congratulating me on every single achievement, no matter small, that I dared showing to the community
+sonicdv - For sharing me all Carnival fangames back in 2018 when they were private and wonderfully complimenting my reviews one year later (calling me as someone "so well versed in cinema, music, and games"). Also for letting me know what the ending credits song for GENKI was!
+shign - For including me on your Justice English version project, and I apologize for not having the time to intervene in it (God knows I haven't had the time and patience)
+YaBoiMarcAntony - For making the most wholesome compliments on my DF reviews ever, taking the time to write a long DM and giving me recs to play
+Joshua_Boring - For supporting everyone's streams of this game as a good project director, including Doruppi's (and telling us the hilarious anecdote of Doruppi and co. not understanding why all of the screens in this game looked similar until they got the joke in Tier 3 even if Doruppi speedran GB)
+Welowas - For your affectionate support and cheering me on during my difficult playthrough of your fantastic level
+RandomErik - For asking me politely not to give a 3/10 to Trap Way 3 and watching my stream of it
+Racic - For being the best DJ, a great host and exposing the greatest understanding towards my rating system and reviews in more than one occasion
+FlaviaEstCalida - For calling me, non-sarcastically, as "an "upstanding member of the community whose effort towards reviewing the projects of several makers established a bar on analysis, appreciation and reviewing"; will never be able to thank you enough
+TTBB - For being an inspirational avoidance monster and always treating everyone with respect and patience; your calm personality is one of a kind
+Galaxy_Archivist - For being on several of my streams and letting me test your density avoidance live!!!! Will I get credit for that? No need, but if I do, I'll love you forever
+MikuStar - For sticking around many of my streams and for your concern towards my streaming conditions (impressive that you never forgot)
+Reaper - For not joking!!! (also for asking me for a short film review of yours; BASED!)
+CanusAntonius - For sticking around during my hautp K3 Extra GBC screen, following and re-following after you accidentally blocked me
+p00ks1 - For following
+Anuj - For following
+Mastermaxify - For the 2nd big raid in my channel, and for being in my first and fifth-to-last GBC stream
+nameless_iw - For following, commenting and supporting during streams
+Daglom - For following, commenting and supporting during streams
+person4566 - For wishing me luck during my toughest GBC challenge
+not_important_ - For all your support during my GBC streams and stating that a deathcount of 30,000+ for GBC seemed about right given that I was doing all the main hub
+person4566 - For all your support during my GBC streams
+Taprus_ - For all your support during my GBC streams
+DestructorTheDestroyer - For sticking throughout most of my playthrough of the Tower Defense level and sending me your hilarious screenshot of your overkill strats
+hautp - For immediately catching my first stream of your K3 Extra / Starter level and explicitly explaining to me your logic behind its creation, including your concept of "distracting needle"; it was the best interview I never asked for
+fatherpucci - For saying that "too long" is a bad reason to hate a review and sharing the trivia that Nal said hautp's level was good enough and easy enough to be put in main stage (it's totally not Nal, what the hell)
+qtFruity - For calling my reviews "awesome", calling my review process "very inspiring" and encouraging me to do whatever I want even if I am "on the lower end rating-wise"
+cLOUDDEAD - For promoting my Catharsis review and defending the logic of my rating system (and in the line of your thoughts, everyone else's systems too)
+Deleted User - For your appreciation of my Catharsis review
+franciscovcm - For the brief support
+Daglom - For cheering me on and telling me not to worry about the death count
+Eradem - For the most affectionate display of support during my frustration and decreasing hope in hautp's level
+Kilp_alt - For sticking around frequently, supporting, and nagging me patiently when I just couldn't avoid naming you "Klip" all the time
+SantusPaladin - For patiently watching my stream until I got the Kamilia achievement in hautp's level and calling it "the funniest shit"
+thunder_iw - For following and sticking around from time to time
+Barfyace - For following

Special Thanks:

-Kayin: For freakin' everything.
-Thenadertwo: For shaping my initial, crucial steps in needle and creating one of my favorite needle subgenres; also, for making me discover fantastic music choices
-Stonk: For making the first big raid ever for my channel while I was playing Timemachine 1 and parodying my reviews with a good sense of humor
-Mastermaxify: For being there since my 1st playthrough all the way until my 2nd big raid ever in hautp's Starter/ExtraK3 level
-Kiyoshi: For creating the best level in the game
-pOOks: For being the main contributor of the game regarding level variety
-Turdy Tootsan: For thanking Kiyoshi that his level bumped up my rating for GBC after I said during Ninz 100% YouTube live chat that "community will have to thank this stage for bumping up my rating"
March First: For hoppin onto Turdy's bandwagon
-Joshua_Boring: For asking me immediately after to lower my rating by like 0.1 points just because you asked (I actually did this Kappa), and for the fantastic ending credits
-Pixl: For being interested in the release of this present review for many months.
-ninz: For your fantastically assembled and edited 100%-playthrough video, doing a Timeline event (did you actually get added to the Timeline?) and becoming the reference to follow for any insane person out there who actually wants to replicate the same stupid achievement
-pointfive: E.D.I.T.I.N.G.

Not special thanks to:

[This section got deleted at the last moment. I had a detailed section with no names regarding all the negative things people have done to me in the community, such as calling me a clown, a liar, a pretentious person, a person not worth being raided, and people assuming stuff on my behalf; the final thought was: “What in the world are you achieving with this beyond ruining your review?” Hence, it has been deleted before publishing and that should just be ignored.]

