I Wanna Pointillism

Creator: MLSTRM

Average Rating
9.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
73.1 / 100
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Adventure (1) Needle (13) Gimmick (11) Dotkid (13) Puzzle (1) 50_floor (1) Visual_Challenge (1) Art (6) SourPls (1) domu_game (1) gBrain (1) Sideways_Gravity (3)


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Creator's Comments:

MLSTRM [Creator]
Current version: v1.3 (06/12/2020)

I made this :)
This is a 50 floor dotkid needle game. Gets a bit wacky in places but there should be plenty of stuff there for everyone to enjoy.
An ending can be obtained at 36 floors minimum, and moving between areas is encouraged if you get stuck or want to try something different, each area is roughly themed similarly.
Going for all clear might be a challenge for some, but hopefully the journey is enjoyable!

For a bit of fun if you want to rank the rooms (spoilers, obviously) you can do so here: https://tiermaker.com/create/i-wanna-pointillism-rooms-670869

UPDATE v1.3: 06/12/2020 - further bug fixes, removal of some skips in one room (24)
UPDATE v1.2: 26/11/2020 - fix further bugs and remove a couple of skips
UPDATE v1.1: 24/11/2020 - fix some small bugs after release

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 70 70
Nov 24, 2020

31 Reviews:

My visit to the Pointillism exhibit was one of the most memorable experiences I've ever had in my time as an art critic. Each and every painting was a masterpiece in its own right, and yet there was enough genius to be spread throughout fifty perfect portrayals of beauty! Perhaps there are some minor flaws here and there, little cracks in the brilliance, but these cracks merely serve to add an honesty to it all, and so every less-than-stellar moment simply elevated the rest. In all my years, I have never found an artist more worth investigating than MLSTRM, and though I've enjoyed his previous forays into the field in the past, none have been more inventive, more creative, more wholly superb than this.

Let me walk you through it, my friends!

Should you make the excellent choice to visit Pointillism, you'll first be greeted by an excellent soundtrack to back your viewing experience made up of various classic songs of old, my personal favorite being those coming from Mussorgsky's own masterpiece, Pictures at an Exhibition. Those few paintings set to his Great Gates of Kiev were particularly moving thanks to the choice of song. Secondarily, you'll find the very exhibit itself to be quite pleasant and easy to traverse. There's no confusing hallways, no moment where I found myself lost or unaware of where to go. The only rub is you're locked away from other sections until you've properly appreciated each painting. This is not an issue in and of itself since every painting is worth that effort, but to some, it may damage the experience of just wandering and enjoying everything at your own pace.

Now, for the meat of things.

There are some paintings which stand on their own, but for the most part everything is organized into several different areas, let's begin with the first: hallway 1! Descriptive name, right? Well, there's no real theme to the various art selections here, though most everything is fairly grounded, aside from one: Subversions of Expectations; Pt. 1. This fun little meisterwerk takes joy in doing just what the title suggests. Many other faux-artists (and writers) try to do this very thing, but few actually do so in a satisfying and enjoyable way. MLSTRM, however, knows just what they're doing and exactly how to trick us viewers. As such, you'll find yourself surprised quite often in your time with Subversions. The rest, while certainly enjoyable in their own right, are merely the soft beginnings of what is to come.

Symmetry is where Pointillism steps into a league of its own, featuring highly experimental and novel painting of which my personal favorite is Mobius, perhaps one of the most fantastic paintings to ever grace my eyes with its blazing glory. To tell you the truth, I thought I had this one pegged just a few minutes in, but when its true nature revealed itself to me, I was quite simply awestruck. I have never seen anything like this, and if I should ever do so again, it will almost certainly be through cheap imitation. This sort of thing, however, is par for the course in Symmetry. The concept of symmetry is one well fleshed out, but that does not mean there is no more innovation and excellence to be gleaned from it. As such, even the more typical paintings in Symmetry are glorious in their own right, though the particularly brilliant ones in my opinion are Double Rainbow, Through the Looking Glass, and of course Mobius.

Now then, Hallway 2 dials back the peculiarity a bit, allowing the viewer a bit of a breather from what came before and for what's to come. With that said, MLSTRM simply couldn't help themselves and still threw in an avant-garde masterpiece in the form of Tilted, one of the bigger oddities in Pointillism. Though its quite out there, Tilted still managed to be something of a comfort to me. It presents the world in a way we don't often see, reminding one somewhat of Picasso and other such masters of the Cubism movement. Nonetheless, Hallway 2 is not one of the sections that inspire me to write this review, though calling it a lowlight would be a mistake as that suggests there is something less than incredible here, which there isn't.

