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Creators: aqua, dagger, かーにばる, クライン, つたしん, どるっぴ, はなもげた, 肉無し牛丼800円

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6.9 / 10
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58.3 / 100
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Adventure (5) Trap (4) Gimmick (5) Boss (4) Bosses (1) Collab (6)


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15 Reviews:

I was looking forward to this game a lot, considering every maker has made at least one game that I liked. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a big mess. While there were a few stages that were very creative, the vast majority of the stages were boring and frustrating.

I'll give a brief review of every stage in the order that they appear in.
はなもげた stage: While I liked the main gimmick of tilting the screen by pressing left or right, everything started to fall apart when the green virus showed up. The virus moves way too fast, which made the platforming not very good. If it falls off the GBA you aren't immediately dead, but instead the viruses start to multiply and block your view. There are a few instances where you can make the virus fall down on purpose to struggle less on a save if you know what the path is. It ends off with a very obnoxious boss. The GBA's screen is too small so the bat's bullets are hard to see. If you kill the boss the virus dies and it falls down and you have to tilt the GBA so that the warp falls on top of the kid. This is easier said than done, and it will take a while because the warp falls waaaaaaay too fast. Overall a cool stage gimmick, but the execution was horrible.

つたしん stage: A simple Bomberman stage featuring a single screen. You are supposed to kill Bomberman in time before he runs to the middle and spawns a bomb that forms a huge explosion which instantly kills you. If you kill him in time it spawns an inverted version of him which moves a little faster than the normal Bomberman does. After that is the last phase where he becomes a shadow version of himself, which can pass through walls and is much faster than the other two. He also has 3 HP instead of 1. Occasionally he will shoot a spiked bomb which has a bigger blast radius than your average bomb, but if you keep a distance from it then it will be easy to dodge. Lastly, he will not spawn a bomb in the middle which would normally kill the player. Getting the powerup is a very good thing to do, so you have an easier time hitting the boss. The first two phases seem to be pattern while the last phase is random. Overall a pretty fun and fair boss.

クライン stage: This stage does not have its own gimmick, but instead its just an ordinary trap stage. It's pretty meh, as most of the traps or hard stuff is at the end of a save. The second screen was particularly obnoxious, as you have these bear(?) robot things shooting balls in a random trajectory. I don't know why he had to choose to make the angles random, but it's very frustrating. The coolest part for me is the screen after the autoscroller, where you have to think smart with which coins you keep and when you push the box before you hit the p-switch. The part right after it was very annoying, as you get a fake save trap that's easy to notice but then it throws the fake floor trap at you and if you fall for it you'll have to do the save all over again. It's not a very bad stage, but most of the traps suck.

肉無し牛丼800円 stage: Okayish boss. The boss spawns from the top at a random location and it falls down and you'll have to follow the path by reading where he goes before the boss falls down, where you can shoot him. The less HP it has, the faster he will fall down. There is a dumb trap at the end where the warp will do the same thing as the boss, and if it falls down and you don't get it in time you have to reset. Thankfully pausing is not disabled for this boss, so I'd advice you to cheese it by pausing and unpausing until you know which path it takes. That way you won't take too long on this boss. It's not bad, but not good either.

どるっぴ stage: Another stage which I liked a lot. The stage closely resembles the tower stage in I wanna series Mixture relay 4, except you go horizontally instead of vertically. The saves are cool and the traps are predictable. It doesn't go over the top with the gimmicks compared to previous stages, but what's there is still fun. Halfway through the stage the boss from the game I mentioned earlier knocks the tower down into the water, and you have to backtrack all the way to the beginning while half of the tower is submerged in water. I wish there was more done with this part of the stage, because it felt like pure filler to me. There are barely any traps present here, and the only intuitive thing it does is throw the memory minigame at you which you've done previously with 0 modifications. The ending of the stage is a bit lame but it presents you with the warp at the start of the stage so you know what your goal is.

dagger stage: Another boss, this time featuring some bat boss from one of the Mega Man X games. He can fly and shoot bats at you. You are unable to double jump, but you can walljump off the walls. This boss was pretty cool and fair, and I'm a big fan of bosses where you have to walljump and shoot at the same time. It doesn't happen very often, and the only other game that I can think of that does the same is the second half of boss 4 in Cultured 2. The only attack that can be annoying sometimes is the one where he shoots 3 bats at you at the same time a bunch of times in a row. It can come out of nowhere and it sucks if you get it when he has low HP. Still, this was a good boss in my opinion.

aqua stage: Another meh-tier stage featuring the iconic Crimson tileset and elevators. It somewhat resembles Carnival's style, except less intuitive than what he would normally make. It's not very difficult and it's a bit on the shorter side. The screen where you need to make the green blocks turn blue was cool, but the pathing sucked. The last elevator ride has a bullshit moment where 5 bullets rise up and one does not fall down on a block which is where you need to stand, but immediately after one of those green viruses from before falls down out of nowhere.