I publically apologize to:

-All people involved in JRocker's Twitter Device joke

...for having a moment back in the day and commenting during a time in which my family and I was in serious danger, when I don't even use Twitter, and taking a joke too personally. Never act under the influence of emotions and meds.


-Quasitry: I will find you (Keepo)

KEEP THE COMMUNITY STRONG AND KEEP EXPANDING! I’d like to know when great things happen.

Finally, I would like to state I had a great time with you people watching my streams, even if it was for watching me react to your level. I hold all of these moments clear to me, but this is the most significant:



Deaths: 40,053
Time: 73:55:30
Real Time: 6 months
Hardest Achievement: Kamilia Achievement in hautp’s level --> https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1187279971
Best moment of the game: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1048129951
Clear video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1196504825

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Rating: 6.6 66       Difficulty: 83 83
Dec 23, 2021
The quality of this game is all over the place, but I’m very glad it exists, as both a testament to the community, and my appreciation of open community events like this. Regardless of the quality of some of the stages, I absolutely recommend playing it to at least any% completion. I do not recommend attempting 100% at all though. 100% is ridiculous, and if someone actually gets it, I will be extremely surprised and literally eat dirt.

Ninz is a god. Absolutely deserved. Near dirt eating stream when?

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 75 75
May 14, 2021
There's lots of good and lots of bad about this game.

I'll start off with the positives: The hub is wonderfully made. It's simple, fun and memorable. The way you progress through the game is good (for the most part), and stages are spread out well with a good amount of variety. There are some really creative and fun stages that put a unique and interesting twist on the GB screen. Some standouts for me were the Mario Kart level, the Tower Defense, and Kiyoshi's Warioware boss, which is my favorite part of the game. These stages alone make the game worth playing. There are also plenty of rooms that, while not boundary pushing, are amusing enough to keep the game fun as you go. There are lots of comedic moments and random chaotic gimmicks, which is definitely a good thing. Of all the things you could say about this game, uninteresting is not one of them.

Now, I'd like to talk about my problems with this game. I'll preface this by saying that organizing collaborative games is hard, and I don't put all the fault of this game's problems on the organizers. What I think about this game is that there really wasn't enough of a quality filter on it. Or, at least, a playability filter. I understand that there was probably an incentive to keep the stages as close to the original version as possible. That makes the creators happy, but it doesn't make me (the player) happy. From my perspective, I am playing a bunch of unbalanced screens that range from unpleasant to downright unplayable. There was a screen early on with a warped circular effect on the whole room that was so bad I couldn't get past the top of the screen. Every streamer I've seen play the game so far has skipped that room. There are also plenty of other rooms that are really bad either due to a lack of saves, platforming that is too intricate for its own good, or a poorly coded/designed gimmick. Now, if that were the only problem I had with the game, it wouldn't be that big of a deal - after all, you can just skip most of the really bad screens, which was a really great decision. Unfortunately, this comes to a grinding halt when we talk about the boss fights. These stages are REQUIRED for progressing in the game, and they hit you like a brick wall. The first three are relatively harmless (though I've heard a few people complain about the third boss, it didn't give me trouble) - but then along comes the fourth boss. You start with 4 saveless rooms of annoying dodging through the GB room, which is bad enough on its own, but then you're tossed into a really hard avoidance fight. I get that it's short, but for someone like me who rarely ever plays avoidance, it completely sucked. It was so annoying knowing that there's a bunch of great content that I could play if only I could beat this boss. I understand that the bosses are there for a better sense of progression, but for required segments in the game they really need to be easier than they are. My motivation to keep playing the game and discovering new stages is completely killed off when I realize the only way to progress is to beat some really difficult pattern avoidance. The game essentially lets you skip any genre you want to skip EXCEPT avoidance. You have to play those. And I really, really do not want to play avoidance bosses. This is my main gripe with the game, and it's a design choice that ruined a lot of the experience for me. I want to see all the content in the game, but these avoidance fights are preventing me from doing so, which is a real shame, because people worked hard on that content and it's locked behind something I don't want to do. Kiyoshi's boss specifically is amazing, but you need to beat the fourth boss to see it, which a lot of people aren't going to be able to do.

In summary, when you have a game like this where the idea is to showcase a bunch of different community creations, you really should let the player decide what they want to play. Or at the very least, keep the mandatory content at a lower difficulty than the optional content, not the other way around. But like I said at the beginning, there's a lot of great stuff in this game. I just wish it was more accessible for a player such as me that doesn't have the stomach to spend hours and hours grinding away at an avoidance fight.

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Rating: 7.8 78       Difficulty: 80 80
May 18, 2021
you will never guess what g stands for

any% is super pogged up and you should play it

100% is a journey and a half that i cannot in good faith recommend anyone else goes for

rating for 100%: 7.0, 98

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Rating: 8.8 88       Difficulty: 70 70
May 18, 2021
Stages were very hit or miss for me, more misses than hits but some clever concepts balanced it out.
The difficulty is hard to tell because you don't have to beat everything, so i'll just leave it empty.
I do have to mention one of the first person stages for being potentially seizure inducing.

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Tagged as: Visual_Challenge
[8] Likes
Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: N/A
May 15, 2021