Not Another Magic Tower Game

Creators: Light, Koala, Nikaple

Average Rating
9.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
77.6 / 100
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Adventure (20) Needle (12) Avoidance (20) Boss (16) Special (1) Long (14) Hard (1) Puzzle (19) Taisa (1) HP (2) Minigame (2) Secret (1) Original (1) Rhythm (1) Incomplete (1) Unique (2) RPG (5) BossRush (1) Art (1) Softlockable (2) Action (1) Magic_Tower (4) Riddle_Puzzle (1) Pathing_Puzzle (1) Achievements (1)


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78 Reviews:

This review is based upon reaching the true end.

This is a massive and challenging fangame with heavy puzzle elements. The production is great, and concept is interesting, and the game has a ton of content with multiple endings.

The problem with the game in general is the ability to get yourself stuck in a softlocked state where you are unable to reach the better endings. Key management is essential and can be brutal on your first play if you don't know where the secret walls are and knowing which doors don't need to be opened. The game also contains mandatory avoidance fights scattered throughout the game that can be unfair or brutal at times to grind.

I recommend this game to veteran and experienced players only, and recommend you not go in blind to avoid having to restart the game many hours in. Below I have a link to a video guide which will contain spoilers, but will ensure you have the resources needed to reach the final floor.

Video Guide Link:

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 80 80
Feb 6, 2016
NAMTG is a game pretty much unlike any other, for better and for worse. There's not a lot of experiences like it. From both how you progress, to what you do to progress, is unlike much you'll find anywhere else. It's a chaos of variety, from mini-games to avoidance's to auto-scrolling needle, it's a bunch of things that feels like they'd never work together, but they kinda do here.

NAMTG doesn't have too hot of a start, with some very slow enemies and weird generic jump filled needle, but it'll be a fond memory by the end. See, NAMTG does something better than basically any other fangame you'll find: Its sense of progression. By the end of the game, after fighting slimes that do nothing but hop towards you slowly, you'll be fighting stuff that are absurd enough to count as fangame bosses by themselves. This, accompanied by a production and presentation jump for alot of the endgame enemies and the feeling of power you get by stomping over the earlier things makes the game incredibly satisfying to go through.

This only really takes a hit at the near end-game, where you're bombarded by a ton of bosses very close to eachother, alot of which your stats don't really mean anything besides the ability to fight them. It's an unfortunate stopping point that hampers the pacing of the game in a bad way. I might feel differently if I enjoyed the majority of the bosses in this game, but alas I don't.

The bosses in this game range from hideously long, gimmick-fueled suicide assistance or generic avoidances with good (and in ones case, fantastic) music. And some of the RNG, not just in them but in some of the enemies aswell, borders on some of the most volatile i've seen in terms of how easy vs how hard it can be. This is moderately saved by the (current) final boss, which while having a bit of a slow buildup perfectly captures the sense of progression you've gotten from climbing the tower itself.

Unfortunately, the needle in this game isn't fantastic either. Most of it is extremely short saves that are just doing one or two excessively precise jumps that you can just randomly mash your fingers on and get through. And then theres stuff like the horror story that is the auto scrolling room, which isn't that long but is boring as sin the entirety of its duration. The only real, true attempt at 'platforming' in the game feels like it's in the minigames. Which, as an aside, are actually all quite fun! I wish I had the brain fortitude for echo-shift.

It probably sounds weird saying that I enjoyed this game alot after saying I don't really like its bosses or its needle, but a big part of the game is its variety. For better or worse you'll see a lot of different things and enemies in this game. You're not bound to like all of them, but you'll probably like something. Basically, when it works, it >really< works, no matter what other problems get in the way. You'll feel great ascending the tower at the end. And what waits for you is worth it.

(And as an aside: I find the reputation of this game to be very strange. You'd think people were talking about noesis when they mention how hard this game is, but honestly outside of the end boss and weird needle style, the game is pretty accessible on all fronts. Not an easy game, especially for a beginner, but if you're not trying to no hit the bosses then honestly I don't see why this game has its ball buster difficulty reputation.)

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 67 67
Nov 29, 2018
So im very bad at this game but I got somewhat into it but can I request an "easy" mode for people who want to play the game but cant get far? Well anyways I love this game and the concept of fighting monsters. I love the mix between needle and "bosses" (more like enemys) and its just out right fun!

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 75 75
Oct 1, 2016
This review is based on a 100% clear, including all achievements.

Not Another Magic Tower Game is a very unique fangame, which incorporates RPG, Puzzle, Platforming, and Bullet Hell to make a truly one of a kind game. The game's fundamental gameplay loop is different from most adventure games. In this game you gradually increase your stats to overcome tougher monsters to get keys to explore more of the tower. Along the way you get items which grant you minor new abilities to traverse the tower better. You even have an HP stat, which makes the game a bit more accessible to newer players.

The best and worst thing about this game is the variety. It's amazing because it means the game is constantly hitting you with fresh stuff making it incredibly binge-able, but it also means that most people playing this game will hit a speed bump of a section they don't like. For me, I disliked the Echoshift minigame, and despised Secret 3. I ended up looking up the solutions for both because I'm just not a fan of puzzle sections with needle thrown on top of them. Others love these sections and I will say they are well designed, but absolutely not my thing.

