The Farewell Medley

Creators: Kurath, Cosmoing, Vormanax, Wolfiexe, Arzztt, Azure, CakeSauc3, Echaen, FictioN, Kiyoshi, Krakkacafe, RandomErik, Samiboule, Skulldude, Smartkin, Tralexium, Yiazmat7

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9.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
72.1 / 100
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  • by Wolfiexe
  • by Wolfiexe

Creator's Comments:

kurath [Creator]
Update: Now the game has been out a month and someone has 100%'d the game - congratulations anxKha - a full unlock save is available at to allow those who are interested in playing certain parts of the game but rightfully are not interested in doing it all. Extract this to %localappdata% and it should create a 'TheFarewellMedley' folder with the save information.

The Farewell Medley is a huge, adventure game heavily focused on variety and inspired by I wanna be the Farewell, and other things. The ultimate goal being to both bring together a taste of everything fangames have to offer, and trying a lot of new things to see what else might or might not work. While we believe it is best to go in with no real knowledge or expectations, that can be a big ask. For those who like to know a little regarding content/difficulty This is a non-linear variety focused adventure game - so there is a very wide array of gameplay and you should expect to have to play a lot of irregular or non-fangame gameplay. If you like wacky things, this is largely the core of the game. If you like the straightforward traditional fangame experience, this probably won't be. The estimated difficulty from the team is maybe 50 with items (honestly lower if you go hard and find all the crazy strats), and perhaps 75 without. Item usage is very much part of the game, so if you're interested but feel like it might be too difficult, do not feel like items are in any way cheating. Additional information is available in the readmes to help you tailor your playthrough slightly.

Current Version: 1.5 - Minor bugfixes, added infinite street challenge + some discarded content.

As the filesize is quite large, in order to facilitate updates, the following link only includes the exe/datafile updates and is substantially smaller.

I hope everyone continues to enjoy and be confounded by this game, and as always, please continue reporting any problems that arise via discord if possible.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Jul 3, 2022

23 Reviews:

(EDIT: After the latest version let nuked spikes stay after saves, the tower was much more doable, and now the game is MUCH more enjoyable. Still a bit weird for me identity wise, but not as painful. Updated the score accordingly, and will continue to play and update if need be.)

I'm not sure what The Farewell Medley is supposed to be, and while overall I think it's good, I also think the game suffers from an identity crisis.

Is it a fun, welcoming, clearable experience to the average player (such as myself), as I had been led to believe by one of the developers, that has an open-world feel? Okay, sure, there's a lot of content here, a boatload of it being optional including a lot of the heavily "genre based" stuff that people may not like.. i.e. sudoku, avoidance, etc. I liked how this was separated, so you weren't forced to do "genre-heavy" stuff, but had the option if you wanted to. Want to sweat some needle? Go for it. Want to be a memelord? Have at 'er.. Or is it meant to be a grindy completion-fest for "sweatlords" with the introductory levels meant to be there only to "ramp up" to the good (i.e. 70+ difficulty) stuff later? I can't tell.

But there comes a spot in the main path of the game where there's two sections where I brickwalled, one being the electric puzzle room, which I ended up looking up a video for and the other being an insanely hard needle tower climb .

It's been suggested that you can use the various powerups you get in the game to bypass stuff you don't like, but when you literally are unable to use them for certain parts, it renders that solution meaningless.

I was thoroughly enjoying what I thought was an "open world" style game, but then I got hit with three consecutive forced sections that missed the mark for me (for more than JUST difficulty reasons) which really took the wind out of my "oooh so much stuff to do!" sails.

The best analogy I can come up with is that it's like if you went to an all you can eat buffet, were able to eat a bunch of things that you wanted to eat, but the restaurant also forced you to eat a bunch of stuff that you may or may not like at all.

There is, undoubtedly, something in this game for everyone, but the main path will definitely NOT be for everyone. I am one of those people. I certainly appreciate and respect the hell out of the project, the scope, the creators, etc. This thing is absolutely MASSIVE with no end in sight! While I loved a good chunk of the extra content, at the end of the day, the main path's forced segments were some of the least fun for me.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 70 70
Jul 8, 2022
What a journey this game is.

There's so much to content to enjoy and most of it is great; as a package no other fangame compares. Sure not everything will be enjoyable to everyone, but thats just the nature of this kind of game.
I don't want to mention specifics because I think this game is better enjoyed blind, however I can talk about visuals and production value; it's great. There's so much effort put into it all and it shows. I'd like to specifically mention being able to exit stages and having progress saved, I always appreciate it when that is implemented.
I'd recommend it to anyone who likes variety and can handle the steep difficulty.

(To note i've atleast seen most things in the game, but only cleared some of the bonus content and cleared any%; the bonus content won't change my review for the worse, its optional after all.)

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 75 75
Jul 6, 2022
One of my favorites fangames, if not my favorite.

