I Wanna Get Cultured 2

Creators: Pieceofcheese87, Paragusrants, Klazen108

Average Rating
9.1 / 10
Average Difficulty
71.7 / 100
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Adventure (5) Needle (8) Avoidance (8) Gimmick (7) Medley (25) Boss (10) Long (11) Story (4) Meme (4) Collab (3) SourPls (1) Sideways_Gravity (1)


  • by Paragus
  • by AlextheTroller
  • by AriesAn
  • by AlextheTroller
  • by AthgieninOr98a
  • by AlextheTroller
  • by Person4566
  • by AlextheTroller

Creator's Comments:

Bob [Creator]
Current Version: 1.5

“I Wanna Get Cultured 2” is the sequel to the well known medley fangame from the western community.
Over 2 years in the making, Culture 2 builds upon the success of the original by massively expanding the game concept, dramaticaly increasing the production value, and an increase in challenge.

The development team led by Pieceofcheese, Paragusrants, and Klazen have scoured the western fangame community and recruited some of the most talented game makers to come together for this massive new production.

Culture 2 is a full length medley fangame that features the following:

* 50+ fangame references of games from the global community
* Real full length boss encounters!
* Dozens of rooms of unique guest content from the western fangame community makers!
* Dozens of optional rooms featuring a variety of content!
* Tons of secrets to discover and unlockables including outfits, death effects, saves, and more!
* Achievement System!
* Robust in-game menu system to keep track of your progress and discoveries!
* Multiple unlockable game modes including a revamped Bifficult hard mode, Gimmick Mode, and more!
* Multiple Endings!
* An epic tale of the ages that continues where the original game left off that is sure to touch your heart!

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Sep 6, 2016

104 Reviews:

Probably the gold standard for medley games. Screen picks are pretty much good across the board, with a great variety in needle styles and gimmicks making for a wonderful cross-section of what fangames offer. The bosses and the guest stages near the end of the game are original content, and they're mostly great as well. Particular shoutouts to Klazen's and Kady's stages.

Besides the main game, there's a Sudoku stage, various separate challenges and more. The game is absolutely massive, but the part I want to mainly talk about is Bifficult mode, since I did spend some 200 hours on it. It's one of the most fleshed-out hard modes in any fangame, going far beyond removing saves or adding spikes. Bosses have buffs and extra phases, some screens go so far as to introduce entirely new mechanics such as the fruit on the Great Buddha screens, and the last two stages contain some all-new screens just using the mechanics and aesthetics of the games they're based on. Also there's a sick avoidance with one of my all-time favourite avoidance tracks. The difficulty balance is definitely a lot more up and down than it is in the main game, but if you've got the stomach for the brutal needle it throws at you near the end (I'd rate Bifficult at 85 difficulty), it's well worth a play.

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 75 75
Aug 18, 2019
Very good game. The only thing I do not like are the long bosses who have to do everything again to get to that part that you can not pass. The rest is great.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 62 62
Jun 7, 2019
Rating is for any%.

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Tagged as: Medley
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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 70 70
May 21, 2019
I feel like the platforming is very well done with a lot of variety. The bosses, while not amazing are very average. I absolutely despise the final boss though and it completely burned me out on motivation to go for 100% of the game knowing I'd have to fight Biff again. Still the amount of content in this game is commendable, despite the oversights in pretty much any of the secrets and the final boss.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 65 65
Oct 15, 2018
One of the best medley game ever. Great soundtrack, well made bosses and original levels, but i don't recommend this game for beginners because it is quite difficult.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 78 78
Sep 11, 2018