Neo Needle Buffet

Creators: NotEvenAmatueR, Bummerman222, Gaborro, Roaka, Kiyoshi, RandomChaos_, Synthasmagoria, Vierandice

Average Rating
8.1 / 10
Average Difficulty
80.6 / 100
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Needle (6) Gimmick (2) Trigger (1) Collab (6) Sideways_Gravity (1) Noesis-Like (1) Cycle (1) hub (1)


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Creator's Comments:

Nearigami [Creator]
This is a fangame that has been in production since late May 2019. I want to thank everyone involved in the creation of this game from the bottom of my heart as I would not have been able to get here without their help. Neo Needle Buffet is a game that was made with the goal of spotlighting smaller or lesser known makers and maybe making people anticipate future games from them or make people check out their older stuff. The game is intended to be around 75-80 difficulty at maximum and 55-65 difficulty for the easier areas. Most areas are unconventional needle or needle with simple yet interesting gimmicks.

Update: Fixed a potential softlock in Synthas area.

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Tagged as: Needle Gimmick Collab
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 80 80
Dec 19, 2019

18 Reviews:

As the title suggests, it is an unprecedented needle.
Most of the stages were interesting attempts, especially Jrocker's stage, which reminded me of noesis.
The only bad thing about this game is the gaborro stage.
Likes and dislikes may be divided, but they are no longer needles.
It is close to pattern avoidance.
It was very boring to me because I must learn from the keyboard.
I can't learn from screen.
Therefore it may be different pattern avoidance.
I can't explain but you can understand what I want to say if you play.
Anyway the others stage is fun and overall, I can recommend.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 75 75
Jan 9, 2020
So as Amateur said this is a needle collab between maybe less known makers with standard and gimmicky needle. I will give my opinion and ratings, which differ from the readme, on each area in ascending difficulty.

Vierandice area: It is standard needle, pretty easy, mostly one save screens. Doesn't do anything special but doesn't do anything terrible either, so overally pretty chill.
6/10 55/100

Amateurs area: The other vanilla needle stage in this game. A lot of short saves with somewhat standard jumps that are all changed in ways to make them somehow weird-ish which was nice, was fun to play and generally also pretty easy.
8/10 60/100

Bummers area: Needle that uses screen rotations, catharsis water, water1,2,3 and all the good stuff to get to the warps. Many people may find the needle layout ugly but I am personally really fond of it and together with the needle design this area was great, though the screen rotations can be a bit annoying but they are not chained together so it is mostly fine.
9.5/10 65/100

Synthasmagoria area: Definetly the coolest area in the game. The objects get smaller over the course of the stage and it is mostly centered about having to do vines fast. The design though is superb and eventhough sometimes it feels like the saves go too far for their own good it is just so incredibly well designed that that is no bother.
10/10 70/100

Randomchaos area: An area with needle consisting of half-spikes and fake ends that make you go detours. I was honestly not too much of a fan of this area. I can't really put my finger on it. some saves felt nice, others just didn't but it was still an alright area
6.5/10 70/100

Gabs area: This stage has moving spike which change speed when you jump. When I thought of how this gimmick works I thought the stage would be terrible. Unfortunately I was right. The saves are pretty long, there are a lot of moving spikes and finding a good way to get through the saves is just trial and error until you find a good strat and learn it by heart. It just ended up being incredibly tedious and that together with the area being quite difficult made it a very unpleasant experience.
2/10 75/100

Kiyoshis area: This area focuses mostly on apple platforming with some triggers here and there. The saves are really long and and the area is quite difficult. Some jumps are imo a bit too tight and he sometimes goes a bit overboard with the saves that are already really long which can be a downside. Overall the area is really fun outside of maybe one save.
9/10 80/100

Jrocker area: Lastly, Jrocker's area is noesis inspired with mostly short saves involving triggers, apple circles and bouncing water. The area has a lot of cool things but also some things that drag it down. While most the saves feel satisfying to do and the movements are generally cool, there are at least 2 saves that start with fulljumps and more high jumps later. That really does take a toll on your hands and combined with forced lowjumps in the same saves and the high difficulty of the area thats definetly a minus. Also I am not sure what to think of some of the saves as the apple patterns are sometimes forcing pretty tight dodges and can be kinda hard to learn. Generally I think this area was fun but I wish it was made a bit more comfortable on the hands at least.
8/10 85/100

So ye, would recommend to play this game since there is a lot of good content to be found. But be prepared for pretty hard platforming, so it surely isn't for everyone.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 85 85
Dec 22, 2019
I really love this game, it's honestly some of the most interesting needle I've ever played. The game has 8 stages and they all feel distinct, not just in visuals but in gameplay and style. There's a mix of more vanilla needle that's decently enjoyable, and the more gimmicky areas, which is where I think the game truly shines. The absolute highlights of the experience to me were two areas, Roaka and Kiyoshi. Roaka area with it's unhinged cycles and triggers feels like something right out of Noesis, or if I may indulge a little, Charr. I love those games and I absolutely love this, it's just so fun to play and satisfying to learn and execute. Kiyoshi's area is far more reserved but just feels so amazing to play, and is still wonderfully creative. Both of these areas are difficult, however not unnaturally so, it works very well in my opinion. There's plenty of other stages I could mention, Gaborro's stage is a tad bit too learny for my tastes, but is still pretty fun to play and definitely an awesome gimmick, and I think RandomChaos and Bummer made stages that despite being very vanilla compared to the rest of the game, still felt distinct, which was great to see.