Modernism, however, blows Hallway 2 away in every way it can. Calling Tilted avant-garde is almost comedic when compared to such pieces like Closed Loop, Airlocks, Aerial Inverter, and what is the most controversial piece in Pointillism, Only the Right Angles. Right Angles is rough, complex, and unique in a way that is rarely touched upon. As such, the ideas brought to the table here will come across as horrible and outright vile to those not willing to give Right Angles a chance. Of course, some who do will still describe it thusly, but for those of whom Right Angles resonates with, they will find this a breath of fresh air. It touches upon concepts many other artists are terrified to deal with, and rightly so. Such concepts need a master's touch, but luckily, MLSTRM is a master. Modernism is a genuine highlight in Pointillism, both in terms of aesthetic value and innovation.

But of course, MLSTRM is not one to starve the viewer. As such, Garden is yet another moment of luminous brilliance. This is the second largest section in the gallery, and it is naturally chock full of genius. Here, MLSTRM's experimentation does not generally manifest itself in such outwardly awkward ways like Right Angles, but that does not diminish the nigh-revolutionary state of every painting here. Particularly, Butterfly Effect is an astounding twist on an old classic, one many viewers will be familiar with, though perhaps not intimately so. With that said, I think those pieces which stood out to me the most were Labyrinth, The Well of Ascension, and Waterfall. Labyrinth is an oddity to be sure, but it offers the viewer something no other artist has done before, at least not to this level. The Well of Ascension, however, takes the common cliché which Catharsis birthed and breathes into it new life with a vast piece which spans several levels. You'll spend a fair bit of time here relative to the other paintings, but I suspect you'll enjoy your time here. As for Waterfall, it is not quite as voluminous, but what it loses in size, it makes up for in density. Waterfall is a veritable well of supremacy which would take years to drain. The pieces which I do not touch on are of course similarly phenomenal, but I cannot describe everything to you, can I? There must be some surprises for you readers!

Tower is the penultimate moment of Pointillism, one that stands out to me as one of the more confident moments within this flawless gallery. Here, MLSTRM takes pieces of the past and puts their own little touch on each of them. For example, the famous piece from Crimson is re-imagined in a way that manages to improve upon a classic. I mean, how many artists are you aware of with the gall to re-do other's masterpieces? What confidence must be needed to do such a thing! Furthermore, what sort of skill does one need to actually go on and improve these pieces? I do not possess such skill, that is for sure. There is no need to touch on any one piece here as each is memorable in their own right, and I would prefer not to spoil the surprise, something which is especially important in Pointillism. While I loved most every painting, my favorite part of it all was the exploration aspect of itself. There is something truly special about wandering from piece to piece, perhaps not giving each one the time it should, but nonetheless exploring them all. Upon unlocking each section, I would relish those small moments of curiosity in which I would be greeted by totally new paintings, and I would just jump from painting to painting and take in everything I could in an expedient manner before truly diving into each of them. This is the true brilliance of Pointillism, not its collection of works, but that it engenders the joy of exploration in a way that I have rarely found before.

There is one last section, Hallway 3. But, I feel I should not touch on this as it is the absolute highlight of Pointillism, something that should be left for you to find and explore yourself, and I implore each and every one of you readers to visit Pointillism as soon as you can. Perhaps it will not resonate with you as much as it does with me and many others, but I am sure you will not regret your choice. Pointillism is one of the most vibrant and magnificent artistic statements I have ever seen in my life, and it will be remembered for years and years to come.

- Marcus Antonius

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 75 75
Jan 12, 2021
Initially, I didn’t think too much of this game. It was pretty fun dotkid needle but nothing too special. But before I knew it, nearly 6 hours had passed and I was hooked immensely. I haven’t gotten 100% in this game, but this game is consistently very fun and competently made. This game reminds me a lot of Ocean Princess and Ponder actually, which are definitely good signs. I found myself getting more and more invested in this game as I realized how good it actually was, and was having an experience I very rarely have had in any other fangame.

Pointillism is a dotkid 50 floor game, but the content in this game feels more like 100 floors, as the creator makes use of every part of the screen. As a result, these screens are much more densely packed than normal kid screens. To add to that, each screen feels distinct, as almost every screen is a different theme and focus. Sometimes the focus will be cool symmetry needle, or artistic weirdness only possible with dotkid, or a light gimmick that 2020 needle has gotten used to seeing. This game is chock full of content. To add to this, it has a lot of freedom and customization with how you progress. Not every painting is in difficulty order. Sometimes a floor will have a higher star rating than before. You can access a lot of levels from a hub. It acts as a museum exhibit which you can visit. Fortunately, you can back out of any room at any moment, and keep your progress, so if a save or section doesn’t vibe with you, you can abandon it at any point and lose nothing. In addition, you only need to beat at the minimum 36 of the 50 floors, so you have an immense amount of freedom with how you tackle this game.

