I wanna escape the rainbow trap

Creator: Nogard

Average Rating
8.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
66.3 / 100
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  • by Nogard
  • by Nogard
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Rainbow Trap is a colourful game consisting of a variety of needle stages, each corresponding to a colour of the rainbow, accompanied with some extra content which I feel is absolutely worth doing and where the most enjoyable parts of the game came from.

Each stage consists of 10 screens of needle, usually based around a certain theme or gimmick although never getting too overly complicated or reliant on that sole gimmick. After completing the 10 screens, you're given a choice of a hard needle screen (in the same vein as that stage) or an avoidance. To unlock the final boss, you're required to beat both for all stages. The needle screens are fairly challenging but didn't feel like too much of a step-up in difficulty, but the avoidances were by far the highlights.

Each avoidance feels very different in design, my personal favourite being the green stage clock-style infinite-jump avoidance, although special shoutouts go to the cyan autoscroller-avoidance which was a lot of fun too. They all feel fairly equal in difficulty although the cyan one gave me more trouble due to the nature of it being a scrolling avoidance, and adjusting to the change in arena often gave me trouble. There's a bit of learning involved here and there, but nothing that's too overly precise or demanding.

If you decide to clear all the content, you'll be met with the true final boss. This boss is quite challenging although very enjoyable. It is designed in a way that you may choose to fight it with a set attack order or an RNG one. This lets you learn the attacks early on and decide if you want to go with the default set order or keep it random, which I opted for just because it felt more fun that way. There's some really neat visual things going on and it makes for a very intense conclusion by the time the final attack rolls around.

A fun game overall. To echo the rest of the review, I'd definitely recommend going for the all clear. The avoidances in particular were great and the final boss makes for a very intense finale.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 65 65
Sep 5, 2018
This game is pretty neat.

It has 6 stages, each containing 10 screens, and each being styled around their own gimmick.

Most of the needle was pretty enjoyable to me, though I disliked some saves there and there, but I'm fine with it because the amount of them was small. However, the save balance is all over the place, it's not usually a problem for me but it was too noticable to just skip over.

After each stage you can either play a needle screen or an avoidance to advance to the next stage, reminding me of I Wanna Stop The Meltdown.

The needle screens at the end of the stages were fun with the exception of the orange needle and the purple needle.

The avoidances at the end of the stages are definitely something alright. They were mediocre at best and through most of them I just was saying "why" repeatedly. I'd say the avoidances are the weakest part of the game.

After you beat stage 6 you are rewarded with a credits sequence and a portal room. If you have beaten both the needle and the avoidance at the end of each stage you now will have access to the final boss based off Emperor, which is by far the best part of the game.

The final boss really hit the spot for me, it had great attacks all around, it was super fun, and it was also visually pleasing. It has 6 phases, the order of which can either be in a set pattern or a random pattern depending on how you enter the final warp, I learned the phases in the random pattern, and then did it in the set pattern because I like it that way.

I would recommend this.

Also shoutouts to this fixing my sleep schedule.

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Rating: 7.7 77       Difficulty: 70 70
Aug 16, 2019
A pretty decent game with a fantastic boss.

This is a game that goes through all the colors of the rainbow, 6 different stages with 10 screens each. You get to pick either doing a boss, avoidance, or you can do both (which you should!) to progress forward. I've always really liked this format and kind of wish more games had it! I think Meltdown is the only game I've played with it besides this.

The needle in this game is... mostly okay. The first 3 stages are your ordinary needle, with the yellow stage being kind of odd. There seems to always be That One Jump in the middle or close to the end of a save thats confusingly harder than all the other ones. The needle feels a lot more creative when the last 3 stages start and some gimmicks like vines and water start showing up. Not sure if that is just closer to what Nogard likes to do or what, but it was a pretty good improvement. Though there's a few underwater diagonals that I wasn't a big fan of.

