PSIFT: A Post-Structuralist Ironic Fangame Title

Creators: KatzIWBTG, Derf

Average Rating
9.6 / 10
Average Difficulty
47.0 / 100
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Adventure (3) Gimmick (3) Boss (2) Special (1) YoSniper_contest_2015 (2) unfinished (1) Collab (1)


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4 Reviews:

Alright, I beat the (unofficial) cornBlack edition of this game; which has a few bugs and is impossible to beat without knowing the cheat code to unlock all levels (just press the run button 8 times lol) as earning medals better than bronze is impossible. So let's review each world and boss.

World 1A: Amazing introduction to the game. Great visuals, not that many gimmicks, and great first impression. The in-game water making my game window float made me wow, and grappling hook which will be back in future levels is much more fun to play with than it seems.

World 1B: Continues to impress. Lighthouse is not that great of a gimmick since all it does is make you slow down to not get spotted, so I'm glad it was barely used. The time reverse gimmick was immidiately used to its max potential and made me feel so powerful, I loved it. Darkness gimmick was just there.

Boss 1X: Honestly, not that good. I'll say this right away, the bosses are the low point of this game. They can be mashed to death, they're RNG based, and can create impossible scenarios at times. This one isn't so bad, it's a worm which jumps all over the arena. You always want to be aware of him being below you and develop dodging strategies for each attack. Also, each of his "parts" has different HP. Once he has 1 HP, he will start moving around the arena like crazy, leaving himself very open for the final blow... If you're ready for it, that is.

World 2A: Love. This. Song. The bouncing platforms were certainly a welcome change of pace and just fun to look at. Chasing kid is just an arbitrary way to make you go fast, although that level with the flower made of keyhole blocks certainly made him a more dangerous obstacle. The portals just made gameplay a bit more annoying, but I appreciate it because it made me think before I took action.

World 2B: Most gimmicks aren't too special. Chasing ghosts, toxic water... But I need to talk about the black and while levels. The background is made of black and while bubbles constantly moving, meaning you have to stop and wait for a white bubble to be near you to see blocks and spikes near you. This is bad. It's here just to slow you down. But it looks cool, not gonna lie.

Boss 2X: Fuck. This. Minotaur. This is probably the worst boss I faced in any videogame ever. He has 3 main attacks and 2 support attacks; the support attacks can randomly be used together with main attacks. Main attacks: throwing axes from the top, shooting homing fireballs, and firing a laser. Support attacks: fireballs appearing from the middle, and tridents coming from all sides. The problem? MOST OF THE TIME HIS ATTACKS ARE LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO DODGE. I was recording the whole game, and rewatching the footage, I literally saw no way to dodge attacks in so many cases. This isn't lack of skill. This is bad RNG. Speaking of RNG, you can only damage him when he goes down, and he goes down when he FEELS LIKE IT. Sounds bad? Well, the final nail in the coffin is phase 2. Each boss has a "Finish Him" part where you must, well, finish the boss. With boss 1, it was the part where he was moving around the arena like crazy, leaving him very open for the final blow. But in the case of boss 2, he recovers all his HP and his head immidiately starts chasing you like super sonic from boshy. No. Just no. I made it to "Finish Him" phase SIX. TIMES. before giving up. I guess this is what I get for playing a game that never had a public release. If you ever play this game, don't bother with this boss, I beg you.

World 3A: It's all about TNT launchers. You have to successfully make it destroy blocks without getting killed in the process. It was hard, but I loved it. Later, the game throws 2 new gimmicks. Tornadoes are cool except for when you have to shoot a TNT floating in it to destroy blocks since your timing needs to be perfect. Time Slow is another gimmick that just makes me feel more powerful, I love these.

World 3B: I didn't bother.

Boss 3X: The best boss in the game! First of all, you have HP! There are green orbs you can consume that protect you from 1 hit each. This made the boss a lot more fun. Second of all, 3 phases. Phase 1: A brain who protects him with electric balls. Just mash him to death. Phase 2: A heart protected by 2 lungs which you must destroy by walljumping while green worms (which you can kill) are moving towards you. Heart itself puts up a good fight, hopefully you made it here with 3 HP. Phase 3: You have autofire. You kill kidney beans. The main threat is those green worms from phase 2. They're everywhere, and because they're such small targets it's very clear why you have autofire. "Finish Him" was really easy and very satisfying.

The credits are hilarious.

Conclusion: By playing this, you can clearly tell you're playing an unfinished game that was just suddenly dropped, since it had so much potential most of which is used incredibly well, but sometimes it was just horrible. If you can find the game, definitely play it, but if you're not having fun with some segment, don't bother and skip that segment.

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 45 45
Dec 31, 2018
This review is based on clear that far, how far I could. (until world 2A)

Game shows in the beginning cutscene, where we see kid who gets in storm in the sea, and then kid gets to unknown island, where his adventures beginns.

