I wanna be the Kantoku Needle

Creator: 风之子2001

Average Rating
6.3 / 10
Average Difficulty
75.3 / 100
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Needle (5) 100_Floor (4) One_jump (1) Long (1) x_Floor (1) CrimsonNeedle-Like (1)


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10 Reviews:

Very cool 100F game entirely focused around short saves and relatively precise jump sequences. Most harder needle games end up testing the player's willingness to grind, but Kantoku stands out for testing one's pure needle ability and basically nothing else. There's no pathing to learn, nor are there any long saves complicated by one or two jumps that you need to grind out muscle memory for. It's also not as technically demanding as L games or Hades-likes, while still remaining challenging and generally avoiding generic needle configurations.

I can understand why someone would dislike or be underwhelmed by this game, because it does get somewhat repetitive after 100 floors of similar design, but I had a lot of fun with it and found it quite satisfying in the context of just challenging myself with different jumps again and again.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 71 71
Aug 5, 2020
first jump of 97 is the hardest
nice fun game, could be harder in some floors.

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Tagged as: Needle 100_Floor One_jump CrimsonNeedle-Like
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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 73 73
Aug 2, 2020
This is a 100F game with many placements.
The visuals are not good,but I do appreciate the lack of the same placement a bit.
I don't recommend it, but I think it's a good way to kill time.

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 69 69
Apr 12, 2020
Kantoku Needle is a 100 floor game where just about every single screen is bombarded with tons of saves, making for a very snappy short-save focused needle experience (as the screenshots give a good indication).

The needle is for the most part unique in the sense that there's no real reliance on generic or uninspired jumps, which a good amount of x_floor games can tend to do when the inevitable room-with-many-saves segment pops up. Align markers are also given out throughout the game in times where needed (although there were a couple of examples and one in particular where an align isn't recommended to you and the jump more or less demands it, which is kind of a bummer). The difficulty felt mostly the same throughout, where there are a lot of freebies and a lot of tricky ones, and this balance never really changes.

If the images appeal to you then you're gonna be getting 100 floors of that, so you'll have a good idea of how appealing this is. I had some fun with it, although it did feel a little monotonous after a while as the style never really changes and it began to feel a little mindless. Probably better played in short bursts rather than one sitting.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 72 72
Jan 26, 2020
A fairly unique 100F game in the general crimson needle format (as stated by the creator himself), though outside of tileset/music changes every 3 floors I wouldn't say there's that much in common.

This game is almost like a 100F game of Greek Mythology style (or whatever anyone calls those) except easier and a lot cleaner visuals. It averages probably 15 saves per screen, with saves rarely possessing more than a single jump. It mixes in a ton of platform and water stuff, though it stays away from other gimmicks.

If you enjoy short precise saves without it being obtuse how to perform jumps, this is a really fun needle game. Nigh impossible to get stuck on due to the incredibly short segments and with a wide variety of both generic arrangements with a lot of creative precise moves, you end up seeing a lot of things in a pretty quick timeframe. There's a few segments and a few uses of things that got somewhat annoying (the infinite jump segment was pretty bad, for instance, but it was not hard and at only 3 screens, went by pretty fast).

Difficulty wise, its tough to judge - there are a lot of hard jumps in this game for sure, but given how short the segments are there's not really any grinds to encounter as you're just solving the jump, doing it once and moving on. It marks aligns most of the time, though there's definitely instances where you can run into trouble if you don't know them atleast a little bit yourself, though there's certainly nothing too complicated.

Overall, its a different style of 100F game that I can't remember an equivalent instance of, and if you like short saves and precise jumps, you'll like this. It's certainly a specialized offering but it does what it set out to do quite well.

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Tagged as: Needle 100_Floor
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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 70 70
Jul 31, 2019