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Shortventure Contest 2018

The Shortventure Contest 2018 has officially started!

This year we've been provided with a very generous prize pool, make sure to check the forum page for all the information about the contest.


Link to contest discord server:

-Artardss, on Sep 29, 2018

Fangame Marathon 2018

After waiting an entire year it's finally time for the fangame marathon again. It will start at 12pm EDT/6pm CEST like previous years. If you don't want to miss out on your favorite runs then make sure to check the schedule

You can find us on twitch at

See you there!

-Artardss, on Jun 8, 2018

Fangame Marathon 2018

Preparation for the Fangame Marathon 2018 has begun!
More Infos can be found here

-sunbla, on Mar 14, 2018

Not Another Needle Contest

The next fangame creation contest has begun, this time aiming at newer gamemakers!
Engine download and information here

-sunbla, on Feb 28, 2018

-sunbla, on Feb 28, 2018