A game almost defined by being greater than the sum of its parts. While variety is one of its strongest assets, it still manages to feel like one of the most cohesive and complete fangame experiences due to its world, characters and story. Mechanically the achievements and optional collectibles also help in making the game feel whole.
But at the same time some of the individual parts present in the game are some of the most inventive and fun segments out of any fangame I have played.
I won't go over each individual part that stood out to me, instead I'll just summarize it by saying that through out my 63 hour journey, there wasn't a moment where I wasn't curious what the next stage had in store for me.
The game also has some fantastic adventure style bosses, usually I'm someone with very little patience for fangame bosses, but the majority of the ones present in this game were engaging and well balanced, keeping me entertained throughout all of the duration I was playing them.
From this point onward, I'll be mostly talking about the negative things I've felt about the game, but in spite of these complaints my memories of this game are almost entirely positive and not at any point I felt like these criticisms could have ruined that.

I'm usually someone that tries to go for 100% completion in games, but I knew from the start that I would not have the patience or skill to achieve it in this game, yet I still tried to experience everything that felt reasonable to me.
There are segments in the game that I think are not specially well designed (botkid for example) and others that are simply too hard to be enjoyable for me, and while all of those segments are optional, due to the nature of this game the line between optional and mandatory content feels a bit blurred, and I would be lying if I said that these bumps didn't negatively impact my overall experience with the game, even if they are optional.
The power up system is a great way of giving players the ability to deal with these segments in customizable way, but it's not able to make these inaccessible areas fun and memorable, effectively acting as a developer supported debug mode. An exception for me was the true final boss, where I gave myself a bunch of HP and ended up enjoying the fight quite a bit, though it still had less tension than intended.
The rhythm game section being difficult is also a way to ensure that I would never go for 100% in the game even if I was interested in grinding through the hard fangame content.

I feel like I need to justify myself here and say that my problem is not that the game is too hard or that I don't like it because I couldn't get 100% (I was expecting that from the start), but rather that the unbalanced nature of some of the side content (compared to what most of the game asks of you, which is around 60-70 difficulty I'd say) didn't feel like it added much anything to the game, though I do recognize that I am in some ways arbitrarily drawing a "difficulty line" based on my own skills.

To sum up my feeling on the game, it's a game that glues together a bunch of fragmented pieces of content but manages to create a cohesive, fun and creative experience, it's a game that is constantly playing with new ideas and manages to land on the majority of them.

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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 75 75
Aug 26, 2022
"The Farewell Medley is a large adventure game", that's pretty much the only comment written by Kurath on this page when the game was first released. It was such a simple sentence that served as an invitation to the public, and we had no idea how much of a looming presence was behind it. It's been a good while since then, and thus there is a correction that must be made to that statement to truly reflect what we players have discovered: The Farewell Medley is the largest fangame.

To understand how the game works, it is worth knowing it is split into two parts. The first is the main storyline, which is comprised of a plethora of stages that vary across the spectrum of the fangame genres. These stages represent the creativity and artistic passion of our community and show the best of what we have to offer. They contain some of the best platforming I have played, some of the greatest bosses I have challenged, and the most enjoyable puzzles I have solved. This storyline is very long, but throughout the entire time I applauded the creators for maintaining my interest the entire time; there is never a single dull moment in this game.

The second part is where the game bares its true colors in the form of optional content. I said the main storyline is very long, but the remaining optional content absolutely triumphs over it tenfold in the amount of stuff there is to do. So much of this content feels like the envisioned dreams of the creators, as they each put forward unique ideas that make every inch of this game worth exploring. There are several minigames you can play, entire stages hidden behind various guardians, even areas that will test your logic. The piece that holds all of this together is a wonderfully crafted achievement system, which ensures you see all that The Farewell Medley has to offer. Rather you hunt down items for the game's optional Collectathon, test your knowledge against the online leader board, or do battle against memories of the past, there will always be something lurking around the corner to do next.

I now wish to talk about areas in the game directly, I do not recommend reading if you have not played the full game. To save space and to be more readable I have pasted such on this Trello board:

With all of this said, The Farewell Medley is absolutely the greatest entry within the Adventure genre and is without a doubt my favorite fangame. It is a constant source of variety and enjoyment that lasts for tens of hours, and a monument to everything I want from a game in general. It without a doubt deserves all the honorifics it has earned and more, and I also believe immediately places Kurath as my favorite maker as well. Well done to the various makers within, thank you for this experience.

If you like IWBTG Fangames, you should play this. This is the pinnacle of our community, the absolute best we have to offer.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 70 70
Mar 16, 2023
Absolutely phenomenal.
I'd like to add that you shouldn't be intimidated by the difficulty, because with creative uses of powerups you can make the game be a 40~ at most. Powerups are very easily farmed, you'll have hundreds stacked just by playing.
This is a game that should have a wiki all to itself, because there's so much content that if you want to find a specific stage it feels like looking for a needle in a haystack.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 65 65
Aug 8, 2022