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Fangame Summer Feast 2023

Fangame Summer Feast (FASF) is a multi-day event organised by the Chinese community dedicated to Fangame showcases, speedruns and competitions. FASF2023 event is coming soon and will be held over two sets of dates: 11-12 August and 17-19 August (EST). Although largely focused on IWBTG fangames, many other communities will showcase their fangames as well!
You can check out the FASF information (including the schedule) here:
The event will be hosted here:
A Twitch restream will also be available at:

-Chance, on Aug 5, 2023

Fangame Marathon 2023

This year's Fangame Marathon is only a week away! For our newcomers, this is the community's largest annual event that is livestreamed over Twitch, and features dozens of speedruns, blind game playthroughs, showcases, and various other special events. It's a perfect showcase of some of the great games and amazing people of our community. With 70 different runs occurring over the marathon, now's the perfect time to set your calendars!

You can view the marathon's schedule here:

The marathon will be hosted here:

The Fangame Marathon begins July 12th at 3pm EST and will go on till the 16th, see ya there!

-CanusAntonius, on Jul 5, 2023

Shortventure Three

The Shortventure Contest has returned for its third iteration, this time with a theme of "Resources". The goal is to create a short adventure fangame utilizing this theme in some way. If you're interested in joining you can find the event's discord server with the below invite where additional information and rules have also been provided. There is no entry prerequisite or limit on participants, so this is also a great start for new makers as well. The deadline to submit your entry is April 9th, so good luck making!

Event Discord:

-CanusAntonius, on Mar 2, 2023

Fangame Awards Nominations Open

We've had a bunch of fantastic fangames come out this year, and as such, we're happy to announce the Fangame Awards 2022 nomination process is now open! The show now consists of 18 unique categories, plus 4 Community Awards, made of all the genres we know and love from these games. Just like last time, you may submit your TOP 3 nominees you think best fit each category. Of course, submitting just one nominee is also fine but we ask to avoid leaving blank answers if possible. If you wish to provide multiple nominees for a category, please separate each nominee with only a comma and use their full titles (e.g. I Wanna be the Dreamroamer,I Wanna Burnmind,I Wanna Arcana of the Tarot). Keep in mind, the ordering for your nominations will matter and be graded respectively as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for a certain category.

You can find the nomination form here: If you're unable to view it, Ghost made another form in English and Chinese at this link:

Nominations will be open for the next week, and will officially close on January 9th at 11:59 pm EST.

-CanusAntonius, on Jan 2, 2023

Fangame Awards 2022 Trailers

The Fangame Awards team is now accepting trailers for the 2022 Awards Show. Fangame makers are invited to create a trailer for their upcoming projects to be shown at the Awards, you can view previous years for some examples of how they look. If interested, you may submit a video to Skulldude#6556 or Thenadertwo#9755 in an mp4. format, ensuring that it is less than 3 minutes long, and deciding if you would like to be interviewed following your trailer. Around 5 different trailers will be given interviews segmented into the main show, with the rest being featured at the end without them.

The deadline for trailer submissions is February 10th, so be sure to get your trailers in by then as this is a hard cutoff date. The Fangame Awards 2022 shall be hosted the day after, February 11th, where everyone will be looking forward to seeing all the amazing projects makers wish to show off.

-CanusAntonius, on Nov 11, 2022