There is also a shop which you can purchase stuff for the kid from. My only somewhat major complaint with the game lies here, as most of these effects, while cool, make it harder to see the kid visually, as well as clog up the screen with unnecessary visual noise. Once again, these are optional.

Overall, while I haven’t 100% completed pointillism yet, any% completion for the game is worth it without a doubt in my mind. Some of the best dotkid needle this community has, and the freedom this game gives makes it extremely hard to not at least appreciate it.

Update: I finished 100%. Absolutely worth it.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 70 70
Nov 25, 2020
Rating is based on 100%.

Pointillism is an incredible experience and pushes not only Dotkid but fangames in general in new ways that I've never seen done before. So many of the stages feel completely unique and super clever, and the entire presentation of the game is fantastic. However, I often found myself getting frustrated which really sullied the overall experience. So many jumps just felt uncomfortable and obnoxiously precise, and the flow of the game really suffered because of those segments.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the Any% clear to fans of Dotkid (who are also good players because damn this gets hard), but I can't personally recommend going for 100%. Do the stages that seem fun and skip the stages that start to get irritating. This game would've had a much higher rating from me had the less enjoyable parts been ironed out, but because of the presentation, the experimentation, and the variety of everything in Pointillism, it's still easily deserving of at least a 9 from me.

also jesus christ navigating the pause menu is like the single hardest thing in the game please change it

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 76 76
Nov 29, 2020
Rating is for any%; Fullclear is around 80 diff (purely because of one screen).

tl;dr: As someone who hasn't been around for the CN3 day 1 magic, playing this blind was the closest thing I had to that experience; The game features multiple mindblowing screens scattered around in such a way you can get amazingly surprised at any moment, and they should not be missed out on. However, I would say playing stuff in order (while occasionally skipping screens you'd rather do later) resulted in a very good pace for the game, and so I'd recommend doing everything so long as you enjoy the base gameplay.

Pointilism is a densely-packed 50 rooms dotkid needle game that stands out in nearly every aspect, from production value, attention to detail, and atmosphere through gimmick exploration and mindblowing ideas to intricate and satisfying needle design. The game features multiple customization options tied to your progression, a multiple-sections spanning hub allowing access to levels at a nonlinear order as well as the option to allow for skipping certain levels while still getting the clear, as well as a save system that allows making partial progress through a screen, quit, then come back to the save you just left, giving it one of the best quality of life set of features I've seen in any game.

For the atmosphere, the game takes place in an art museum, and it's encompassed in every aspect of the game: The story, though simplistic, has to do with the kid looking for inspiration in the museum; The game features exclusively classical music, mostly pieces for the piano; The hub feels exactly like a museum, with the place for unlocking customization being the museum's "gift shop"; Even the readme is written in a complementary way. Pointilism managed to give me the kind of shock that Kermit 2 gave me with its own themes and unusual music choice, albeit in a different way: As someone who has been playing the piano since childhood but hasn't listened to modern western music that much, this was a far more special experience.

As for the needle, the game has relatively short saves, 3-4 jump usually, but they tend to be far more precise than the usual for dotkid needle. With that said, the sheer variety of screens makes for quite a few that are more consistency based, and even some that get more precise. Nearly every screen has a distinctive theme or idea, which makes for a unique identity. However, due to the general preciseness, you will encounter countless variants of squished diagonals, corners, gates, 16 px and planes, but they are strung together in ways that force intricate weaving maneuvers in various spaces rather than being crammed tightly in corridors. Multiple gimmicks, including the engine default ones, make an appearance here and there, but while they may be the focus of any particular screen they are not the focus of the entire game.

While I would like to have a paragraph on the gimmicks (and a few of the screens that aren't really "gimmicks", but are special in much the same way), I wouldn't want to spoil anything. I'm just going to say that some of the things in here wowed me in a way comparable to the gimmicks and creativity in Morning Dew, with far less of the unpleasantness associated with the special parts in that game.

Overall Pointilism has managed to shake me up to the point where I had to question what my favorite needle game of the year was again, despite Morning Dew and Hydrate looking like they were clearly the only choices. It is a must-play so long as you are patient enough to get to the amazing parts without losing faith, as it takes time to get going, but when it does it's an outstanding game.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 73 73
Nov 25, 2020
This review is based on a 100% clear

Really cool game based entirely around dotkid, it starts pretty fun but I think as it goes on it just gets more interesting and cool, with some truly creative and wacky ideas that left me very impressed with the fact the maker was even able to design proper needle around them. The game is very densely packed, even early on you'll encounter screens with a good deal of challenge, different from other "floor games" which often dillute their early games with a lot of pretty mindless screens. There's a couple saves which are a little weird, occasionally having a jump that I don't 100% click with, but it's a small minority in what's a surprisingly big game that I liked a lot more than I expected. If you like playing as dotkid, it's a must play.

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 67 67
Jan 18, 2024