The avoidances are pretty chill, nothing overly learny or brutal RNG. Quite fair in that regard, actually. Not bad music choices as well. I wasn't too hot on the autoscrolling one, and the last section of purples felt it lasted a bit too long. The green infinite jump avoidance was a lot of fun though, and didn't feel especially ganky. I'd say even if you aren't too good or hot on avoidances you'll probably make it through them relatively fine.

But the real reason I rate this game as highly as I do is because if you are to clear all the needle and all the avoidances, you are rewarded with the true final boss of the game. It's nogard, so you can guess what it is. It's very lengthy, about 4 minutes, and mostly based on retaliation attacks. There's a lot of variety between the colors of each attack, none of them feel close to eachother, both in how you read them and how you execute them. You can REALLY feel your improvement the more you play it, as you start getting more and more colors deeper on average. It's a really satisfying boss to play, and since half of any colors attack only triggers when you shoot the boss, there is a lot of player agency. One of the best HP bosses I have played.

My only criticisms for it is that Red, especially when the boss moves to the floor, feels like it can be kind of unfair at times. It just gets too dense on one platform. And yellow takes SO damn long, it's a fun attack to learn but there isn't enough variance with it. It just feels obligatory every time it shows up by the end of the grind.

Anyways, this was a good time. Even if you don't do the avoidances or want to do the EX-Boss it's a pretty decent game all around, though I think doing just avoidances or just needle will leave some people unsatisfied if that is all you're looking for. Good stuff for me though.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 70 70
Mar 31, 2019
DISCLAIMER: This review is needle only. No avoidances because I can only avoid stationary projectiles.
This is a really good needle game. My only complaints are some saves that feel unnecessarily precise, but these mostly occur during the "boss" needle rooms. These, and the final stage were the weakest parts of the game in my opinion. Overall, it's a high recommendation. Fun and difficult needle that's well worth playing. Hell, I even liked the water stage and water needle is usually DansGame

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 65 65
May 26, 2017
Difficulty doesn't include the extra boss but I will talk about it.
Pretty long game which consists of 6 stages, each one with a "boss". Each stage has a different theme, it can be vines, water, etc, they are simplistic but work well. There are some meh rooms but they are in minority and didn't affect my enjoyement. Level design is mostly decent with some highlights, but overall most of the rooms weren't memorable nor especially good nor bad.
However, the bosses did so. At the end of each stage, you can choose between doing a hard needle screen, or play an avoidance. In the read me, it says that if you clear both of them at each stage, you will unlock the final challenge so that's what I did, and I'm not sure if I'm glad about it. The needle screens are mostly good except orange and purple which were some annoying precision stuff. For the avoidance, I sadly disliked most of them, with green and purple being the only ones I really liked, and orange being the one I really hated.
When you finish the purple stage, you are warped into a hub where you can access to the boss rooms so you can play the bosses you missed and that's cool. There are also challenges accessible if you cleared all the bosses (one if you clear all the needle screens and one if you clear all the avoidances), both are avoidances where you have to survive as long as possible, I don't think they end. It's kinda weird that the challenge you unlock by doing all the needle screens is an avoidance, but since they are both good I won't complaint.
As I said, if you clear everything, you get access to the final boss inspired by the famous Emperor Miku. It's an extra but it's at least worth checking because it's quite something. It's a long a hard (quite harder than the rest of the game) one, with 6 phases you can choose to do in order and in random, then a intense final phase. I didn't cleared it because it's honestly too hard for me, or I would need to spend dozen of hours (with 3h of gameplay, I litterally never beat yellow phase so...) but despite being well-made, I have a few complaints like yellow being meh and the hardest phase by far, or red being sometimes too random. Maybe I will come back to this boss later.

In overall, this is a good game but for some reasons, I almost don't remember anything excepting the avoidances, which is supposed to be the part I disliked to most, so I guess the game didn't hit me.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 65 65
May 5, 2020