かーにばる stage: While I am a big fan of Carnival bosses, this one sucks a lot. It's a big ball with 5 smaller balls that surround the boss itself. Your goal is to shoot the boss once if falls down, and if you hit him enough times a ball will fall down and it starts the next attack. While I like the boss idea itself, it lasts for way too long. The most common scenario is that you have to do a boss phase twice, which lasts around 1 minute on average where you can only hit him twice when he moves down. This results in you having to hit the boss 3 or 4 times before a single ball falls down. It is possible to shoot him 3 times when he moves down, but it is a bit precise. If you do it correctly, it is possible to end a phase earlier if a ball falls down. The problem for me is that it's just way too long. If the ball HP was cut in half then it wouldn't be as bad as how it is right now. If you kill all 5 balls it ends off with the last phase where the boss bounces up and down while it rains bullets from the ceiling. Hit him enough times and you win. If you die, you have to do it all over again.

Most of the stages were okay at best for me, but there was usually one big flaw that made the stage a lot less enjoyable for me to play like クライン or はなもげた's stages. Some stages were just very boring to me and the final boss has way too much HP with no checkpoints inbetween which is a bit lame. In the end the negatives outweighs the positives for me, which is very sad. Had the makers which stages I disliked put a bit more care into their stages instead of making them feel annoying or boring then I would have enjoyed this game a lot more, but how it is right now I don't think I would recommend this game that much.

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 59 59
Jan 7, 2022
Probably the most heterogenous collab in term of quality. The game does stage -> boss by different makers then repeat. Here some individual reviews.

-hanamogeta : it pains me to say that because I'm a huge fan of hanamogeta works, but this stage is not fun. The small screen makes the platforming tedious and the rotations of the screen gave me some huge headache. It's very impressive production-wise, but it's not fun at all to play.

-tsutashin : weird and not fun boss where you have to place bombs to hit some bombermans, the first two phases are patterned so you can get used to them very quickly but the third seems totally random and predicting the movement of the boss is near impossible so it's basically at test of luck and patience because it's also hard to get hit.

-Klein : terrible trap stage, all the traps are unfun and uncreative, always at the end of long saves.

-800 yen : not fun boss, it follows the rules of the Amidakuji game but have several problems, the first being that the time you have to react is way too short, the second being that you can hit the boss only when he touch the ground which is during less than 1s each attempt, and the last being that it's only one attack spammed.

-dorrupi : the first actually good stage and a really good one. It takes place inside a sided tower and have a lot of cool ideas. The only really bad idea was the huge shit in the foreground where water invades the tower but it's bearable because it's not hard and because it's backtracking so you already know the layouts.

-dagger : ok boss, it has some intersting attacks but his movements are really annoying since it's a small room and that double jump is disable.

-aqua : decent stage even if the crimson tiles are kinda eye-bleeding if you looks at them for too long. Each room has a different gimmick and is pretty fun. What is not tho is the transition between those rooms, especially the last one with the dumb trap. I'm also sure that the collision order is wrong for the last room, making things more frustrating than what they should be.

-Carnival : as expected, Carnival boss is very creative but also very long, with 6 phases that happen multiple times. I wish the hardest phase wasn't phase 5 but it was a solid boss I really enjoyed.

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Rating: 5.2 52       Difficulty: 62 62
Nov 18, 2020
One For All is a collab between 8 makers, each contributing their own stage or boss to the game. I'll go into detail about each stage, but the tl;dr is that it's a pretty solid game with a couple of real awkward and tedious segments. I found the beginning areas to be very frustrating despite the production value, but once I'd pushed into the later ones I started having a great time.

Stage 1 is by Hanamogeta, and despite my big appreciation for his other games I just didn't have a fun time with this stage. It utilized a screen tilt sort-of gimmick where you have to balance something on the small game window you play on, which just felt very awkward to control and pull off. The miniboss in the area also had a very confusing end in regards to the warp, although if you want a pointer I'd recommend trying to keep it as centred as possible by the time you kill the boss. The production value is pretty impressive though, and it's an interesting concept for a stage, just not one I had fun with unfortunately.

Following this, Tsuta takes the stage with a boss (the game follows the stage -> boss -> stage -> boss format). Like the previous stage, I wasn't a big fan of this. The boss is essentially a Bomberman tribute which is mainly pattern until the end which can turn into some 5000 IQ mindgames with you trying to predict the boss movements. Block-ledge layouts are one of my peeves in fangames when you're forced to do them quickly, and as you might expect from a Bomberman layout, there'll be plenty of those here.

Klein is the 3rd, and this is where I started to enjoy the game a lot more. The stage is based around more standard platforming with some spike traps, moving cherries and even a very enjoyable puzzle screen which had a very interesting conclusion. This felt very much like Klein's other games such as Emperor and Butterfly, although of a much easier difficulty which ended up feeling just right to me.

Following that, Nikunashi Gyudon 800 yen's boss is up next. This was the only maker I wasn't familiar with before playing, although the boss turns out to be pretty fun. It takes some quick thinking to beat and may cause a bit of frustration if the gimmick doesn't appeal quickly, but I ended up having a good time with it. The ending will also test everything you've learnt, so be ready for that.

