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FM2019 Update

Hi everyone, the official schedule for Fangame Marathon 2019 has been set! You can find it at The times on this website have automatically been converted to your local time-zones, so get ready for a fun weekend of speedruns and showcases of all different types of fangames!

If you want to stay up to date on events and general information regarding FM2019, you can join our discord at! We also have a new Twitter account, you can follow us at to stay up to date on all FM2019 happenings!

We hope to see you over at!

-Bob, on Jun 4, 2019

Fangame marathon 2019

Hey everyone, the dates for Fangame Marathon 2019 have been decided! It'll take place on June 13-16th, from 12 PM PDT on Thursday to around that same time on Sunday, with a shorter bonus stream afterwards.

Please read the megathread on the IWC forums for all important info here: Megathread

Submissions for the marathon are now live and will be open through Sunday, April 28th! To submit a run or showcase, follow the link here: Submission form

Just like last year, we will be including runs from any and all Fangame communities, so please help us to spread the word and bring in some new games and fresh faces!
We are also looking for volunteer help! We need people to fill both major and minor roles (especially Tech Crew) for the upcoming event, so please let anyone with the Tech Crew role know if you are interested.

Happy submitting and get excited for Fangame Marathon 2019!

-Artardss, on Mar 26, 2019

Guideline Update

Hello Del-Fruiters,

There has been an update to the site guidelines which can be found here.

The changes regarding the guidelines are mostly to provide an established set of rules in order to help better illustrate what kind of reviews are appropriate and what kind of reviews are not. These type of rules are focused on trying to deter reviewers from attacking creators, reviewers, types of games, and the swaying of average game rating.

An update to the names associated with ratings and difficulties have been updated as well in order to better reflect and help users when deciding what rating and/or difficulty is most appropriate. The changes can be viewed in the table below:

The guidelines will take effect February 1, 2019.

If you wish to leave feedback you can follow this link to send it to us. Your contact information is not required.

-Klazen108, on Jan 29, 2019

Shortventure Contest 2018

This year's shortventure contest has come to its spooky conclusion!

Congratulations to Mattinj, Lss and Tralexium for their amazing entries!
See the full results here:

-Artardss, on Nov 13, 2018

Shortventure Contest 2018

The Shortventure Contest 2018 has officially started!

This year we've been provided with a very generous prize pool, make sure to check the forum page for all the information about the contest.


Link to contest discord server:

-Artardss, on Sep 29, 2018