The only other negatives I can say about this game are a few enemies being kinda annoying and some of the early game needle is pretty stupid, as it's mostly just a bunch of named jumps to get like an attack increase. I don't hate it, but it certainly could have been better.

This game has a ton of content, I already mentioned the minigames, but in the 2nd half of the game a lot of the enemies have much more varied fights which themselves feel like little microgames. There's also more traditional avoidance-style fights which are pretty fun. There's also a gallery where you can refight enemies and most excitingly, do challenges where you beat a bunch of bosses in a row in a certain number of hits. There's just so much to do and most of it is super fun. I would recommend this game, with a guide however as like many others have said, this game can softlock you for misusing your keys.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 75 75
Dec 17, 2022
I guess it's time for a magic tower review. Note that I haven't beaten trebole yet but I think I have cleared everything interesting for me.

Not another magic tower game is a unique game that takes the concept of the magic tower game and mix it up with I wanna physics. The game is really long, it took me almost 70 hours to do it. Also note that I did it with a guide, here what I used : I highly recommend you to play with it if you care about being softlock, it doesn't spoil the game too much. Don't also hesitate to ask the community (that's what I did, a big thanks to Welowas and Krakka) if you have any question because it's really easy to get softlock and you really don't want to do anything the game hasn't planned.

Now we can start. NAMTG is a wonderful game with a lot of variety and content, and despite a few flaws I can't stop loving it. The concept is focused on collecting keys to open doors and fight ennemies with hp, attack and defense stats. In this game, you don't die from one hit but you loose hp, it sound good but in fact you will reset every time you take a hit on a monster because hp are so important and you will prefer using them for bosses. Every monster is well designed and different, from the simple slime that just bounce around to a bomberman mage caster which drops bomb so the bestiary is huge. The level design is...well, the first floor has a super F and a downward plane so be prepared for that kind of level design. I forgot to mention it but the game is really hard, mostly because of some dumb segments (corner corner plane) and some bosses. Because saving keys is so important, even if the game let you choose between doing a hard segment and using a key, always go for the hard segment. It looks hard (and it is) but again if you don't wanna get softlock, you don't have the choice.

I'll now talk about bosses and main parts of the game, so it will be full of spoilers:

-Yaranaika: the first huge stop of the game, it's a long and hard avoidance mostly because you cannot get hit a lot in. Patterned attacks aren't really hard but the RNG can totally screw your try. Took me around 12 hours for 1 hit.

-FaShiLiu: funny geometry dash themed boss. In this one you cannot get hit but it's not a problem since the boss is not hard, I had a lot of fun fighting him. Took me around 1 hour.

-3B6: touhou avoidance boss, not very interesting for me. It's hard to not get hit but the boss doesn't deal a lot of damage so it's ok to get hit a few times. Took me 3 hours for 3 hits.

-Minigames: there are 4 minigames, you must complete 3 of them:
--mmm fingeres: a simple and fun game where you controle your character with the mouse and the goal is to survive. Took me not even an hour.
--side tower: my second huge block, it's a needle part where you have to do 30 small screens with 10 lives. It's for me the best minigame but also one of the hardest part of the game. Took me 10 hours.
--bubbles: an ok game where you collect items in bubbles and you can place them in the screen with the mouse (mostly blocks, plateforms, refreshers and water). It looks like a puzzle game but it's simple to guess what to do in most of levels, actually it's harder to execute it that solve it. It could have been good if you souldn't place object at each try. Note that you don't have to complete it but just to collect 27 stars to have all the attack gems and get the item. Took me a few hours.
--echoshift: insanly hard puzzle game you fortunately don't have to do because the object at the end is useless and there's no gems in. Do it if you like it but if you don't, try at least the first level because you will need to know how it works for latter.

-Faro: minigame boss where you can't get hit (again), most of people don't like it but I found it fine and not that hard when you know all the patterns. Took me 3 hours.

-And now, here comes the devas:
--Corazone: the heart of the devas, known for being the easiest one and I agree only if you don't use the bug on pica and the quick kill on diamante (see later). Everybody seem to hate this boss but once again I found it fine. Took me 4 hours for 1 hit.
--Pica: spade of the devas, hard RNG avoidance boss with fast paced attacks (and a fantastic music). I used to hate hard RNG but I had a lot of fun against him. Note that it exists a bug that allow you to skip a part of the fight. I used to bug (because the skipped part is the hardest part of the fight) and it took me 3 hours for 2 hits.
--Diamante: diamond of the devas, with interesting patterns and a few RNG. There is a trick on him which consist having 135 attack to quick kill him. I used this trick and took 1 hour for 0 hit.
--Trebole: club of the devas, a long avoidance with hard and precise patterned attacks? Not for me. I don't have cleared him and I recommend you to don't fight him except if you want to do 100% of the game (because you need to kill the 4 of them to unlock a secret area).

-4B6: a crimson devil inspired boss. I love this boss, it' a long but easy one when you know in what order you should kill them.

-Tower lead: Insane boss, one of the longest I have played in all fangames but it's so damn good. It brings back a lot of ennemies you fought through the game, has a lot of different phases with different gameplay. It feels like everything was made just for this moment, and it feels so good to beat it.

In overall, despite some evident high flaws (softlock, questionnable level design, harsh RNG), I really love this game and hope the final version will come somedays.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 75 75
Aug 2, 2019