The third platforming stage is made by Doruppi, and is probably my favourite stage in the game. It's a sideways tower filled with variety, ranging from rolling HD apples, spot-the-difference tests, surprisingly reasonable block puzzles and even some Mary Poppins cosplay. It's just a really fun stage, and definitely one of the highlights for me.

The boss following this is made by Dagger, and is a fairly short and simple boss utilizing walljump and some guy with big wings. Some attacks definitely felt like they provided way more damage openings than others but nothing felt awkward to play around or overly complicated. Overall a fun fight without too much to say about it.

Aqua brings the 4th and final platforming stage to the table, which whilst feeling rather short ends up being fairly fun and unique. Each screen has a different sort of theme, with a bit of needle and puzzles thrown in here and there. There's also quite a spooky trap that might catch you off guard, but you'll find that in your own time.

The game ends with Carnival making the boss, and I was a bit mixed on it. Some attacks are fun to dodge and play around, but it just goes on for far too long. If each phase lasted half the time then I think the problems I had would've been alleviated, and maybe it's possible to get 3 shots in per cycle to try skipping the 2nd cycle of each attack, but it became quite tedious to do the early (and easy) attacks for so long to die to something more challenging later on. Some of the later attacks are a little learny too and caught me off-guard which added to the frustration a bit. It's an okay boss but ultimately I think it would've benefited from having far less HP and less downtime.

So overall, it's a mixed bag but with the good stuff mostly outweighing the bad stuff. If you can get past the early hitches then you're in for a good ride. Better yet, if you can enjoy the early stuff then you're probably set for a great time. Give it a try!

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Rating: 7.6 76       Difficulty: 60 60
Aug 12, 2018
One for All is a collaboration between some of the biggest names in the East, I'm talking about Dagger, Carnival, Tsutashin, Klein, Doruppi, and even the maker of Ash. And despite this lineup, what should have been one of the most amazing Collabs ever ended up being one of the worst. It's truly spectacular how this happened, and frankly, I contribute it to the fact it felt like nobody actually gave a shit about the finished product.

The game immediately opens up with a stage by Hanamogeta, which is by far the worst thing in the game, and one of the worst stages I've played in general. It combines a visual gimmick in which the screen tilts as you move left and right, as well as shrinks your visibility down to a tiny screen. I don't get bothered by visual gimmicks usually, but this actually made me feel nauseous at times. But then it adds a gimmick.... and holy fuck is it the worst garbage ever conceived. Basically, it adds a ball on top of your screen that you have to constantly keep balanced, if it falls off it'll cover your entire screen with stuff so you can't see, and don't bother trying to go forward either invisikid style since it removes the saves. This gimmick is finicky as hell, and the platforming designed around it is purposely set to piss you off. To finish off the stage in the worst way possible, you actually have to fight a short boss with the gimmick, the problem is that it basically ends with a "Trap" that's so god damn hard to handle that it took me over 20 boss kills to pass it. This stage in all took me over an hour and a half, which is half of my entire playtime in this 8-stage collab. The fact that this is the start of the game really makes me question if whoever the organizer was even actually played it, it's a fucking atrocious way to gatekeep the game, and frankly, if this stage was alone I'd be rating this so much lower.

The saving grace to this game is that the other makers actually tried to put effort into making something that's actually fun to play, it's only a shame that they're barred behind Hanamogeta's atrocity. Tsutashin's stage that comes next does a good job at reminding me what fun gameplay is like through the usage of a Bomberman Boss, followed by Klein's stage which feels like a classic adventure. The other makes all do a pretty good job too and never come nearly as close to the faults of the first stage, but even now I'm still not sure it was even worth unlocking them. A lot of them still have their own bad moments for being either boring or repetitive, such as the first save of Klein's stage making you do the same thing three times. I will say the final boss wasn't as egregious as Hanamo, but it sure came close; it's a pretty long fight where you have to go through six phases while cycling through the first 5 twice each, it's such a boring conclusion to the game. A final complaint is that bosses never save you inside the stage, so you have to warp back every single attempt and god is it annoying.

I will forever remain confused on how such a lineup of makers could produce something like this, there was no quality control whatsoever from the organizer and it frankly feels mostly unplaytested. I would pretty much never recommend this unless you can get a save past the first stage, what a shame this was to play.

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Rating: 4.8 48       Difficulty: 60 60
Sep 22, 2022
Considering the lineup of makers here, it's pretty obvious that this game does not live up to it's full potential, and there's no need to mention Hanamogeta's stage which is just not good at all, but honestly the rest of the game is pretty fun, it's very disjointed and messy and there's certainly better collabs but there's cool ideas and especially Klein and Doruppi had very good stages (which were also the two longest ones) Bomberman boss was cool and the final boss was very not cool, overall good game I'd say.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 53 53
Apr 8, 2023