The main thing how to complete each stage is similar to Super Meat Boy - complete a certain number of levels, and you will get to next stage. But the main difference and for me problem - you can get medals not only for completing level, but for speedruning too, well... it should be, however it doesn't, at least in version, which I played, so I couldn't be able to get further than world 2A (if only medals don't give secret in world 1B, which I can't find), but still you can play 3 worlds and 1 boss.

Worlds have 15 levels of each, which you can choose as in SMB, and each have its unique things: water gimmick, key gimmick, trap gimmick and etc.

Music is really well found and whole platforming was amazing! I really loved different kind of gimmicks, nice level designs, and fitting music.

Boss was specific, but really fun to play. It felt like it would be rng based boss, but soon I got , that it isn't only rng, but there you need good strategy and reaction too.

Only minuses for game can be some strange kid bugs after one gimmick and maybe some other small bugs, which still doesn't affect my opinion of game

But still if you can get this private game, then I heavily recommend it, because it is really awesome game, with awesome musics, level designs, gimmicks and other things!

P.S. If I will solve problem of game, I will update review!

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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 36 36
Jun 30, 2017
So I am really unsure of what I think of this game and how I should review it because of certain situations which will be explained later. In some ways, it is disappointing, while in other ways its a cerebral experience designed to feel alien. The atmosphere that this game gives out is otherworldly and makes you feel like you have stumbled into something thought to be lost, which you will also likely feel if you are able to find a download for this game.

The game starts with a cool idea of speedrunning to get medals to unlock new areas. This was not implemented in the leaked version, so a cheat code is required run button 8 times. This was probably a good thing however because of later issues.

The first issue is the grappling hook. Maybe it is just me, as other reviewers seem to not have an issue with it, but the grappling hook is buggy and tends to aim at spots that I do not want it to aim at. The way it is supposed to work is that it shoots in 3 directions, upper left, up, and upper right. It is decided based on what arrow you are pressing at the last moment before you press "x". However, my grappling hook would usually decide to aim up instead, making it so that I had to skip almost all the levels involving it as I could not ever make it do what I wanted.

The lighthouse gimmick was a cool idea, but combined with the grappling hook was a huge "no" for me.

The boss is just awful. Its an RNG based boss that chooses random movement and attacks in ways that are able to wall you 90% of the time. Once the boss is down to 1HP, the boss starts to move super fast out of the side walls, which it had never done before in the rest of the fight and shoots projectiles at you. I choked to this and rage-quit the boss. I decided to skip to stage 2

Stage 2 had some extraordinary gimmicks and never felt tiring except for a string of levels where you must navigate by lights that move around the screen seemingly at random. I skipped all of these because fuck that noise. The other gimmicks were very cool including terrain that changes the level design based on gimmicks and an evil clone that copies your every move through platforming. Very fun area overall.

Sadly, the boss of this area, is once again awful. Its even more RNG based than the first boss and even relies on luck as to whether you can actually hit him or not. He also has a phase 2 with a sonic homing attack. Fuck that noise, skip.

Stage 3 is not quite as good as Stage 2, but still has some really fucking cool areas. Some favorites are TNT barrels that break terrain and a part where the kid is covered in gold making him more heavy.

Boss 3 is finally amazing! It's a very cool 3 phase boss with a very derfian aesthetic. If you've played any of his games, you know what I am talking about. It feels polished, and offers optional HP boosts throughout the fight making the harsh RNG fair and the fight very fun. What truely sold it for me was the Dr. Strangelove reference at the end of the fight. A true delight, the game is worth downloading just to fight this boss, even if its rather easy with HP.

So some of my final thoughts on this game. Firstly, the game was never properly released. The version I played is called the cornblack edition. The developer has no memory of ever making a cornblack edition, yet the readme seems to argue otherwise:

"PSIFT: By Derf and Katz was never meant to be released.

If you somehow have this, YOU are held responsible for its enfranchising. I'd advise not sharing it with anyone, as it would
cause more complications for us, the developers. This was never intended to be released other than to a certain pool of people.

Thank you and have fun!"

so either the developer made it and forgot, the uploader acted like it was a modified version by the developers, or its a readme from the original version of the game. Why the game was changed to the "cornblack edition" is still beyond me. If anybody has any information on the uploader or how the game got leaked, I would love to hear about it and would keep your identity private if you felt uncomfortable about the information being associated with you.

Since this is an unfinished version, I feel like assigning it a rating is unfair. It wasn't finished or intended for the public to view. The first 2 bosses might have been unfinished and were going to be improved, maybe with the optional HP the 3rd boss has. Maybe the grappling hook would be made less finicky. Sadly, it seems like the game will never be finished. If I was forced at gunpoint to give a rating to this beta I would probably go with a 7.5-8.5 out of 10. I would suggest downloading it if you find it and perusing it, as nothing else like it exists in any other fangame. Just please, for your sake, don't feel it necessary to finish every level and boss.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 60 60
Jan 1, 2019
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Rating: 9.7 97       Difficulty: N/A
Oct 4, 2020