Overall Neo Needle Buffet is one of the best needle games I've played, it's an easy recommendation and it's also not insanely hard so if you are an advanced needle player, I recommend it.

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 76 76
Jun 28, 2023
Neo Needle Buffet is a needle collab game made up of stages provided by 8 different makers, where an effort was made to highlight lesser known or newer makers. The end result is a pretty enjoyable and varied collection of needle stages of quite varying difficulty and themes, which for the most part I had a good time with!

You can tackle the 8 stages in any order you like, provided you discover them by traversing a little hub of sorts to discover the stage entrances, which in turn unlocks a warp to that area in your main hub room. This lets you start multiple areas and dip out if you're getting stuck or just feel like trying something else, with the ability to easily return to any stage AND keep your progress which I feel is an essential part of these kind of collabs, so I was very glad to see this be a feature. There were some other nice touches I liked too in terms of production value, such as your save being a snapshot behind the title screen.

Stages range from trigger-fests to stylistic mountain-climbs to galactic brain speed-changing platforming. Chances are that not every stage is going to click with you, but you'll probably find a good few that feel just right. Some highlights for me were Synth's stage which has a really cool aesthetic and overall design, and also Kiyoshi's which despite the uncomfortable difficulty had some really fun and interesting design to it. But that is one of my more common gripes with the game, is that at times the difficulty like it was detrimental to the design. Kiyoshi for example has since re-released his stage as an single game but with various nerfs and adjustments, which I'm sure would feel like a much more polished and fun experience and no doubt would've been a more fun time.

A few other examples are Gab's stage, where I surprised myself by enjoying a gimmick I expected not to enjoy, but I couldn't help but feel it was over the top at times and it felt very trial-by-fire. It just throws you in a stage with a pretty intimidating gimmick and expects you to play to a high level, whereas I feel more leniency would've gone a long way. JRocker's stage was very cool too with some really interesting trigger design and moving hazards, but the final save in particular felt like you had to execute such a high amount of precise manoeuvres on a cycle that felt ambiguous due to when you choose to enter the water, so it could easily differ from person to person.

Obviously other people may not have these issues, but with these and some other parts I certainly felt like the difficulty pushed too far in comparison to either the rest of the stage and/or game, and that had they been a little easier, it would've been more appealing to play and less bumpy. In my experience at least.

Overall it's a fun time if you're looking for a variety of different needle styles and want to try some unexpected stuff. It was also a good introduction to me for a number of the makers here, and I'm looking forward to seeing any future projects they might have in the works!

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Rating: 7.8 78       Difficulty: 80 80
Jun 9, 2020
Review is not based on full clear, but doing the first 5 areas and most of 7/8. There's already a review breaking down the game area by area (and I'm not keen on doing that anyway, so I'm just going to talk about things as a whole since I'd prefer that anyway).

Neo Needle Buffet is a needle collab that sought to do things somewhat differently from the standard style, as well as introduce a number of (mostly) lesser known/published needle makers to the community. The end result of this is a number of varied areas in a well produced package.

The overall production is well executed - the areas have different degrees of visual flair (as you'd expect in a collab) but they all look unique and all look good. It has good mixture of production touches (such as the transition effects, menu etc) and the core QoL function of being able to swap between areas without losing progress. Its hard to emphasize how valuable this function is, especially in a collab with a goal such as this to let people try out different styles.

As a needle collab, obviously, this is all about the platforming. There were some serious highs and lows for me on this. Again, ignoring individual stylistic decisions, the core is very good. It starts you off with a hub area to explore and get a taste of each of the styles, which was cool and a nice way to start. The risk here is forcing people into paths they aren't interested in or serving as a barrier, but the introduction of tilesets/makers in the hub prior to going to unlock a stage and the logical progression of it makes this work really well. The fact the side segments split off letting you get a feel for both makes it easy to sample and I'd like to see this concept applied more.

The general areas are very distinct, which is a huge plus. I can't think of many collabs where you can easily distinguish and identify each area with just a couple words, but this one definitely does that and well. The problem is despite the individual distinctions on a smaller scale, they largely fell into two categories for me. The more traditional execution based style of needle and the learnier, sequence/cycle style, leaving a void of whats perhaps my favorite type of gimmick needle - where the player actually has new tools to interact with rather than simply new/different obstacles to avoid which only really had small representation in a couple areas. The areas in the first set worked well for me, but the second set less so - not necessarily because of the styles as there was some really cool stuff in what I played of these but mostly because of the difficulty which ended up washing out the style and design of the maker because a cool unique jump gets a lot less cool and unique when it becomes a grind.

Overall, I'd recommend giving it a shot for sure. It presents the areas in an excellent manner to try out different styles and lets you play the parts of the game that interest you which is exactly how it should be laid out. I definitely enjoyed hefty portions of the game but the parts I didn't definitely stood out as well but nonetheless, perhaps it did what it needed to do because I certainly have a few more names to watch out for, and hopefully they continue to hone their craft.

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Rating: 7.7 77       Difficulty: 85 85
Jan 7, 2020