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Wannabe of the Month - November 2015

November's featured streamer is Igzicorus!

A somewhat newer addition to the Wannabes, Igzicorus is no pushover. Many of his streams are dedicated to completing one ridiculously hard task at a time - such as his own "Kamilia 3 Secret Bosses Mini Challenge", where he aims to beat the 4 games that the K3 secret bosses were taken from - before fighting the K3 bosses themselves! Much more than K3, he's cleared numerous difficult games and continues to do so on a very active schedule. If you want a streamer who isn't afraid of a challenge and will grind out the unthinkable, drop by Igzicorus' stream and say hey!


Sorry for the short delay for this month, I do have a life outside of fangames Kappa

-Klazen108, on Nov 3, 2015

Wannabe of the Month - October 2015

October's featured streamer is Pandy49!

Pandy may be one of the newer members of the Wannabes, but he has already left his mark on the community! Beginning in early 2014 and ever-seeking a challenge, Pandy started his own Weekly Fangame Challenge (WFC) that you may have heard of! Pandy also was featured in the Fangame Marathon with his well-received "I wanna be a Cute Duck" run! Overall, Pandy looks for improvement and challenges in the community, so be sure to stop on by when he's live!

Watch his YouTube highlights here!


-Klazen108, on Sep 30, 2015

Delicious-Fruit Presents: Wannabe of the Month!

September's featured streamer is Sunbla!

Sunbla, a twitch member for almost 4 years, has quite some experience with fangames! His stream features a wide variety, both new and old, of all difficulties and genres. Boasting one of the highest clear counts in the community, Sunbla has an ever-growing total of 1,663 completed fangames! He and Zero-G have written up a list of their recommended fangames for all skill levels, so be sure to check that out if you're looking for a great game to play!

Watch his YouTube highlights here!


We'll be featuring a different member of the Wannabes every month, so be sure to check back next time!

-Klazen108, on Aug 31, 2015

Fangame Marathon!

Hey guys! The Fangame Marathon starts this weekend on Friday, June 5th at 12:00PM EDT (GMT-4)! I hope you're as hyped as I am!

The Fangame Marathon (FGM for short) is a community event being hosted by The Wannabes for their two year anniversary as a Twitch team! We've got 35 fangame speedruns lined up back-to-back all weekend, and there's all types of fangames, from I Wanna Be Genki with You to I Wanna Kill the Kamilia 3, and even I Wanna be the My Heart Goes On, so you're sure to find something you like! We've even got a few races prepared for you guys, and from watching their practice streams, I'd say it's anyone's guess who will win! A complete schedule of the marathon can be found here, and it even adjusts to your timezone.

Be sure to come by and cheer for your favorite runners and games! If you don't wanna miss a thing, you can follow the channel now! We'll be streaming the whole marathon from the FangameMarathon channel on Twitch. If you want more details, or want to send all complaints to tehjman1993, visit the FGM forum post!

See you there!

-Klazen108, on Jun 2, 2015

An Update Regarding Reviews

Hello Del-Fruiters!

We want to clarify a few things here on the site as part of our ongoing commitment to bring you the best we have to offer:

We are still growing!

Yes, every day more and more accounts are created. This probably means that more new accounts and new people are contributing to our site! That's fantastic! With more reviews per game, it gives a better "community average", so to speak. A game with only 2 reviews is not as well-reviewed as a game that has 15 or more! In a nutshell, more reviews mean more accuracy of both rating and difficulty. If you have any concerns over some extreme rating/difficulty reviews skewing results of some of your favorite games, get some of your friends to help contribute to reviewing!

We are a respectful community

There have been multiple reports of hurtful speech in some of the reviews. As stated in the ToS, these will not be tolerated and will be removed. We also reserve the right to ban any account that we feel has posted too many personal attacks.
To clarify: We are not saying you cannot rate a game poorly. If you think a background is garbage or the boss has awful RNG, let us know! But to attack the creator, or anyone who supports the game, is a big no-no that we are not accepting of. Please focus your review on the game, and the game only. Thanks!

Everyone can make reviews, on anything

There has also been some concern over creators rating their own games. This is a bit of a sticky topic to talk about. On one hand, creators can be extremely biased and give extreme reviews on their own games. On the other hand, creators can also be extremely critical of their game and review their game harshly. Of course, we would prefer the latter instance. However, from time to time a creator will intentionally boost their own game's score in an attempt to make it look better. In the long run, this means nothing. 1 review is heavily outweighed by 3 or more, so attempting to put your game higher in the ratings may result in even harsher backlash from the community. In short, we feel this is a problem that works itself out without the need for intervention.
To our reviewers that are not the creator: Anyone is allowed to review anything on this site. Period. Creators are allowed to rate their own games if they choose to do so. You are free to disagree with this/their opinion/their livelihood, but everyone is given the same opportunities on this site. If you don't rate your own games out of preference, that's great! If you do rate your own games, that's just swell too! Once again, if you do not agree with creators rating their own games, do NOT call them out in the review section. This is extremely immature and makes our review portion look like a YouTube comment section. If you feel the need to act, just report the review and our admins will take a look for you.

Thanks again, and keep up the great reviews! If you'd like to discuss you thoughts on our policy please direct it all to Our announcement post on the Wannabe Forums.

-Klazen108, on May 4, 2015